Explanations: No. 14648 – Monday, 12 December 2011

Mon, Dec 12, 2011, 23:59


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8 This is a prospect, or in the country, beside the canal (8)

In “the country beside the canal” (PAN-AMA) or (OR) this is = PANORAMA: a prospect.
9 Nope, for the operator, one that speaks out (6)
“No-pe” for the “o-pe-rator”(without the letters PE in O-pe-RATOR) = ORATOR: one that speaks out.
10 It’s quite fine to get a little interest within 24 hours (6)
Within “24 hours” (DA-Y) a little “interest” (INT) to get = DAINTY: it’s quite fine.
11 It moves so quickly the job overturned in utter confusion (8)
In “utter” confusion (TUR-ET) the “job” overturned (BOJ) = TURBOJET: it moves so quickly.
12 I am, regrettably, back for some Italian food (6)
“I am” “regrettably” (I’M ALAS) back, for = SALAMI: some Italian food.
13 One missing the first two letters dispatched at the middle of the week (8)
The first two letters (AB) dispatched (SENT) at “the middle of the “w-ee-k’” (EE) = ABSENTEE: one missing.
15 Kay on the radio is a knockout covering the Italian (4)
A knockout (K-O) covering “the” Italian (IL) = KILO: (the letter) “kay” on the radio, using the phonetic alphabet.
17 Happy and content to see Leslie’s in the bunk, for example (7)
In “the bunk, for example” (B-ED) Leslie’s (LES’S) to see = BLESSED: happy and content.
19 He sometimes fills the depression first (7)
The depression (DENT) first (IST) = DENTIST: he sometimes fills.
22 On the 4th of July, kiss this stone (4)
On (ON) the 4th of “jul-y” (Y) kiss (X) = ONYX: this stone.
24 The Spanish queen is the first to be murdered by the French (8)
Is (IS) the first to be murdered (ABEL) by “the” French (LA) = ISABELLA: the Spanish queen.
27 Civil and church division capitals of France and Holland? (6)
The capital of France (PARIS) the capital of “H-olland” (H) = PARISH: civil and church division.
29 Play games with a sailor and one who is probably a 16-down (8)
Play “games” (MEGAS) with “a sailor” (TAR) and = MEGASTAR: one who is probably an idol.
30 The German holds the beer for someone working in 18-down (6)
“The” German (DE-R) holds “the beer” (ALE) for = DEALER: someone working in LAS VEGAS.
31 Turned up with an artist that used to snap (6)
Turned up (CAME) with “an artist” (RA) = CAMERA: that used to snap.
32 Ragged politician taking in a pioneer Cockney here (8)
Politician (T-D) taking in “a pioneer” Cockney “here” (A TT ‘ERE) = TATTERED: ragged.

1 Before, a mother might cook in this country (6)

Might cook in this (PAN) before “a mother” (A MA) = PANAMA: country.
2 The passengers openly sit in them back there and unseat with no confusion (8)
“Unseat” with “no” confusion = TONNEAUS: the passengers openly sit in them back there.
3 The antithesis of manly, yet so genteel to be idly floating around in the lough (8)
In “the lough” (LA-KE) “idly” floating around (DYLI) to be = LADYLIKE: the antithesis of manly, yet so genteel.
4 Correct a fault, engineered external to the alternating current (7)
A “fault” engineered (F-TUAL) external to “the alternating current” (AC) = FACTUAL: correct.
5 The way it operates, initially Rolls-Royce is and was a minor car manufacturer (6)
The way it operates (MO) initially “Rolls-Royce” (RR) is (IS) and = MORRIS: was a “Minor” car manufacturer (i.e. the Morris Minor).
6 Some shallow water for the French Sellers or Milligan? (6)
“The” French (LA) Sellers or Milligan? (GOON) for = LAGOON: some shallow water.
7 The present of 17-across takes in one way to serve fish, perhaps (8)
The present (tense) of BLESSED (BLESS) takes in “one” (ONE) = BONELESS: way to serve fish, perhaps.
14 The young lad swallows the key for the trunk! (4)
The young lad (BO-Y) swallows “the key” (D) for = BODY: the trunk.
16 I had around fifty-one, beloved (4)
I had (I’D) a-round (O) fifty (L) = IDOL: one beloved.
18 Foolishly gave into the young lady for betting so much here? (3,5)
Into “the young lady” (LAS-S) foolishly “gave” (VEGA) for = LAS VEGAS: betting so much here.
20 Push your old mate to quietly revise the note (8)
Your old mate (EX) to “quietly” (P) revise (EDIT) the note (E) = EXPEDITE: push.
21 Look daggers at a heart-broken X (8)
A “heart” broken (THREA) X (TEN) = THREATEN: look daggers at.
23 Ran back at such speed to tell (7)
“Ran” back (NAR) at “such speed” (RATE) = NARRRATE: to tell.
25 Brother, such cards … and pairs! (6)
Brother (BR) such cards (ACES) and = BRACES: pairs.
26 Allow Henry to get fat Al? (6)
Allow (LET) Henry (HAL) to get = LETHAL: fat-al.
28 Edward, in the news, backed the Kingdom (6)
In the “news” backed (SW-EN) Edward (ED) = SWEDEN: the kingdom.