Crosaire No 14811 by Crossheir – Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wed, Jun 20, 2012, 23:59



1 Writes a cheque (DRAWER) for tall boy (chest of drawers) to hold (DRAWER),

4 How crushed ice (ICY WATER) is hostile (ICY) to a drink (WATER),

9 Authority to begin with (AUTHOR) to be a bookmaker (AUTHOR)

10 Sounds like Sam O’Dea (PSALMODY) has an arrangement to put his words (his words=Sam’s=psalms) to music (PSALMODY),

12 The brass of it with strings attached (ORCHESTRA) is another thing the Greeks made a dance about (ORCHESTRA comes from the Greek ‘to dance’),

13 When I’m near, charge president with misconduct (imPEACH), otherwise it’s just a schnapps (PEACH schnapps),

14 Wearing understated clothes (DRESSING-DOWN) brings about severe reprimand (DRESSING-DOWN),

18 Italian-speak (LINGUA FRANCA) for everyone to have their say around the Mediterranean (LINGUA FRANCA)

21 Once a (OCEAN) sea always bigger than a sea (OCEAN),

22 Cairo’s out (=ATROCIOUS) of control and unpleasant (ATROCIOUS),

24 Not going around in circles here  (STRAIGHT) if that’s not too forward (STRAIGHT forward),

25 Untidy (RAGTAG) but they pick up the right (R) silverware (-AG + -AG) before and after tea (-T-)

26 Call me stupid (DIPSTICK) but does this measure how much I’ll (oil) say goes in the engine? (DIPSTICK)

27 Don’t say no (SAY YES) to how yesterday began (YESterday) to affect the end of the essay (esSAY)


1 Simon and his dad (SIMON+DAD = DIAMONDS) are with them in the rough (DIAMONDS in the rough),

2 These won’t let go of you (are ATTACHED to you), even if you’re going out (going out=dating=ATTACHED),

3 The last of the antelope (ELOPE) will run away with his lover (ELOPE),

5 Does see and see (C and C = CASH-AND-CARRY), say, mean what you can lift (CARRY) paper money? (CASH),

6 How you control the urge (WILL POWER) to turn around energy bill (ENERGY BILL = BILL ENERGY = WILL POWER),

7 It’s a hoax (-HO-AX), right, (RT), that sticks in your throat (THORAX),

8 Is this the accent (RHYTHM) they beat (RHYTHM) out of you at art college?,

11 It’s related to what I’ve asked you to write (STENOGRAPHIC), in short (short hand = STENOGRAPHIC),

15 Reverse test sign (SIGN TEST) to hear (sign test=SCIENTIST) professor of marine conservation, (SCIENTIST) perhaps

16 What’s unworkable to start with (UNWORkable) is not becoming (UNWORTHY) any better with your old (THY) rider at end

17 The extracts from the book (PASSAGES) tell of a herb (-SAGE-) growing in the way (PAS-S),

19 Forcibly gave the orders (BOSSED) to do nothing (O) with ship (SS) in berth (B-ED),

20 Go crazy without restraint (LET RIP) on French trip (LE TRIP = LET RIP),

23 The reformed Labour Relations Commission (LRC = CL-R-) is not going for a drink (-A-A) in Offaly (CLARA).