Explanations: No. 14640 – Friday, 2 December 2011

Fri, Dec 2, 2011, 23:59


Usually to arrive at an answer using the cryptic definition, we have to put together little sections of the word piece-by-piece. Often those little sections are acronyms or abbreviations e.g. RAF, FF or even “EG”. Sometimes they are little words e.g. “for” in EF(FOR)T and “teen” in FOUR(TEEN)TH. But sometimes, they are just a couple of letters stuck together with an obscure reference in the clue. Here’s an example from today’s puzzle:

23D: Such glee finding a space station at both ends of the Earth (5)
We are so happy to be orbiting the Earth! Here were have a space station (MIR) and we notice that if we can add the letters TH we get MIRTH, a nice word for “some glee”. But, what points us to that “TH”? There are a few ways a clue can refer to TH, none of which are very elegant. In this case the reference is “both ends of the Earth” i.e. the T and H that form both ends of “T-he eart-H”. It’s a clumsy reference but it kind of fits the clue as after all, we are in space!

Please feel free to leave a comment below. If you have a question about today’s puzzle I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you.

How did you fare with this crossword?

1 Not in the still that’s under the window! (4)

No-t in the “still” (take the T out of the “s-T-ill”) = SILL: that’s under the window.
4 Knocking out the East before the insurrection (10)
The East (E) before “the insurrection” (THE RISING) = ETHERISING: knocking out.
9 The work needed to replace T with F? (6)
To replace T with F? (EF FOR T) = EFFORT: the work needed.
10 Really want old Penny to get a place in Ireland (8)
Really want (LONG FOR) old Penny (D) to get = LONGFORD: a place in Ireland.
11 Pierre’s very quiet … the ass put a foot wrong, perhaps (8)
Pierre’s “very” (TRES) quiet (P) the ass (ASS) = TRESPASS: put a foot wrong, perhaps.
12 The new union members and British Rail take the wrong side (6)
British Rail (BR) take the wrong “side” (IDES) and = BRIDES: the new union members.
13 Agreement to see the quiet part of the play (4)
The quiet (P) part of the play (ACT) to see = PACT: the agreement.
15 Say Ivy inside bumps off those in charge? (10)
Bumps off (EXECUT-ES) say “Ivy” inside (IV) = EXECUTIVES: those in charge.
17 They press team one, with Ronald in the ship (5,5)
In “the ship” (S-S) “team” “one” with “Ronald” (TEAM-I-RON) = STEAM IRONS: they press.
19 One leaving geometry evens out (4)
Geometry (G-e-O-m-E-t-R-y) evens out (lose the even letters) = GOER: one leaving.
20 Alpine resort for someone living the high life? (6)
“Alpine” resort, for = NEPALI: someone living the “high” life? (high up in the Himalayas).
22 Delayed wrapping a minimum number of sheets together (8)
Delayed (L-ATE) wrapping “a minimum” (A MIN) = LAMINATE: number of sheets together.
25 Hesitate seeing Hank outside Britain with such electricity (4,4)
Hank (HAN-K) outside “Britain” with “such electricity” (GB-AC) seeing = HANG BACK: hesitate.
26 Make known the priest drunk ale (6)
The priest (REV) drunk “ale” (EAL) = REVEAL: make known.
27 It’s about the middle of the month the youth interrupted the quarter (10)
The quarter (FOUR-TH) interrupted by “the youth” (TEEN) = FOURTEENTH: it’s about the middle of the month.
28 Standing on this lie no one heard? (4)
“Lie no” one heard = LINO: standing on this.

2 Source for an in-shape colonist? (9)

An in (IN) shape (FORM) colonist? (ANT) for = INFORMANT: source.
3 Legions without, for example, some pride (5)
“Legions” without “for example” (L-eg-IONS without “eg”) = LIONS: some pride.
4 Frantically tear about ten more (5)
Frantically “tear” (E-TRA) about “ten” (X) = EXTRA: more.
5 Yes, but not right in the hole at the centre of the church? (4,3)
In “the hole” (HOL-E) “yes”, but not right (YSE) = HOLY SEE: at the centre of the Church?
6 Little cars and autos burn-damaged (9)
“Autos burn” damaged, and = RUNABOUTS: little cars.
7 Being good enough, sung around Dev’s party here in Paris (9)
Sung (SU-NG) around “Dev’s party” (Fianna Fáil) “here” in Paris (FF-ICI) = SUFFICING: being good enough.
8 Feed one’s baby sister, perhaps (5)
Feed one’s baby (NURSE) sister, perhaps (NURSE).
14 The sailor admits the British fliers to a large battle at sea (9)
The sailor (T-AR) admits [the British fliers (RAF) to “a large” (A LG)] = TRAFALGAR: battle at sea.
15 Dispense with exclusive surroundings for the main shift (9)
Exclusive (ELI-TE) surroundings for “the ‘main’ shift” (MINA) = ELIMINATE: dispense with.
16 Agreed … within a damaged retina there’s a vision problem (9)
Within “a damaged ‘retina’” (E-TRAIN) agreed (YES) there’s = EYESTRAIN: a vision problem.
18 Some protection at sea on harbouring the Italian runner for the winter (7)
On (O-N) harbouring “‘the’ Italian” “runner for the winter” (IL-SKI) = OILSKIN: some protection at sea.
21 The age to amuse? (5)
The age (ERA) to (TO) = ERATO: a muse (a-muse?).
23 Such glee finding a space station at both ends of the Earth (5)
A space station (MIR) at both ends of “T-he eart-H” (TH) finding = MIRTH: such glee.
24 Book Christmas with five, internally (5)
Christmas (NO-EL) with “five” internally (V) = NOVEL: book.