Explanations: No. 14693 – Friday, 3 February 2012

Fri, Feb 3, 2012, 23:59


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1 Perhaps home turf regulation by the North? (4)

Regulation (LAW) by the North (N) = LAWN: perhaps home turf.
4 Fix an account with ten American, and telling, lies (10)
Fix (MEND) an account (AC) with “ten” (IO) American (US) and = MENDACIOUS: telling lies.
9 Man so macho about a Greek character so clueless (6)
Man so macho (STU-D) about “a Greek character” (PI) = STUPID: so clueless.
10 Act in one you said has a grand element (8)
Act in (ACT IN) one (I) “you” said (U) has “a grand” (M) = ACTINIUM: element.
11 Make eggs in the afternoon, consumed for a young friend (8)
Make eggs, ‘lay’, in the afternoon, ‘pm’ [P(LAY)M] consumed (ATE) for = PLAYMATE: a young friend.
12 Some numbers are 500 calories (6)
50-0 (L-O) calories (CALS) = LOCALS: some numbers (local anaesthetics, that numb).
13 Gets in the pool and evens out breaths (4)
“Breaths” evens out (even letters removed from “B-r-E-a-T-h-S”) and = BETS: gets in the pool.
15 T EGG O (3-2-3-2)
”T EGG O” is the word GET written UP the other way, AND the word GO = GET-UP-AND-GO.
17 They’re made, incidentally, next to professional pipes (2-8)
Next to (BY) professional (PRO) pipes (DUCTS) = BY-PRODUCTS: they’re made incidentally.
19 Sulphur and silica mostly (4)
Sulphur (S) and (AND) = SAND: silica mostly.
20 It’s the country to be twenty-one, Bob (6)
It’s the country (GUINEA) to be “twenty-one bob” i.e. 21 shillings (GUINEA).
22 One who crossed a line with Shakespeare maybe, one with a sword (8)
One who crossed a (picket) line (SCAB) with Shakespeare maybe (BARD) = SCABBARD: one with a sword.
25 Money hoarder, before seeing Psalm 51 (8)
Money hoarder (MISER) before (ERE) seeing = MISERERE: Psalm 51.
26 The old king catches bees to rejuvenate the sole maybe? (6)
The Old King (CO-LE) catches “bees” (BB) = COBBLE: to rejuvenate the sole (of a shoe) maybe?
27 Gut reaction about Diane is clouded (10)
Gut reaction (IN-STINCT) about “Diane” (DI) is = INDISTINCT: clouded.
28 Sets down fifty the wrong way, say (4)
Fifty (L) the wrong way “say” (AYS) = LAYS: sets down.

2 The big guns called in for poorly dividing a blood vessel (9)

A blood vessel (ART-ERY) divided by “poorly” (ILL) = ARTILLERY: the big guns called in.
3 In New York a priest used this before being fully trained (5)
In “New York” (N-Y) a priest (A PP) = NAPPY: used this before being fully trained.
4 Help them in the East End returning papers (5)
Help them, ‘aid them’, in the East End of London (AID ‘EM) returning = MEDIA: papers.
5 Most at hand are in a bird sanctuary, in a way (7)
In “a bird sanctuary, in a way” (NE-ST) are (ARE) = NEAREST: most at hand.
6 Bucks maybe before long, easy strides (9)
Before (ANTE) long, easy strides (LOPES) = ANTELOPES: bucks maybe.
7 Several popes lodge nothing, just some change (9)
Lodge (INN) nothing (O) just some change (CENTS) = INNOCENTS: several popes.
8 Tom Jones song concludes it is this routine? (5)
Tom Jones song (It’s Not Unusual) concludes it is this (USUAL) routine (USUAL).
14 Get into Ulster, after bone-dry Tanzanian tourist spot! (9)
After “bone-dry” (SERE) “get” into Ulster, ‘NI’ [N(GET)I] = SERENGETI: Tanzanian tourist spot.
15 One at the font and perhaps pan and piano are not (9)
Perhaps Pan (GOD) and “piano” (P) are not (AREN’T) and = GOD PARENT: one at the font.
16 In most cases what’s inherited the court exchange (9)
What’s inherited (GENE) the (tennis) court exchange (RALLY) = GENERALLY: in most cases.
18 Tank just over a hundred somewhere aft (7)
Just over a hundred (CI) somewhere aft (STERN) = CISTERN: tank.
21 Trimmed bunions for the wedding! (5)
Trimmed “bunions” (take the first and last letter off “b-UNION-s”) for = UNION: the wedding.
23 Burns maybe to see where one can win a gold cup (5)
(Robbie) Burns maybe (A SCOT) to see = ASCOT: where one can win a Gold Cup.
24 The tower city giving a B to the ‘The Third Man’ (5)
A B (B) to “the third man” (ABEL) giving = BABEL: the tower city (the Tower of Babel from Genesis).