Crosaire No 14808 by Crossheir – Saturday June 16, 2012

Sun, Jun 17, 2012, 23:59



1 Without royal no need for horses (royal DUBLIN SOCITY) for city (DUBLIN) people (SOCIETY),

10 Joke (PUN=UN-P) about the scallop (CLAM) is enough to let go of the car (UNCLAMP),

11 Four legs (TABLE) with gold edge (AU) still for history picture (TABLEAU),

12 In habit (INHABIT=LIVE) the French (L-E) have more than three (IV),

13 Today it makes his (BLOOM) day when the bee (B) spins a yarn (LOOM),

15 Jack’s friend (JILL) Jay (J) is not well (ILL),

17 It’s where you start and end in Dublin (start=IN; end=N) to have a drink (INN)

19 Indian fire (ARROW) from north (N) is much longer than wide (NARROW),

21 Father (POP) has a piece (GUN) to say ‘Bang, bang’ in the nursery (POPGUN),

22 It’s at which (WHEREAT) what’s in the weather (weather = WHEREAT),

23 Find actors there (IN PLAY) when ball hasn’t left the pitch (IN PLAY),

25 The little sister is not (THE BRO) a bother (THE BRO),

27 Either way this is initially just the cash and carry (CAC),

29 It’s at the end of the display (PLAY) before school (PLAYschool),

30 Partially in flower in 32dn (Moll Bloom), she (MOLLY) loves flower in 13ac (Bloom),

31 Morning (AM) is okay (OK) to go for a run with this (run AMOK),

34 Rattle it out (REEL OFF) and write (R), say, that the fish (EEL) isn’t fresh (OFF),

35 Poem (RONDEAU) written by Auden (AUDEN) or (OR) anyone else,

36 No sand in city’s (DUBLIN’S) fort (CASTLE) for capital’s (DUBLIN’S) keep (CASTLE),


2 Expose (UNCOVER) the bay (COVE) to the right (R) of the United Nations (UN),

3 Whatever slant (LEAN) you take it’s still a little thin (LEAN),

4 Alpine (=NEPALI) arrangement spoken well in the Himalayas (NEPALI),

5 It’s a potion (=OPTION) that might be chosen (OPTION),

6 Initially there’s a book marker (ISBN) in the bins (bins = ISBN)

7 Meeting (=TEEMING) what’s a long reign (long rain=TEEMING) in a manner of speaking,

8 Bali round trip (=DUBLINAIRPORT) starts in the city (DUBLIN) close to the landing (AIRPORT),

9 The pale (DUBLIN) bar (LOCK) in bloom (OUT) caused dispute in capital (DUBLIN LOCKOUT),

14 Is this a dry run (ON TRIAL) in the dock (ON TRIAL)?

16 When Norway (NORWAY) loses the right (R = NO WAY) to vote negatively (NO WAY),

18 Is it rude to say girlfriends (MOTHS) are insects who fly at night (MOTHS)?,

20 How come (WHY) there’s always a question mark against it? (WHY?),

21 Let this be the end of the spat (PAT) Paddy (PAT)

24 Up on the level (PLATEAU) the place (PL) is at (AT) nice water  (EAU)

26 To have five queens (card game: BUM DEAL) is grossly unfair into the bargain (BUM DEAL),

27 Fianna Fáil (FF) caught up in loose change (CO-IN) goes down in the end (COFFIN),

28 With Albert (AL) it’s admin (CLERICAL), otherwise he’s in church  (CLERIC),

32 Friend of gangster (MOLL) nearly names 30ac(MOLL),

33 Send (ENDS) for how a book finishes (ENDS).