Explanations: No. 14715 – Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wed, Feb 29, 2012, 23:59


There has been some discussion here lately about the length of time taken for submitted comments to appear. As promised, I have discussed the issue internally and as a result some changes will be made.

A crossword blog usually generates a lot of comments as solvers discuss the clues of that day’s puzzle in real time. For this “real time” commenting to take place though, such a blog has to be moderated 24 hours a day so that comments are posted within a very short time. I have been serving as the moderator for this blog and we have to blame the time difference (I am 8 hours away) for much of the delay in posting comments.

The main focus of the blog will stay as is, providing clue explanations for the hundreds of readers that visit the Explanations Post each day.

The Chat Post will be discontinued. Very few people are leaving comments anyway, primarily because of the delay in posting. We don’t have the infrastructure in place to provide the necessary moderator coverage, so the comment function will be shut down altogether. We know this might disappoint the few regulars who have been placing comments, and that is unfortunate.

That said, thank you for all the feedback over the past few months.

Roy Earle
Lorna Kernan
Crossword Editor

1 Those courted perhaps are fed up with the last social workers (10)

“Fed” up (DEF) with “the last social workers” (END ANTS) are = DEFENDANTS: those “courted” perhaps.
6 It can bubble up around a Pacific island (4)
It can bubble up (GU-M) around “a” (A) = GUAM: Pacific island.
10 Corners without green-lights? (5)
Without green-lights (NO OKS) = NOOKS: corners.
11 Get a grip there and take care of the pub (9)
Take care of the pub (HANDLE BAR) and = HANDLEBAR: get a grip there.
12 Rich source of oil that’s a bother (4-2-2)
Source of oil (WELL) that’s “a bother” (TO-DO) = WELL-TO-DO: rich.
13 Somewhere in Mayo there’s a round African flower (5)
Somewhere in Mayo (CONG) there’s a “round” (O) = CONGO: African flow-er.
15 Burst in and announce how much the little divil will carry (7)
How much the little divil will carry (IMP LOAD) announced, and = IMPLODE: burst in.
17 Like some thinking subsequently by a learner (7)
Subsequently (LATER) by “a learner” (A L) = LATERAL: like some thinking.
19 Yellow belly not pronounced at all? (7)
Belly not pronounced at all? (GUT-LESS) = GUTLESS: yellow.
21 Confuses drug smugglers holding a theologian (7)
Drug smugglers (MU-LES) holding “a theologian” (DD) = MUDDLES: confuses.
22 Ring a family member for a drink there (5)
Ring (O) a family member (A SIS) for = OASIS: a drink there.
24 Each town gets ‘x’ for holding on (8)
Each town gets x, ‘ten’ (TEN A CITY) for = TENACITY: holding on.
27 He’s into sign a reference book (9)
Into “sign” (T-AURUS) he’s (HES) = THESAURUS: a reference book.
28 Greek character who cried for Ulster and UK honour (5)
Ulster (NI) and UK honour (OBE) for = NIOBE: Greek character who cried (as in the myth of Niobe and the Weeping Rock of Mt. Sypilis).
29 It’s on top of the wine or port (4)
It’s on top of the wine (CORK) or port, the harbour (CORK).
30 While tossing and turning, yell with stress (10)
Turning “yell” with “stress”, and = RESTLESSLY: while tossing (and turning).

1 Condescend to an audience for a European (4)

Condescend (DEIGN) to an audience, for = DANE: a European.
2 Grow something in this grass below the river (9)
The river (FLOW-ER) this “grass” below (POT) = FLOWERPOT: grow something in this.
3 Maybe nosy spacemen first to land (5)
Spacemen (NASA) first to “l-and” (L) = NASAL: maybe “nosy”.
4 By yourself taking in half of them for town (7)
By yourself (A-LONE) taking in “half of ‘th-em’” (TH) for = ATHLONE: town.
5 Can a stooge roll in the kitchen? (7)
Can (TIN) a stooge (FOIL) = TINFOIL: roll in the kitchen.
7 Old city outlaw is like some myths maybe (5)
Old city (UR) outlaw (BAN) is = URBAN: like some myths maybe.
8 Roughly blended some with sorrel (4,2,4)
Blended “some” with “sorrel” = MORE OR LESS: roughly.
9 Drew out a lie absurdly quoted (8)
A “lie” absurdly (ELI) quoted (CITED) = ELICITED: drew out.
14 I would back one sceptical of such an examination (10)
I would, “I’d”, back (DI) one sceptical of (AGNOSTIC) = DIAGNOSTIC: such an examination.
16 Grab too much for an audience outside of Ireland (8)
Grab too much (OVER-SEIZE) for an audience = OVERSEAS: outside of Ireland.
18 Restricted fare without the Spanish connections (9)
Restricted fare (R-ATIONS) without, i.e. outside, “the” Spanish (EL) = RELATIONS: connections.
20 Loose like hair that hasn’t been styled (3,4)
Like hair that hasn’t been styled (SET-FREE) = SET FREE: loose.
21 Takes care to enact heartless way of thinking (4-3)
Takes care (MINDS) to “e(nac)t” heartless (ET) = MIND-SET: way of thinking.
23 Always following the street guide (5)
The street (ST) “always” following (E’ER) = STEER: guide.
25 Craft a means of support embracing love (5)
A means of support (CAN-E) embracing “love” (O) = CANOE: craft.
26 Giddiness created by putting it into this tax (4)
Into “this tax” (LEV-Y) putting “it” (IT) creates = LEVITY: giddiness.