Crosaire No 14818 by Crossheir – Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thu, Jun 28, 2012, 23:59



1 The impression (APPEARANCE) is the ace (A-CE) has a pear (PEAR) in a pan (P-AN) (-PPEARAN) (A-P-PEAR-AN-CE),

6 They’ll pick you up (TAXI) as quick as drop you (TAXI).

10 Music (DISCO) sounds like this goes without the plural (this goes without plural = this go = DISCO),

11 To a degree (GRADUATED) it didn’t come immediately (GRADUATED),

12 Take a look at the services (BENFITS) if you want to be finest (be finest = BENEFITS)

13 Reserves (PARKS) leaves by the side of the road (PARKS by the side of the road),

15 Barge (LIGHTER barge) ignites on the dash (LIGHTER on dashboard of car),

17 Sounds like it falls in autumn (conker = CONQUER) if you overrun (CONQUER),

19 In the long run there’s no straight way (CIRCUIT) of saying this goes around (CIRCUIT),

21 States (AMERICA) she’s a morning (AM-) girl (-ERICA),

22 These are the trios (RIOTS) that’ll make you laugh (RIOTS),

24 Maintained (INSISTED) sister (-SIS-) is in (IN-) touch with Edward (-TED) (IN-SIS-TED),

27 It’s got a hold (CONTAINER) of boxing (CONTAINER),

28 A shocker (UPSET) of a tip (tip over = UPSET),

29 They cover up (LIDS) what’s in front of your eyes (LIDS),

30 It’s a base in Egypt (TRIANGULAR) for a ménage à trois (TRIANGULAR),


1 Goes on to say (ADDS) there are no takeaways here (ADDS),

2 Doesn’t move from position (PASSENGER) that permit (PASS-) is to wherever green is worn (GREEN = -ENGER ) (PASS-ENGER),

3 A flower (A ROSE) came to light (AROSE)

4 Does this mean more than one across to bear? (more than one a cross = ANGRIER),

5 It’s typical (CLASSIC) she’s mentioned (-LASS-) in Cicero (CICero –C-IC) at the start (C-LASS-IC),

7 It’s a thought following (AFTERthought) what’s not in front of you (AFTER),

8 Tough (INDUSTRIAL) there’s a court case (-TRIAL) to do with the flower (flower = river =INDUS- in southern Asia is one of the longest rivers in world),

9 Suss to begin with (SUSS=SUS) reportedly sterling (pence = PENSE) uncertainty (SUSPENSE),

14 A bit of a storm (ELECTRICAL storm) to return (ELECT-) old force (-RIC-) to Albert (-AL),

16 It’s before you get to fry, reportedly (fry = Fri; before Fri = THURSDAY),

18 Widespread (UNIVERSAL) that Versace (-VERSA-) never made it to university (UNI-) with fifty (L), (UNI-VERSA-L)

20 Hear in (-INN-) the (TH-E-) right (R) (TH-INN-E-R) is not the thickest (THINNER)

21 No slán for the Australians (AUSTRALIANS remove ‘slan’=AUSTRIA) who got out near Italy (AUSTRIA),

23 Possessed (OWNED) what’s uncrowned in the end (uncrOWNED),

25 It hurt in the past (STUNG) that the peace, say,  (peace = piece = GUN = -UNG) is broken at the end of the street (ST) (ST-UNG)

26 That vermin (rats = STAR) up there (STAR)