Crosaire No 14805 by Crossheir – Wednesday June 13, 2012

Wed, Jun 13, 2012, 23:59



1 Little tea (WEE T) in the ship (S-S) is great for desserts (SWEETS),

4 Great affection (ADORABLE) for second child (ABEL = ABLE) thrown together with the girl (DORA),

9 I hear you lock it (LOCKET) around your neck on a chain (LOCKET),

10 It’s obscure (ESOTERIC) when rearranging what to (TO) see (SEE) before old police force (RIC),

12 Not as exciting as expected (DAMP SQUIB) when weak person (SQUIB) gets wet (DAMP),

13 Make waves (CRIMP) when the Communist Party (CP) controls the margin (RIM), (CRIMP)

14 Unsupported (FREE-STANDING) and on the loose (FREE) without a chair (STANDING),

18 Great perspective (BIRD’s EYE VIEW) of Robin’s (BIRD’S) powers of observation (EYE) and outlook (VIEW),

21 Say goodbye (ADIEU) to a (A) Jew (ADIEU),

22 Overworked  (HACKNEYED) when the taxi driver (HACKNEY) meets the editor (ED),

24 Made by the chemist (LAUDANUM) with praise (LAUD) and an (AN) expression of hesitation (UM)

25 Knock off track (DERAIL) if re-laid (relaid = DERAIL),

26 Runabout (CAR) chairs (SEATS) with two in the front and one in the back (CAR SEATS) perhaps

27 ‘E’s (E) with the devil (devil+e = VEILED) and masked (VEILED).



1 Freeze (SOLIDIFY) firm (SOLID) for your information in a spin (FYI=IFY),

2 Hinder (ENCUMBER) Bruce (BRUCE) and the men (MEN),

3 14,15,16 (TEENS),

5 Niobe (NIOBE), Eddie (EDDIE) and the lawyer (SC) are known for a failure to obey orders  (DISOBEDIENCE),

6 Slow to tell (RETICENCE) it’s about (RE) the cent (CENT) in the ice (ICE),

7 Following Robin (BIRD) that is (IE) under par (BIRDIE),

8 Other than (EXCEPT) it sounds like it’s a consent to receive (accept=EXCEPT)

11 Rapid exchange of views (CUT-AND-THRUST) leads to scratch (CUT) and (AND) push (THRUST),

15 Tut! A smile (Tut a smile = STIMULATE) should encourage some interest (STIMULATE),

16 American administration (CITY HALL) inDublin (CITY) lobby (HALL),

17 All wrapped up (SWADDLED) the ducks shuffled (WADDLED) south (S)

19 Keeps Gail (GAIL) and the Roman Catholic (RC) together and vampires away (GARLIC)

20 A glass of whiskey (LIQUOR) with ice (ICE) suits all sorts (LIQUORice allsorts),

23 Woman (NIECE) heard on French coast (NICE = NIECE).