Crosaire No 14817 by Crossheir – Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wed, Jun 27, 2012, 23:59



1 The nun (nun=UN-N) has a hold of the brother (bro= -BOR-) waiting for a birthday (UNBORN),

4 The director (OVER CAST) perhaps of what’s dark and dull (OVERCAST).

9 It’s of service (SECOND service in tennis) at Fitzwilliam and arrives on time (SECOND in time)

10 Near terminal (AIRSTRIP) make public (AIR) the end of street (-ST-) is dead (-RIP)

12 Segregate (SEGREGATE = EASTER EGG) sweet celebration of rising in Ireland (EASTER EGG eaten on Easter Sunday/rising from the dead),

13 Division of long rhyme (CANTO) has nothing (O) to do with hypocrisy (CANT),

14 Sounds like those who call you to war (draft board = DRAUGHTBOARD) are on level playing field (DRAUGHTBOARD)

18 Judges in matters of taste (CONNOISSEURS) hear no (know) better than most (CONNOISSEURS),

21 Released book with film (TIE-IN) with string (TIE-) that’s cool (-IN),

22 At the place (PL-) under (-UNDER-) the hospital (-ER) he’s fond of the sack (PLUNDERER),

24 Insignificant (INSIGNIficant) to begin with, the first letter (A) marks the colours (INSIGNIA),

25 PS! (P-S) He’s not telling the truth (LIER) inside and needs to get a grip (PLIERS),

26 Often said of marriage (SANCTITY of marriage) there’s no badness here (SANCTITY),

27 Sounds like if you throw beast around (throw beast = beast throw = BISTRO) they’ll cook you dinner (BISTRO)


1 Rocky (UNSTEADY) is due a fall but not now (UNSTEADY)

2 It’s driving you mad behind (BACKSEAT driver) taking a less important role (taking a BACKSEAT)

3 A quick one (quick RINCE) that’s a little blue (blue RINSE) at the start but not at the finish (hair goes silver grey),

5 Self-obsessed (VAIN-) with the famous (–GLORIOUS) lacks modesty and the ordinary (VAINGLORIOUS),

6 Sleep (REST) remedies (CURES) and the benefits that are not just working (REST CURES),

7 It’s on the radio (AIRING) that I’m  (-I-) involved in a (A-) band (-RING),

8 Chief (TOP) Barker (DOG) is the main man (TOP DOG),

11 Softening (MELTING) position (POINT) is no longer solid (MELTING POINT),

15 Last thing worth saying (GOODNIGHT) is don’t wake up thinking this (GOODNIGHT),

16 Good food (NUTRIENT) fanatic (NUT) I’m (I) behind with the rent (RENT) (NUT-R-I-ENT)

17 Wartime organisation (Special Operations Executive=SOE=ES-O) controls the media (PRESS) (ES-PRESS-O) and distribution of coffee (ESPRESSO),

19 Is there a right or wrong way (ETHICS) to scratch the itches (ITCHES = ETHICS)?

20 Tone down (LESSEN) German city (-ESSEN) involvement with the fifty (L-) others,

23 Whether it’s old or new in the city (Old DELHI + New DELHI) we hear it’s short selling salad (DELIcatessen = DELHI)