Explanations: No. 14716 – Thursday, 1 March 2012

Thu, Mar 1, 2012, 23:59


There has been some discussion here lately about the length of time taken for submitted comments to appear. As promised, I have discussed the issue internally and as a result some changes will be made.

A crossword blog usually generates a lot of comments as solvers discuss the clues of that day’s puzzle in real time. For this “real time” commenting to take place though, such a blog has to be moderated 24 hours a day so that comments are posted within a very short time. I have been serving as the moderator for this blog and we have to blame the time difference (I am 8 hours away) for much of the delay in posting comments.

The main focus of the blog will stay as is, providing clue explanations for the hundreds of readers that visit the Explanations Post each day.

The Chat Post will be discontinued. Very few people are leaving comments anyway, primarily because of the delay in posting. We don’t have the infrastructure in place to provide the necessary moderator coverage, so the comment function will be shut down altogether. We know this might disappoint the few regulars who have been placing comments, and that is unfortunate.

That said, thank you for all the feedback over the past few months.

Roy Earle
Lorna Kernan
Crossword Editor

1 They value the program and they up the ante (10)

The program (APP) and “they up the ante” (RAISERS) = APPRAISERS: they value the program.
6 Plenty can draw these (4)
Plenty (LOTS) can draw these (LOTS).
10 Vietnam’s neighbour captured one that’s like 28-across (5)
Vietnam’s neighbour (LAO-S) captured “one” (I) = LAOIS: that’s like SLIGO.
11 Call about an Eastern type making another anagram (9)
Call (R-ING) about “‘an Eastern’ ‘type’” (E-SORT) = RESORTING: making another anagram.
12 An Indian city Rani ordered one for farming (8)
An Indian city (AGRA) “Rani” ordered (RIAN) = AGRARIAN: one for farming.
13 A few thousand inside where fighting raged in 1916 (5)
A few (SO-ME) “thousand” inside (M) = SOMME: where fighting raged in 1916.
15 They hold the canines with a garden tool for a US detective (7)
They hold the canines (GUMS) with a garden tool (HOE) for = GUMSHOE: a US detective (a slang term for the likes of Sam Spade).
17 Relatively fresh UFO often contains one (7)
UFO often (SAUC-ER) contains “one” (I) = SAUCIER: relatively often.
19 Match figures for a little change to the residence (7)
A little change (CENT) to “the residence” (RES) for = CENTRES: match figures.
21 Recognise detective’s group researching collisions (7)
Detective (DI’S) group researching collisions (CERN) = DISCERN: recognise.
22 The first of his in a Riviera city is a hole-in-the-wall (5)
In “a Riviera city” (NIC-E) the first of “h-is” (H) is = NICHE: a hole in the wall.
24 Puts designed stationary unit nearer the source (8)
“Puts” designed (UPST) stationary unit (REAM) = UPSTREAM: nearer the source.
27 Her escort toyed with Brontë’s character (9)
“Her escort” toyed with = ROCHESTER: (Charlotte) Brontë’s character (from “Jane Eyre”).
28 Co. announced crafty attempt (5)
Crafty attempt (SLY GO) announced = SLIGO: Co.
29 Revolutionary and loud one working on orders (4)
Revolutionary (CHE) and loud (F) = CHEF: one working on orders.
30 Mick Jagger’s last tributes? (10)
Mick Jagger’s? (HEAD STONE’S) = HEADSTONES: last tributes.

1 One who supports getting nothing out of brass, say (4)

Brass, say (ALL-O-Y) getting nothing out (-O) = ALLY: one who supports..
2 Parking by the lake, the guys they do their fieldwork (9)
Parking (P) by “the lake” (LOUGH) the guys (MEN) = PLOUGHMEN: they do their field-work.
3 Confused in the main? (2,3)
Confused (AT SEA) in the main? (AT SEA).
4 Certain catching the road north from Dublin is shorter, I guess (7)
Certain (SUR-E) catching “the road from Dublin is, ‘MI is’, shorter” (MI’S) = SURMISE: I guess.
5 Minds the gifts without Penny (7)
The gifts (P-RESENTS) without Penny (-P) = RESENTS: minds.
7 Hate where one speaks first off (5)
Where one speaks (P-ODIUM) first off (-P, the first letter) = ODIUM: hate.
8 Band with impression from hearing a baby bird call (6,4)
A baby bird, ‘cygnet’, call , ‘ring’ (CYGNET RING) heard = SIGNET RING: band with impression.
9 Some exercise journalists about to dine (5-3)
Journalists (PRES-S) about “to dine” (SUP) = PRESS-UPS: some exercise.
14 Thinking of oneself foregoing, perhaps? (10)
“for-ego-ing”, perhaps? (a word with EGO at the CENTRE) = EGOCENTRIC: thinking of oneself.
16 He had framed the “As You Like It” forest set (8)
He had (H-E’D) framed “the ‘As You Like It’ forest (ARDEN) = HARDENED: set.
18 Repeat is tie possibly, maybe 2:1 to the North (9)
“Tie” possibly (ITE) maybe 2:1 (RATIO) to “the North” (N) is = ITERATION: repeat.
20 Coal storage sink? (7)
Coal storage (SCUTTLE) sink (SCUTTLE).
21 Madam’s mate is indeed popular (7)
In “deed” (DE-ED) Madam’s mate (SIR) is = DESIRED: popular.
23 A century longing for a store (5)
A century (C) longing (SURE) for = CACHE: a store.
25 What remains is about one exam 18-down (5)
What remains (RES-T) is about “one” (I) = RESIT: exam ITERATION.
26 A couple of seconds after the doctor finds a growth on the trunk (4)
After “the doctor” (MO) a couple of seconds (S-S) finds = MOSS: a growth on the trunk.