Crosaire No 14807 by Crossheir – Friday June 15, 2012

Fri, Jun 15, 2012, 23:59



1 You can put your finger on it (HAND) if you look inside the chandelier  (CHANDELIER),

4 Shoot (FILM) pundit (CRITIC) for judge of pictures (FILM CRITIC),

9 Graduate (BA) misses a right (R) on the way to Kerry (KERY) and has a lot to prove (BAKERY)

10 It’s so boring (MONOTONY) when one (MONO) is with Anthony (TONY)

11 I..R..I..S..H .. T..I..M..E..S (SPELL OUT) is magic (SPELL) in the open (OUT),

12 Or or ah? (AURORA) It’s a natural electrical phenomenon (AURORA),

13 Pity (ALAS) it’s not quite a girl (A LASS=A LAS),

15 Mostly (ORDINARILY), for the most part (missing LY), is a jig to ordain (=ORDINA) the Irish king (RI)

17 It’s a little too precise (PARTICULAR), but I see (IC) you (U) and Larry (LAR) having a part (PART)

19 Cold and hot (TAPS) at home but well worth drinking from in the bar (TAPS),

20 The Apostles (TWELVE) are cross (X) with the two (1+1 = X11 = TWELVE),

22 Grade (GRAD-E) covers you (U) at (AT) receiving letters (GRADUATE)

25 Considering all the parts (HOLISTIC) this approach makes sense of itch oils (itch oils = HOLISTIC),

26 Aggressive action (ATTACK) near (AT) a nail (TACK),

27 The Greens (VEGETABLES) are divided (VEGE TABLES) and in the end (vegeTABLES) are between seats (TABLES),

28 You’ll fail (LOSE) if you don’t win (LOSE)


2 Behind the papal lace (papal lace = A CAPPELLA) it’s never instrumental (A CAPPELLA)

3 Lodge (DWELL) five hundred (D) with water (WELL) in the end

4 Wing its way (FLY TO) to Lofty (Lofty = FLY TO)

5 How very restricted (LIMITED) to go at 30kph (LIMIT) to meet the editor (ED)

6 Trick (CON) the legendary Irish tale (TAIN) into hospital (ER) box (CONTAINER),

7 Explain the meaning (INTERPRET) of the lost printer (printer = INTERPR) meeting the extraterrestrial (ET),

8 Look for it at the end of dinner (INNER) inside (INNER),

14 Before Sunday comes (SAT), Ellie (ELLI-E) has tea (T) in the sky (SATELLITE)

15 Her co-star (=ORCHESTRA) is down the pit (ORCHESTRA)

16 Cosmetics (LIPSTICKS) on the verge (LIP) of goal posts (STICKS),

18 It makes sense (LOGICAL) there’s an American soldier (GI) in the neighbourhood (LOCAL)

21 Put down (WROTE) the rubbish (ROT) between you and me (WE)

23 Lives in the Middle East (ARABS) and Basra (BASRA = ARABS),

24 Up to now (UNTIL), the United Nations (UN) had most of what’s on the register (TILL=TIL)