Crosaire No 14806 by Crossheir – Thursday June 14, 2012

Thu, Jun 14, 2012, 23:59



1 Goes over the moon  (SPACECRAFT) and has room (SPACE) for art (CRAFT),

6 Expose (PEEL) the man who called the police (PEEL)

10 Did not (DIDN’T) stick the penny (D) in the hollow (DI-NT),

11 It’s all over the place (CONFUSION) when Con (CON) joins up (FUSION),

12 There’s a connection (RELATION) about (RE) what’s classic (LATI-N) having nothing (O)

13 Young child (TOT) and Alan (AL) adds up final figure (TOTAL),

15 Away from home (ABSENCE) with Ben’s ace (Ben’s ace = ABSENCE),

17 Make clear (EXPLAIN) it’s no longer a flyer (EX-PLANE = EXPLAIN) reportedly,

19 Unruffled (ASSURED) Ruby (RED) follows you (U) and the donkey (ASS),

21 Irish (PRESS) Sunday (PRESS) evening (PRESS) lost in the closets (PRESSES)

22 Large farm (RANCH) ran (RAN) Custom House (CH),

24 Chaps (CHAP-S) rearrange station (RTE=TER) and need 14 down (need paragraphs = CHAPTERS),

27 Performance (PROGRAMME) in favour (PRO) of Irish love (GRA), Madame (MME),

28 Oh! (O) With you (U) it stuck together (GLuED+O=OGLED); as it is, it just looked offensive (OGLED)

29 Search for (SEEK) horror (EEK) looking south (S),

30 Show how (ILLUSTRATE) the Ulster tail (Ulster tail=ILLUSTRATE) is such a draw (ILLUSTRATE)



1 Sidney (SID) is on the verge (SIDE) of going east (E)

2 Hello this is (an ADDRESS) 24-28 Tara Street (ADDRESS) = ADDRESSES,

3 The spear-carrier (EXTRA) and former girlfriend (EX) are on an Irish beach (TRA),

4 Welcome (RECEIVE) press to record (REC) first lady (E-VE) and me (I) together

5 Where money matters (FINANCE) the French put an end (FIN) to the ants (ANCE), reportedly

7 Get by (EXIST) with what was once (EX) first (IST),

8 Suffering from the loss of company (LONELINESS), the loss (LO-SS) has Lennie (=NELINE) broken up inside,

9 More than one (MULTIPLE) mull (MUL) over a tipple (TIPLE), say

14 Sections in the book (PARAGRAPHS) are below average (PAR) with a (A) pie chart and histogram (GRAPHS),

16 Facing Ulster (NORTHERN) the lights are off on the aurora borealis (NORTHERN lights)

18 Down and under (AUSTRALIA) and out and back (AUSTRALIA)

20 Claimed (=DECIMAL) to be making a point (DECIMAL)

21 Level high ground (PLATEAU) with a dish (PLATE) of gold (AU),

23 Not a single person (NO ONE) at 12 o’clock (NOON) looked east (E),

25 Fish (TROUT) and retreat (ROUT) after tea (T),

26 The ends of one’s knowledge (EDGE) on the lip (EDGE).