Crosaire No 14815 by Crossheir – Monday, June 25, 2012

Mon, Jun 25, 2012, 23:59



8 Sounds like there’s a catch (= a brooch =APPROACH) for pilots before landing (APPROACH),

9 If you find this hard to endure (TRYING) try (TRY) making yourself a drink (gin=ING),

10 It’s the trick (C-ON) about the painting (ART) in the pack (CARTON),

11 Really great (MAESTROS) in some (some=M-E-OS) arts (-A-STR-),

12 State one is short of 25 down (short of liquid therefore have a THRIST)

13 It’ll only rub it in (OINTMENT) if a (A) Rev (PP) makes a date (APPOINTMENT),

15 I’m (I) ahead of him  (RON) in age (IRON age),

17 It’s something to chew on (TOBACCO) that it’s useless in the dark (TOBACCO needs a light),

19 Medium did it (KNOCKED ‘is anyone there?’), before they opened up (KNOCKED before they opened),

22 Nothing to it (nothing to LOSE) if you come at the end (LOSE),

24 What I do later (I do later = I-DO-LATER) concerns love for that goddess Diana (love for that goddess Diana = IDOLATER)

27 A more relevant (GERMANE) language (GERMAN) with more energy (E)

29 Make mincemeat (VANQUISH) of how to make say, queue (QU) inside disappear (VANISH) (VANQUISH)

30 Blows (THUMPS) murmur (-HUM-) in the tents (teepees = T-PS), say (THUMPS)

31 Can you read between the lines (SCRIPT) what’s filled at the chemist (SCRIPT),

32 Gave away (REVEALED) the young flesh (VEAL) in the grass (RE-ED).


1 Lots of colour (SPLASH) for belt (S-ASH) around the place (-PL-)

2 Gauges (CRITERIA) how I’m in the car (CAR=CR-A) twice (I’m twice=I+I) with the station (-R-TE-)

3 So alluring (MAGNETIC) it won’t invite you to go (MAGNETIC),

4 Go on ahead (SHAMPOO) if it’s fraud to begin with (SHAM) what’s nearly penniless (poor = -POO),

5 Scattered (STREWN) the end of the street (ST) with the bird (WREN = REWN)

6 Hear disorder (disorder = this order = SYSTEM) will give you a complex (SYSTEM),

7 Doesn’t sound like a lot (an ounce = ANNOUNCE) when you say it (ANNOUNCE) that way

14 Found in the sink (sink=INKS) and makes different faces in the paper (faces=fonts in the paper require various INKS),

16 Right (R) at the end, Spanish give approval (-OLE) to their part (ROLE)

18 Survey (ORDNANCE survey) the rounds and pieces (an ORDNANCE=a place for weapons)

20 No (NEGATIVE) charge (NEGATIVE) for this,

21 According to the flyer (CIRCULAR) this will never be straightforward (CIRCULAR),

23 Without me (I) there’s no way around (O) Richard (RICHARD – O-RCHARD) in the grove (ORCHARD),

25 It can often be clear (LIQUID) that it’s freely flowing (LIQUID),

26 Look to your past (TH-Y) for the three crosses (XXX = THIRTY) right in it (-I-R-T),

28 Doctor absent all week eating these (APPLES: an apple a day keeps the doctor away)