Explanations: No. 14718 – Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sun, Mar 4, 2012, 23:59


There has been some discussion here lately about the length of time taken for submitted comments to appear. As promised, I have discussed the issue internally and as a result some changes will be made.

A crossword blog usually generates a lot of comments as solvers discuss the clues of that day’s puzzle in real time. For this “real time” commenting to take place though, such a blog has to be moderated 24 hours a day so that comments are posted within a very short time. I have been serving as the moderator for this blog and we have to blame the time difference (I am 8 hours away) for much of the delay in posting comments.

The main focus of the blog will stay as is, providing clue explanations for the hundreds of readers that visit the Explanations Post each day.

The Chat Post will be discontinued. Very few people are leaving comments anyway, primarily because of the delay in posting. We don’t have the infrastructure in place to provide the necessary moderator coverage, so the comment function will be shut down altogether. We know this might disappoint the few regulars who have been placing comments, and that is unfortunate.

That said, thank you for all the feedback over the past few months.

Roy Earle
Lorna Kernan
Crossword Editor

1 Rough start for ceremony naming military order (7,2,4)

Ceremony naming (BAPTISM OF) military order (FIRE) for = BAPTISM OF FIRE: rough start.
10 Hip joint situated correctly (2,5)
Hip (IN) joint (PLACE) = IN PLACE: situated correctly.
11 Youngster wraps computer devices returned to make a point, maybe (7)
Youngster, ‘lad’, wraps computer devices, ‘mice’ [LA(MICE)D] returned, to make = DECIMAL: a point, maybe.
12 Part of Ireland’s style (4)
Part of “ir-elan-ds” (ELAN) = ELAN: style.
13 Notes a few thousand from the right (5)
“A few” “thousand” (SOME-M) from the right = MEMOS: notes.
15 Not straight about 500 Victorian’s welcome (1’3)
Not straight (G-AY) about “500” (D) = G’DAY: Victorian’s welcome (Victoria, Australia).
17 Go wrong returning from Spanish (3)
From “spa-nis-h” (NIS) returning = SIN: go wrong.
19 Fashionable sort backed what may get folks talking (6)
Fashionable (IN) “sort” backed (TROS) = INTROS: what may get folks talking.
21 Everyone in drag is fat? (6)
In “drag” (T-OW) everyone (ALL) is = TALLOW: fat.
22 Seasonal event from 1st of March broadcast shortly (7)
1st of M-arch (M) broadcast shortly (ON SOON) from = MONSOON: seasonal event.
23 This afternoon the teen spots retreat to set up a base (6)
This afternoon, ‘pm’, the teen spots, ‘acne’ (PM-ACNE) retreat = ENCAMP: to set up a base.
25 One ruling about a lady’s man (6)
About (RE) a lady’s man (GENT) = REGENT: one ruling.
27 How one differs from tone that’s used to express a negative (3)
How “one” differs from “t-one” (there’s NO-T) = NOT: that’s used to express a negative.
29 Heard he would pay attention (4)
He would (HE’D) heard = HEED: pay attention.
30 One using a fork for radio part (5)
One using a fork (TUNER) for “radio part” (TUNER).
31 Stocking filler that’s a little lower (4)
Stocking filler (CALF) that’s a little lower, little one lowing (CALF).
34 Trade union with room ahead of what might be crude agitation (7)
Trade union (TU) with “room” (RM) ahead of “what might be crude” (OIL) = TURMOIL: agitation.
35 First and last of their company man the tower (7)
First and last (letters) of “t-hei-r” (TR) company man (ACTOR) = TRACTOR: the tower.
36 This warms up where to start shooting (4,9)
Where to start shooting (OPEN FIRE PLACE) = OPEN FIREPLACE: this warms up.

2 Source of Egyptian venom suspension that paves the way (7)

Source of Egyptian venom (ASP) suspension (HALT) = ASPHALT: that paves the way.
3 Role reversal that’s catching? (4)
Role (PART) reversal = TRAP: that’s catching.
4 Little girl and boy, they have naps (6)
Little girl (SUE) and little boy (DES) = SUEDES: they have naps.
5 Not even one issue that’s favoured (4-2)
Not even (ODD) one issue (SON) that’s = ODDS-ON: favoured.
6 Confront what’s often made up (4)
Confront (FACE) what’s often made up (FACE).
7 Fix up one who clashed with a rocker in the dance (7)
In “the dance” (RE-EL) one who clashed with a rocker (MOD) = REMODEL: fix up.
8 Live by the church in Italian cars making warm conversations (8,5)
In “Italian cars” (FI-ATS) “live” by “the church” (RESIDE-CH) making = FIRESIDE CHATS: warm conversations.
9 Takes risks for passionate bits of theatrics? (5,4,4)
Takes risks (PLAYS WITH FIRE) for passionate bits of theatrics (PLAYS WITH FIRE).
14 Fail to notice one on purpose (7)
Fail to notice (MISS) one (I) on (ON) = MISSION: purpose.
16 The answer is, a hundred clips can hold this back (5)
A hundred (C) clips can hold this, ‘ammo’, back (OMMA) = COMMA: “,” is the answer.
18 Egyptian god born as Indian princess (5)
Egyptian god (RA) born as (NEE) = RANEE: Indian princess.
20 For a Stygian bribe, George Russell left him writing fables (3)
Him writing fables (AE-SOP) George Russell, ‘AE’, left (-AE) for = SOP: a Stygian bribe (“a sop to Cerberus” was the mythical bribe given to cross the River Styx).
21 Break down coming up the peak (3)
Break down (ROT) coming up = TOR: the peak.
24 Resolve to see Cordelia’s father in what can runneth over (5,2)
In “what runneth over” (C-UP) Cordelia’s father (LEAR) to see = CLEAR UP: resolve.
26 Giving a shop sign back to a jerk (7)
A shop sign, ‘sale’, back (ELAS) to “a jerk” (TIC) = ELASTIC: giving.
27 Clue in new central units (6)
“Clue in” new = NUCLEI: central units.
28 Perhaps get ready for a biting driver’s support article (6)
Driver’s support, at golf (TEE) article (THE) = TEETHE: perhaps get ready for a biting.
32 Put away one interrupting the godfather, say (2,2)
The godfather, say (DO-N) interrupted by “one” (I) = DO IN: put away.
33 The noble and wise announced they leave yearly (4)
Yearly (Y-EARL-Y) “wise” announced, ‘YY’, they leave (-Y, Y) and = EARL: the noble.