Explanations: No. 14713 – Monday, 27 February 2012

Mon, Feb 27, 2012, 23:59


There has been some discussion here lately about the length of time taken for submitted comments to appear. As promised, I have discussed the issue internally and as a result some changes will be made.

A crossword blog usually generates a lot of comments as solvers discuss the clues of that day’s puzzle in real time. For this “real time” commenting to take place though, such a blog has to be moderated 24 hours a day so that comments are posted within a very short time. I have been serving as the moderator for this blog and we have to blame the time difference (I am 8 hours away) for much of the delay in posting comments.

The main focus of the blog will stay as is, providing clue explanations for the hundreds of readers that visit the Explanations Post each day.

The Chat Post has been be discontinued. Very few people are leaving comments anyway, primarily because of the delay in posting. We don’t have the infrastructure in place to provide the necessary moderator coverage, so the comment function will be shut down altogether. We know this might disappoint the few regulars who have been placing comments, and that is unfortunate.

That said, thank you for all the feedback over the past few months.

Roy Earle
Lorna Kernan
Crossword Editor

8 Be at the party with the president overwork? (8)

Be (BE) at “the party with the President (Higgins)” (LABOUR) = BELABOUR: overwork.
9 Calls up all right, in the days before (6)
In “the days before” (EV-ES) all right (OK) = EVOKES: calls up.
10 Pioneer takes this record up to the border (6)
This record, ‘LP’, up (PL) to “the border” (EDGE) = PLEDGE: Pioneer takes this.
11 They conveniently turn round a position on the pitch that’s crazy (4,4)
A position on the pitch (WING) that’s crazy (NUTS) = WING NUTS: they conveniently turn round.
12 Secrets from an artist turned up where the wine appeared miraculously (6)
An artist, ‘RA’, turned up (AR) where the wine appeared miraculously (CANA) from = ARCANA: secrets.
13 Coming back for a friend in a band (8)
In “a band” (R-ING) a friend (ALLY) for = RALLYING: coming back.
15 Stock market problem created by a hundred this reckless (4)
By a hundred (C) this “reckless” (RASH) created = CRASH: stock market problem.
17 What usually makes a plural thrilling (7)
What usually makes a plural (S ENDING) = SENDING: thrilling.
19 She leads me back with the reporters (7)
“Me” back (EM) with “the reporters” (PRESS) = EMPRESS: she leads.
22 The high point card, the highest one contains 1000 (4)
Card, the highest one (AC-E) contains “1000” (M) = ACME: the high point.
24 A seldom seen medication, flipping sugar! (8)
A seldom seen medication (A RARE MED) flipping = DEMERARA: sugar.
27 Ship in sodium and gold from somewhere in the West Indies (6)
In “sodium and gold” (NA-AU) ship (SS) from = NASSAU: somewhere in the West Indies.
29 Guy I boat around the province (8)
Guy (MAN) I (I) “boat” around (TOBA) = MANITOBA: the province (in Canada).
30 Those with well-earned profits revealed the Italian sign outside (6)
Sign (O-MEN) outside “the” Italian (IL) revealed = OILMEN: those with “well” earned profits.
31 Colour for Clare to stand (6)
Clare (CE) to stand (RISE) for = CERISE: colour.
32 Detest what a company VIP charges (8)
What a company VIP charges (EXEC RATE) = EXECRATE: detest.

1 One calling with an A&E exchange to get this below ground (6)

One calling (CALLER) with “an A&E exchange” (swap the position of A and E in CALLER) to get = CELLAR: this below ground.
2 She helps to make individually crafted sound (8)
Individually crafted (HANDMADE) sound, to make = HANDMAID: she helps.
3 Caution in favour of conflict between the East and North (8)
In favour of (FOR) conflict, ‘war’, between “the East” and “North” [E(WAR)N] = FOREWARN: caution.
4 Parts of the chest for underwear (7)
Parts of the chest (DRAWERS) for underwear (DRAWERS).
5 Can board there using poles in the bottom of the boat (6)
In “the bottom of the boat” (KE-EL) poles (N-N) using = KENNEL: can board (dogs) there.
6 WHORLS (6)
WH OR LS (Westmeath or Laois) = COUNTY.
7 Instruments still around in a ship! (8)
In “a ship” (S-S) still around (EXTANT) = SEXTANTS: instruments still around in a ship (well, maybe!).
14 A line of clothing that’s said to attract attention (4)
A line of clothing (A HEM) = AHEM: that’s said to attract attention.
16 A backward sleazy paper that supports culture (4)
A (A) sleazy paper, ‘rag’, backward (GAR) = AGAR: that supports culture (in a Petri dish).
18 Raised the Spanish girl and boy (8)
“The” Spanish (EL) girl (EVA) and “boy” (TED) = ELEVATED: raised.
20 Guided the stag parties to the wine choice (8)
The stag parties (MEN) to (TO) the wine choice (RED) = MENTORED: guided.
21 They makes soft sounds as they take stock (8)
They make soft sounds (RUSTLERS) as they take stock (RUSTLERS).
23 Musical showing a Persian maybe going around naked? (7)
A Persian maybe (CA-T) going around “naked” (BARE) showing = CABARET: musical.
25 Bring out Ecstasy that’s legal (6)
Ecstasy (E) that’s “legal” (LICIT) = ELICIT: bring out.
26 Declared the eggs showed up one day (6)
The eggs, ‘ova’, showed up (AVO) one day, ‘Wednesday’ (WED) = AVOWED: declared.
28 What’s next to a ladies operatives? (6)
What’s next to “a ladies” (A GENTS) = AGENTS: operatives.