Crosaire No 14813 by Crossheir – Friday, June 22, 2012

Fri, Jun 22, 2012, 23:59



1 Is this where you order tea in a pub (T-BAR) to get to the skiing slopes (T-BAR)?

4 Direct (PROMPT) programme (BOOK) that’s read on stage but not to the audience (PROMPTBOOK)

9 It’s the makings of an epic (epic = P-ICE) around Los Angeles (LA) swimming in the sea (PLAICE),

10 It comes out from Sete (E-TES) being mixed up in NAMA (-MANA-),

11 With Sky look up to them (skySCRAPERS), as they are they’ll tear it down (SCRAPERS),

12 Is this what’s meant by turning fuel into a drink, perhaps? (COKING)

13 Surprise (HA) John Joe (JJ) with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to see Oasis (once a year HAJJ pilgrimage to the oasis of Mecca)

15 It’s a bit childish that Stacey (Stacey = S-E-Y –CAT) is written all over card (-CAR-D-) for nervy puss (SCAREDY-CAT)

17 Without the fifty (L) we hear they’re setting fires (ARCENISTS = arsonists), as it is they’re going to rob you (LARCENISTS)

19 It’s sound, mind, (sound mind = SANE) and I’m just sayin’ (SANE) it as it is

20 Play (ACT) the little devil (IMP) for effect (IMPACT)

22 Take care in dressing (PRETTY UP) when somewhat (PRETTY) awake (UP)

25 Agree to give it up (FORESWORE) when in favour (FOR) of an oath in the past (SWORE),

26 Integrated (UNITED) Teddy (TED) with you and I (you and I = U’N’I) say,

27 Will Lynn cede? (LINSEED) Listen, I’ll (OIL) use it in the paint (LINSEED OIL)

28 There are two sides to Duchamp (DUchaMP) and collectively it’s not a pretty sight (DUMP)


2 Don’t charge here (Charge of the Light Brigade happened at BALACLAVA) if someone had blundered (Tennyson’s lines) to save face from others (BALACLAVA)

3 The artist (R-A) has it (-IT-) with a (-A-) Indian to cool down (RAITA)

4 It’s a cause of annoyance (PEEVE) when first lady (EVE) shows up at end of school games (PE),

5 Come see (SEA), we hear, after what’s clear (OPEN) there is no land here (OPEN SEA)

6 What to do when you see an English opening (PLAY CHESS) comes cheaply (=PLAY CHE-) to the SS (SS),

7 Keep your head down or they’ll come in boxes (BLACK EYES),

8 A poem (ODE) on (ON) Greek theatre (ODEON)

14 If they’re really stupid (JACKASSES) they’ll give the donkeys (ASSES) a lift (JACK),

15 Turk’s nose (=SUNSTROKE) is feeling the effects of exposure (SUNSTROKE),

16 Rather annoyingly over time (AD NAUSEAM) having a sundae (A SUNDAE = -D NAUSEA) in the morning (A-M)

18 Overall (SUPREMO) there’s rapid eye movement (-REM-) in the soup (SOUP= SUP-O),

21 Chinese leader (MAO) and Irish king (RI) are first to see New Zealand, perhaps (MAORI),

23 All things being (all things being EQUAL) like this (EQUAL),

24 It’s a lucky time (THIRD time lucky) not to be one of the top two parties (THIRD party).