Crosaire No 14804 by Crossheir – Tuesday June 12, 2012

Tue, Jun 12, 2012, 23:59



8 Selma (AMELS) and the hundred  (C) come up with what’s relative to llamas (CAMELS),

9 Ours too (HOURS TWO), say with a twist (TWO HOURS), is twice (2x) as long as our (HOUR) one (ONE), say with a twist (one hour 2x = TWO HOURS)

10 I’m upset (IM = MI) in front of the saint (ST) in low visibility (MIST),

11 Fit (ABLE-BODIED) first victim (ABEL), say, when box office (BO) expired (DIED)

12 Lights from above (SHAFTS) if you’re talking about mine (SHAFTS)

14 Clean me out (SPOTLESS) if the south (S) leaves me penniless (sPOTLESS)

15 English king’s rep in Ireland (GOVERNOR GENERAL) is ahead in Mountjoy (GOVERNOR) and also in the Curragh (GENERAL),

18 Shakespeare (BARD) passes the picket (SCAB) and hides the blade (SCABBARD),

20 Impress (INSTIL) what could be still (STIL) inside (IN),

22 The doctor (DR) has little (LITTLE) to do (DO) but bark (talk to animals, DR DOLITTLE),

24 So (SO) to full time (FT), it’s mushy and not just in the middle (SOFT),

25 They’re in command (GENERALS) when the artist (RA) and the fifty (L) are in the family (GENE-S),

26 It’s quare (QUARE) to go south (S) to find the bishop stands here (SQUARE on chessboard).



1 Trojan worker (PARIS) on way to hospital (H) in community (PARISH),

2 Soften (MELT) and cut down the tree (ELM = MEL) before tea (T),

3 Takes a shot at (ASSASSIN) following both fools (ASS + ASS) in (IN)

4 Late (LATE = ET AL) and covers the others (ET AL),

5 Surprise (BOO)! Surprise (BOO)! That’s a mistake (BOO-BOO),

6 They stand up in the boat (GONDOLIERS) for the Odeon girls (ODEON GIRLS = GONDOLIERS),

7 Are these the waters around Ireland (GREEN SEA) for the novice (GREEN) dip (SEA)?

13 Pirate (FREEBOOTER) on the house (FREE) finds footwear (BOOT) on way to hospital (ER),

14 Strip (SHRED) the herds (HERDS = SHRED),

16 Came to mind (OCCURRED) when the commanding officer (OC) met the dog (CUR) going puce (RED),

17 Catch sight (ESPY=E-PSY) of a heap of things (PILE) when you diagnose disorder (EPILEPSY)

19 22 across (Dr Dolittle) says hello to one (ANIMAL),

21 Send word (INFORM) that it’s within (IN) the questionnaire (FORM),

23 Pilot (TEST) examination (TEST)? Stet! (STET = TEST),

24 He switched names (Paul changed his name to Saul) when Sally (SA-L) gets a grip of you (U).