Crosaire No 14819 by Crossheir – Friday, June 29, 2012

Fri, Jun 29, 2012, 23:59



1 What’s more (ALSO) on top of that? (ALSO)

4 Show off (SPORT) jeans, say, (jeans = genes = BLOOD) at bullfight (BLOOD SPORT),

9 Prima donna (QUEEN = EQU-NE) and I (I) (EQUINE) have an interest in the horse (EQUINE),

10 Former girlfriends (EX-S) all over Mediterranean island (-CRETE-) perspires (EXCRETES),

11 Not such a great recipe (recipe for DISASTER) for a turkey (DISASTER),

12 French (LA) trial (TEST) is au courant (LATEST),

13 Not looking small (TALL) in this story (TALL story),

15 Finds right pitch (TUNING FORK) regulating (TUNING) how to go in different directions (FORK)

17 They have a soft spot (TEDDY BEARS) when Edward (TEDDY) carries (BEARS) them to lunch (TEDDY BEARS’ picnic)

19 Counters what’s loud (=LUDO) on a board (counters on a board = LUDO)

20 Followed, reportedly (chased = CHASTE), plain and simple (CHASTE),

22 It’s heard in the National Concert Hall (MOVEMENT) lobby (=is a MOVEMENT)

25 Not old fashioned (UP-TO-DATE) and capable of meeting new girlfriend (UP-TO-DATE),

26 Repeats idea (PEDLAR) on regular cycle (PEDLAR),

27 Sort of (TYPE) person following a trend (trend-SETTER) that’s no longer with the press (TYPESETTER),

28 Thus far (YET-) I (-I) still haven’t been found in the snow (YETI Abominable Snowman)


2 Swallowed (ATE) solution (LIQUID) as a windup (LIQUIDATE),

3 When the Germans (-JA) and French (OUI-) say yes the writing’s on the board (OUIJA board),

4 Cry about (BLEAT) what St Patrick heard on the hill (sheep BLEAT)

5 Excessive training (OVER RUN) is beyond what to expect (OVERRUN),

6 Find defendant in this general area, in a manner of speaking (DOCKLANDS), near water (DOCKLANDS),

7 Sounds like you’re not hungry (Plenty full = PLENTIFUL) with lots here (PLENTIFUL),

14 Adores (DOTES = -DESTO-) in solitary (LO-NE) what’s the focus of attention (LODESTONE),

15 Beware (=WARE) what’s behind the counter (TABLE-) is used for serving (TABLEWARE),

16 It’s not necessary (REDUNDANT) to leave position (REDUNDANT),

18 In cars (ARMREST) and baths (ARMREST) and comfortable chairs (ARMREST) but not on a bench (ARMREST),

21 Glad (HAPPY) what’s said before you’re born (birth day; said before birthday = HAPPY),

23 Adds up (adds up = adder = VIPER) what’s in one’s bosom (VIPER in one’s bosom: proverb),

24 It’s not clear (MUDDY) it’s close to the waters (MUDDY the waters),