Crosaire No 14814 by Crossheir – Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sun, Jun 24, 2012, 23:59




1 Is this how the racing commentator comes to the point? (CUT TO THE CHASE),

10 No support (UNHINGE) at takeaway opening (take away opening=UNHINGE)

11 My Goodness (MON DIEU), is this how Paris prayed to his god at Troy? (MON DIEU),

12 Never tire (TYRE) of saying what goes around comes around (TYRE),

13 Find girl (LASS) has nothing (O) to do with cowboy (LASSO),

15 Add fire to see it fly (SPITfire) as it is it’s due a turn (turn a SPIT),

17 Poison (PUS) gave Pushkin (PUShkin) a start

19 Nevertheless (EVEN SO) nothing odd (EVEN) about wanting to sow (SO), say, like this

21 A heavy load (BURDEN) and the rub (BUR-) is it comes before end (DEN),

22 To cut copy (EDIT OUT) little Edith (EDI-) gets involved with ticket-seller (T-OUT)

23 Dithering about (UNSURE) you’re (U-RE) getting cloudy sun (NSU = SUN),

25 What you aim to do (SET OUT) before you begin a journey (SET OUT),

27 Won’t hear this drop (won’t hear a PIN drop) in the hold (PIN),

29 Introduction (TH-) and conclusion (-IS) to thesis (THesIS) refers to it (THIS)

30 Don’t stop (RUN ON) if this is anywhere near the banks (RUN ON the banks),

31 Hear hear! (Here) She’s (HER) going east  (E) (HER+E = HERE)

34 How can it be about (RE) being weary (TIRED) when in bed? (RETIRED),

35 It’s not straight (folded ORIGAMI) to say it’s big in Japan (ORIGAMI)

36 Heartbreak how surgeon will work (CUT TO THE HEART) without wasting time (CUT TO THE HEART of something means to save time).


2 French mount (UN HORSE) says goodbye to rider (UNHORSE),

3 Close to poles (TENT) inside outside (be inside a TENT outside),

4 Reportedly tow (TOE) what’s on head  (CAP) to protect digits (TOE CAP),

5 Sounds like Christmas (XMAS=EX-MISS) when she gets married (EX MISS),

6 Even if it’s bit thin (HINT) it’s a clue (HINT) in itself,

7 Wearing one (SHIN PAD) doesn’t mean you won’t get kicks (SHIN PAD)

8 Great Expectations (CUT THE MUSTARD) to trim (CUT) the yellow paste (THE MUSTARD),

9 Sharing afters (afters=desert=pie; must do the CUTTING to share PIE) is a piece of cake (CUTTING THE PIE)

14 With editor (ED) it’s upheld in court (SUSTAINed), otherwise it’ll give support (SUSTAIN),

16 They manipulate others (USERS) to take drugs (USERS),

18 It doesn’t say much (MUTED) that it was commuted (MUTED) in the end

20 The end of the barcode (ODE) reads like a song (ODE),

21 It comes to a stop (BUS stop) when business is beginning (BUSiness)

24 Chinese lion with short legs (SHIH TZU = lion in Chinese) has relations among wolves (SHIH TZU is related to wolves),

26 Frank (OPEN), with that look (AIR) you won’t find this inside (OPEN AIR),

27 Indian wise man (PUNDIT) says a lot when paid (PUNDIT)

28 Nothing left (NO MORE) for Monroe (NO MORE),

32 At large it’s clear and obvious (WRIT large), in court it’s telling you to stop (WRIT),

33 Air a (EIRE) sound of a country (EIRE).