Crosaire No 14816 by Crossheir – Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tue, Jun 26, 2012, 23:59



8 Good-natured (MELLOW) cat’s cry (ME-OW) has trapped a couple of lions, reportedly (lions = lines = -LL-),

9 Rubbish the idea (POOH-POOH) when you rearrange the hoops (HOOP+HOOP = POOH-POOH),

10 Stupid (DOPE) not to notice that it’s stuck in the downpipe (DO-PE),

11 Smasher (NUTCRACKER) is a bit eccentric, informally (NUT-ER), but has the craic we here


12 Passenger (passenger in a car = CAR PAL) is at hand with more than one bone to pick (any of the eight bones in wrist = CARPAL),

14 Make impossible (PRECLUDE) before (PRE-) hundreds (-D-) walk all over the evidence (-CLU-E),

15 Surprise (JEEPERS CREEPERS) to hear vehicle (JEEP) is hers (ERS) (=JEEP-ERS), as is that rogue (CREEP) of hers (ERS) (= CREEP-ERS),

18 It’s before one’s welcome (OVERSTAY one’s welcome) when you don’t go home (OVERSTAY)

20 Before noon (ELEVEN) it’s one (1) and the same (1) (1+1=11 = ELEVEN),

22 It’s a recipe for bakers (BANOFFI PIE) to go bananas over 19dn (=toffee + bananas = BANOFFI PIE),

24 We’ll clean (Well clean = well KEPT) what’s not thrown away in the past (KEPT),

25 It’s useful for cooling down (ALOE VERA) when the cockney says hello (’allo=ALOE) to the girl (VERA),

26 It’s a bit fishy when trout’s (TUTORS) teach lessons at university (TUTORS),


1 You often read of (read of = FEDORA) what goes on top (FEDORA hat on head),

2 Sounds like it’s near the coop (flew the coop = FLUE) and passage (FLUE),

3 In fairness the snake oil salesman (SWINDLER) is not totally full of wind (S-WIND-LER),

4 You’d notice it quicker on your body (SPOT) than in the kennel (SPOT the dog),

5 Judge says it (GO FREE) to make one’s way (GO) for nothing (FREE),

6 In the end (APOCALYPSE) liquidation with four coloured horses (four horses of the APOCALYPSE are coloured),

7 You don’t know whether to read or (TO-READ-OR) run from killer of beasts (TOREADOR),

13 Still no change (PAPER MONEY) on promissory note (PAPER MONEY),

14 A bit fussy (PICKY) to say Kerry’s (-KY) on the slide (=picture = PIC-),

16 To die for (ENVIABLE) leaderless men (mEN-) with six (-VI-) on Napoleon’s island (ELBA =ABLE),

17 Sounds like it’s impossible for the dog to bite his lips with these (EYETEETH)

19 It’s not savoury (sweet = TOFFEE) and tastes of feet (of feet = TOFFEE)

21 Does this lapse (EXPIRE) refer to where old Nelson stood, say, (Nelson’s Pillar stood on site of Dublin’s Spire, therefore ex-Spire = EXPIRE),

23 Layout (PLAN) Planck’s law from the start (PLAN),

24 Faced with a fraudulent bill (KITE) goes over most people’s heads (KITE).