Crosaire No 14820 by Crossheir – Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sun, Jul 1, 2012, 23:59



1 Paddy Joe (PJ) and Peter James (PJ + PJ = PAIR OF PJs) are not up (in bed) for wearing this (PAIR OF PYJAMAS)

10 Opposed (AGAINST) to saint (-ST) following once more (AGAIN),

11 It puts icing on cake (SPATULA) if Petula, say, (Petula = -PATULA) goes south (S),

12 Assistance (AID), right (R)? No, it’s an attack (RAID),

13 It’ll be rotten (GO BAD) what happens to pair (pears), say, in end (pears GO BAD in the end),

15 A niece, say, (a niece=anise = STAR anise) accompanies it to see sun (STAR),

17 This guy (MAN) is always mentioned in almanac (ALMANAC),

19 A little number (FIGURE) that’s attractive on you (FIGURE),

21 It’s nice (-NICE-) in the centre for children initially (UNICEF=United Nations Children’s Fund),

22 Nod of head (GESTURE) has little effect (GESTURE),

23 With an extra hand (H) it’s causing harm (HARMFUL), as it is it amounts to what’s on a limb (ARMFUL),

25 A new bee, say (new bee = NEWBIE) is only a rookie (NEWBIE)

27 Little Cinderella (CINDERS = ASH) perhaps is related to Etna (related to Mount Etna = ASH),

29 Rough sleepover, (DOSS) perhaps, for boat (SS) party (DO) (DO-SS )

30 It’s mother (-MA-) and (AND) Joe from marketing (ADMAN),

31 Set alight hard rock (COAL) or otherwise it’ll leave you cold (no heat from unlit COAL)

34 Not staying with this (LEAVING) if it’s taking off (LEAVING)

35 Gas (G-AS-) flicker (GLOW = -L-GOW) in Scotland (GLASGOW)

36 There are two of them (PAIRS of), one holds it down (PAIR OF PLIERS) the other tries to bend it (PAIR OF PLIERS) = (PAIRS OF PLIERS)


2 A (A) mother (MA) has energy (ZING) and it’s astonishing (AMAZING),

3 Notes in Africa (RAND) to make sense, say (sense = cents = 100 cents = RAND),

4 Six feet (=FATHOM) from a swear word (OATH=ATHO) on wavelength (F-M),

5 Sure (YES) Joe (MAN) agrees with the politician with flattery (YES-MAN),

6 Not completely closed (AJAR) to the idea of a pint (A JAR),

7 Could be near land (AQUATIC) but always closer to water (AQUATIC),

8 There are two of them on foot (PAIR OF SANDALS) of a couple (PAIR) of (OF) open tops (SANDALS)

9 There are two of them blowing (PAIR OF BELLOWS) but they’re not typical arsonists (PAIR OF BELLOWS help light the fire)

14 Is name calling (BAPTISM) just another type of fire? (BAPTISM of fire)

16 Disagree (ARGUE) that it comes out of a paper bag (can’t ARGUE way out of paper bag),

18 Get down (KNEEL) to what she’s originally called (-NEE-) in Kuala Lumpur (K-L),

20 Long swimmer (EEL) at end of 18 down (KNEEL),

21 Of late dust collector (URN for ashes) for tea (tea URN),

24 Is this the nearest thing you can have your eye on? (MASACARA),

26 Doesn’t put pen to paper (BLOGGER) to say Ger (GER) came across 50 (L) in bog (B-OG) (B-L-OG-GER)

27 Father (DA) and Bard’s villain (IAGO) are a bit slow about direction (ADAGIO),

28 Put the telephone down (HANG UP) and swing (HANG) out of bed (UP),

32 Despite sound of a drink (beer = BIER) there’s no life here (BIER for the dead)

33 Casper and friends (Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar were the MAGI) read The Sun, perhaps (the MAGI read the stars/sun for directions)