Crosaire No 14809 by Crossheir – Monday, June 18, 2012

Mon, Jun 18, 2012, 23:59



8 Central European (POLISH) editor (ED) is accomplished (POLISHED),

9 It’s a feature (DETAIL) that the devil is in there most of the time, (the devil is in the DETAIL)

10 Signs are  (ZODIAC) Zoe has dropped an E (ZO) and started on some sort of acid (DIAC),

11 Controls over (PRESIDES over) the movement before (PRE) turning left or right (SIDES)

12 Man (MAN) on Irish beach (TRA). Man (MAN) on Irish beach (TRA). Man (MAN) on Irish beach (TRA) (Repeat saying = MANTRA),

13 Get wind of this (EASTERLY) if you stand (SET) in early (EAR-LY),

15 Casual drink in America (SUDS), much more bubbly (SUDS) in Ireland,

17 Holds the head of a Baptist (CHARGER) on the end of a phone (CHARGER),

19 It will percolate through (PERVADE) that Dev (-V-DE) and the artist (-R-A-) are involved in physical education (P-E),

22 Breathe hard (GASP) as (-AS-) it’s held by the doctor (G-P)

24 Penalised (PUNISHED) because I (I) got rid (SHED) of the joke (PUN),

27 Gives rise to (INCURS) perhaps how the dogs (CURS) get in (IN),

29 A good a defence as any (STOCKADE) to carry (STOCK) aid (aid = ADE), reportedly

30 Err (ERR) and (AND) and chances are you’ll be sent on a mission (ERRAND)

31 This might come as a bit of a blow (SNEEZE) but it will get cold (SNEEZE),

32 It’s another name for nighties (= THINGIES) if you can’t remember names (THINGIES).


1 The corn (COR-N) is hiding nothing (O) and a (A) circle of light (CORONA),

2 The envoy (MINISTER) up north (-NI-) has an interest in addressing the man (M-ISTER),

3 When it’s not flat (not flat at Leopardstown =THE CHASE), you’ll see the cheetahs (cheetahs = THE CHASE) at Leopardstown,

4 Dad (DAD) and the poet (POET) have taken the child into their family (ADOPTED),

5 With another fifty (L) they’d be up for a game (snakes and L+ADDERS), otherwise they’re down on their bellies (ADDERS),

6 It’s a long step down (STRIDE) the street (ST) to the roller coaster (RIDE)

7 That was a terrible slur (LIBELLED) to have fibbed (LI-ED) about what’s on your bike (-BELL-)

14 Without the two of you (two of you = double u= W) these crawlers (ASPS) can’t fly (wASPS),

16 Strong desire (URGE) to give you (U) a number plate (REG = RGE)

18 It’s hard to forget (HAUNTING) what can be disturbing (HAUNTING),

20 Plague (EPIDEIMIC) poem (EP-IC) only has half of what it should have (-DEMI-)

21 Father’s address (VICARAGE) at No 6 (VI) has a motor (CAR) ahead of its time (AGE)

23 They travel on buses (ADVERTS) when not passing time between programmes (ADVERTS)

25 Is this how the ruler has its own way of moving slowly? (INCHES on a ruler and INCHES slowly forward)

26 Doctor (HEALER) gets her (HE-R) to have a drink (-ALE-),

28 It’s very like someone (RINGER) telling you it’s the phone (RINGER).