Crosaire No 14803 by Crossheir – Monday June 11, 2012

Mon, Jun 11, 2012, 23:59



8 Sounds like this is on the cards (PATIENCE) when they’re in the waiting room (PATIENTS)

9 Around (O) the fire (RANGE) for what’s at end of the flag (green, white and ORANGE),

10 Move the king (CASTLE) when players (CAST) find bit of a lead (LE),

11 Draws (ATTRACTS) the makings of a tart (TART = ATTR) with what the Apostles did (ACTS of the Apostles),

12 Deep respect (REVERE) about (RE) about (RE) victory in Europe (VE),

13 Seedless grapes (CURRANTS) are not the usual flowers (flowers = CURRENTS = CURRANTS),

15 Say, is this really a scene (SEEN) that gets noticed (SEEN)?,

17 These will never dawn (SUNSETS) on you,

19 One (I) heads for land (LAND) in the ship (S-S) on the way to Ireland and UK (ISLANDS),

22 It’s the way you are going (PATH) but not on the road (PATH)

24 Sounds like you choose (TUES) dais (DAYS) in the middle of the weeks (TUESDAYS),

27 I’m (IM) ages (AGES) in the mirrors (IMAGES),

29 It’s just okay (PASSABLE) if you can wear Daddy’s (PAS) fur (SABLE),

30 Takes great pleasure (GLOATS) when the kids (G-OATS) swallow the fifty (L),

31 Accuse (ALLEGE) everyone (ALL) with the assembly of a little surprise (GEE = EGE),

32 Edna (EDNA) is on the beer (BEER) in Scotland (ABERDEEN).



1 Father (PA) and the artist (RA) form a procession (PARADE) with the editor (ED),

2 Reportedly, this (DIS) dress (TRESS) is in pain (DISTRESS),

3 On principle we hear (on principal = INTEREST) it’s a willingness to learn (INTEREST),

4 Sounds like a question (ASK) for the aunts (ANCE) and a look of disapproval (ASKANCE),

5 The sun (STAR) follows the company (CO) on stage (STAR),

6 Anna (ANNA) pulls herself together and gets a degree (BA) to feed a monkey (BANANA),

7 Flustered (AGITATED) at  (AT) it  (IT) and aged (AGED),

14 You (U) nit (NIT)! It’s company (UNIT),

16 Glimpse (ESPY) ‘E’s (E) hiding the secret agent (SPY),

18 Not fit to be used (UNUSABLE) when America (US) is caught up in what’s powerless (UN-ABLE),

20 Break legs (leg = GLES) below the knee (SHIN) and find them walking on the beach (SHINGLES),

21 Anna (ANNA) is broken up over concluding movement (CODA) and legless (ANACONDA),

23 Lance from South Africa (ASSEGAI) and the donkey (ASS), for example (EG), travel towards first class (AI)

25 Resist (resist = SISTER) what’s found in the cloister (SISTER),

26 I’m (AM) taking my time (AMBLED) after having a transfusion (BLED),

28 Entering Paris (ENTREE) for starters (ENTREE).