Crosaire No 14821 by Crossheir – Monday, July 2, 2012

Mon, Jul 2, 2012, 23:59



8 Does this mean below the very bottom (UNDERSEA) or just below (UNDER) the horizon (SEA)?

9 All together (UNISON) it’s the child of the university (UNI-SON),

10 Harbour (MARINA) in (-IN-) Irish Sea (MAR-A),

11 Ted Furey (=DUTY-FREE) is immune (FREE) from military service (DUTY),

12 Comes to ones knowledge that trifles (TRIVIA) have little value (TRIVIA),

13 Hide for the Black and Tan (colour of AIREDALE’s coat/hide) cur (cur = dog = AIREDALE),

15 Ambassador’s speech (TACT) is a little delicate (TACT),

17 Carries weight (HAULIER) that there’s a lie (-LIE-) behind gold (-AU-) in human resources (H-R),

19 Border (END) facing paths (WAYS) has one row touching the other (ENDWAYS),

22 Don’t say a word but gestures (MIME) to me (ME) I’m (IM) there too,

24 Girl nearly (Lynn =LYN) makes it to small stream (BROOK) in long island (BROOKLYN, Long Island),

27 Look around (BROWSE) for what brother (BR) owes (OWSE), in manner of speaking,

29 Does German shepherd (DOG) keep this on his paw (WATCH) for two-hour period on ship? (DOGWATCH),

30 Shrub (LAUREL) is a hardy partner (LAUREL and Hardy),

31 Ruskin (SKI RUN) on track on a slope (SKI RUN),

32 Lewd (PRURIENT) if little Prudence (PRU) and Irish king (RI) put cross (X = ENT = TEN) back together.


1 United Nations (UN) carnival (FAIR) is one-sided (UNFAIR),

2 It’s the evil dame (evil dame = MEDIEVAL) from the Middle Ages (MEDIEVAL),

3 Breakup box (=CASE = ESCA) behind schedule (LATE) and it will go through the roof (ESCALATE),

4 The wit (CARD-) and I (I) take account (-AC) of the heart (CARDIAC),

5 School cleaner (DUSTER) does the little bits of removal work (DUSTER),

6 Annoyed (MIFFED) I’m (IM) going to party (FF) with the editor (ED),

7 What happens on the stage (ROLE-PLAY) is a performance in psychology (ROLE-PLAY),

14 Time (ITEM) to unveil unit (ITEM),

16 The girl (A-MY) has a right (R) to join the eastern brigade (ARMY) ,

18 Heir, say, (AIR) on the canal (LOCKS) is collecting bubbles (AIRLOCKS),

20 It might be a little fuzzy (NEBULOUS) but it’s so (SO) Bunuel (BUNUEL),

21 The wit (WIT) and the hound (HOUND) stage murder (WHODUNIT) ,

23 Fit (IN SHAPE) the ape (APE) in the back with the broken shin (shin = IN SH-),

25 Christian soldiers follow (ONWARD Christian soldiers) in a forward direction (ONWARD),

26 Sounds like Annie (ANY) is short on literature (LIT) but big on a list (LITANY),

28 It is believing (SEEING is believing) and catching sight of (SEEING).