Crosaire No 14812 by Crossheir – Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thu, Jun 21, 2012, 23:59



1 Seen in the past (SAW) as a consequence of (THROUGH) what persisted (SAW THROUGH),

6 The brass metal (ZINC) you hear in the kitchen (sink = ZINC),

10 Ship (ARK) mentioned in manuscript (M-S) leaves impressions (MARKS),

11 Making an offer (TENDERING) to get (GET) dinner (DINNER),

12 Look for the British Dandy (=dapper man= a MACARONI) with the artist (RA) on the Camino (M-CA-ONI),

13 Encounter at the beginning and end (ENcounTER) is nothing less than an invitation (ENTER),

15 Don’t lose your temper (PATIENT) if the doctor says you’re ill (PATIENT),

17 See as it (=EASIEST) is not the most complicated (EASIEST),

19 Scarlet (RED) colours (FLAG) keep it definitely flying high (keep the RED FLAG flying high),

21 Satisfy the desire in other parties (INDULGE) to stick glue (GLUE= -ULGE) to independent (IND),

22 Postscript (PS) to the crash  (RAM) on the slopes (RAMPS),

24 The rage (-RAGE) following the first lady (-EVE-) and Beatrice (Bea= B-) would drive you to drink (BEVERAGE),

27 Ronald (RON=ON-R) has the pie (–THE PIE-) walking around Howth harbour (ON THE PIER),

28 With tea (T) this can be sharp (BITTER), as it is it still leaves its mark (BITER)

29 Rub into (SALT) the alternative (ALT) to the south (S)

30 It’s re lying (RELYING = DEPENDENCE).


1 Was it like (SAME) Ali Baba to say ‘Open Sesame’ in the end (seSAME)?

2 Justify a certain course of action (WARRENTED) when the editor gets a summons


3 The hostage tells you early on (HOSTAge) there’s a plant in the back garden (HOSTA),

4 Military camp in the back of beyond (OUTPOST) is not in (OUT) support (POST),

5 Having Maynooth (NUI) in the blood (GEN-E) is authentic (GENUINE),

7 Silly (IDIOT) me (I+I) going in and around the dot (DOT) twice,

8 Smoke (CIGARETTES) the tiger (TIGER) out who joined joins a sect (A SECT),

9 Last month (DEC) alleviated (EASED) what’s late (DECEASED),

14 Going begging (SPARE) with nothing but quarters (ROOMS) will invite guests (SPARE ROOMS),

16 Those who listened (ENLISTED) got a raw turn (war) when they volunteered (ENLISTED),

18 The beam (-LIGHT-) in the middle will open someone’s eyes (ENLIGHTEN),

20 Bolt (GIB) seat on horse (RIDE) and married those at war (GI BRIDE),

21 Contrary (INVERSE) to how to write poetry (IN VERSE),

23 Came across (MET) Albert (AL) in the tin (METAL),

25 The artist’s (RA) offer (BID) is mad (RABID),

26 Are we to understand that the poor old state (FREE state) is on the house? (FREE),