Crosaire No 14810 by Crossheir – Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tue, Jun 19, 2012, 23:59



8 No longer at school (OLD BOY) and possibly retired (OLD BOY),

9 Once at the end of every line (the OPERATOR), now a musical composition (OPERA) up a hill (TOR)

10 Express disapproval (TUTS) when one (I) leaves a minority in Rwanda (TUTSI),

11 What Epimenides does (OVERSLEEPS for 50 years) is an indication they’re not up (OVERSLEEPS)

12 Here’s mud in your eye (CHEERS) for the toast (CHEERS)

14 A spread like this (spread like WILDFIRE) consumes the emergency services (WILDFIRE),

15 It’s not a handyman you need when there’s an apple short of a picnic (HAVE A SCREW LOOSE),

18 Finish chess (MATE) with drama (PLAY) and childhood friend (PLAYMATE),

20 Whatever way you look at this (TUT-TUT), there’s no approval here (TUT-TUT)

22 Spanish Inquisition set Latin fires (auto-da-fé =ACT OF FAITH) for the leap where I’ll catch you (ACT OF FAITH),

24 Behind the thousand (M) there’s no answer here (ASK) to a good disguise (MASK),

25 Standing about doing nothing (STATUARY) looking at monuments to the dead (STATUARY)

26 It’s rough (UNEVEN) and starting to be uneventful (UNEVEN).


1 Palestinian group (PLO) unites with horror (UGH) at big dipper (PLOUGH),

2 While it’s a bit of an A to Z (ABCS), it’s more to do with a subject’s first principles (ABCS),

3 The full story is never told (SYNOPSIS) when pony is (PONY IS = YNOPSI) squeezed into the ship (S-S),

4 Wish (HOPE) he (HE) has the operation (OP),

5 You’ll never hear this drum (VESSEL) when it’s full (an empty VESSEL make the most noise)

6 This is the one where the rat went for (RAT WENT FOR = WATERFRONT) a walk on the beach (WATERFRONT),

7 Notes the similarities (COMPARES) in a (A) rose (ROSE) camp (CAMP),

13 January to June and July to December (EVERY MONTH),

14 Swore (=WORSE) this is not favourable (WORSE),

16 Better hand out the orders (ALLOCATE) when the cockney says hello (‘ALLO) to Kate, say (CATE+ALLO= ALLOCATE)

17 Be careful, (WATCH OUT) those who are guarding us (the WATCH) are not at home (OUT)

19 Public disturbance (AFFRAY) when a (A) flat fish (RAY) joins into Fianna Fáil (FF),

21 Rustle (=ULSTER) up north (ULSTER),

23 Hear it’s idle (IDYL) to think you couldn’t be always happy here (IDYL)

24 Can’t do it on your own (MEET) at the races (MEET)