Explanations: No. 14634 – Friday, 25 November 2011

Fri, Nov 25, 2011, 23:59

For Friday we’re introducing the last of the three new Crosaire grids. This grid is relatively open, with all the answers well connected to each other. There’s also a nice mix of lengths in the answers, from 4-letters to 10-letters. It’s intended to be very “solver friendly”!

Please feel free to leave a comment below. If you have a question about today’s puzzle I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you.

How did you fare with this crossword?

1 Is sick every second, from a bacillus? (4)

Every second (letter) from a “b-A-c-I-l-L-u-S” = AILS: is sick.
4 With someone sharing the billing, I can make it Central American (5,5)
With “someone sharing the billing” (COSTAR) I can (I CAN) make it = COSTA RICAN: Central American.
9 A Fianna Fáil song for the event (6)
A (A) Fianna Fáil (FF) song (AIR) for = AFFAIR: the event.
10 A copier goes with it, if we get a drink (8)
A copier (APER) goes with “it, if” (IT IF) we get = APERITIF: a drink.
11 Bulletproof FeCl commercial (8)
Fe (IRON) Cl (CL) commercial (AD) = IRONCLAD: bulletproof.
12 UK certification for ‘All About Eve’ (1-5)
All (AL-L) about “Eve” (EVE) for = A-LEVEL: UK certification.
13 Finish with the in-out angle (4)
Finish (F-in-ISH) with the “in” out (-IN) = FISH: angle.
15 Certain to get in, I’ve turned the tables … well, one of them (10)
In (IN) “I’ve” turned (EVI) the tables … well, one of them (TABLE) to get = INEVITABLE: certain.
17 With a little preparation back then, the French crossing was puzzling (10)
With a little preparation, ‘prep’, back then (PERP) “the” French (LE) cross-ing (X-ING) was = PERPLEXING: puzzling.
19 A colour TV exchange for veal (4)
TV exchange for veal, swap the T&V in “v-eal” = TEAL: a colour.
20 Decorate live last month with Kay (6)
Live (BE) last month (DEC) with “Kay” (K) = BEDECK: decorate.
22 The South backs my father, with your understanding (8)
The South (S) backs “my” (YM) father (PA) with “your” (THY) = SYMPATHY: understanding.
25 Furtive and shy, swallowing 19-across at tea, sounds like (8)
Shy (S-HY) swallowing “19-across” at “’tea’ sounds like” (TEAL-T) and = STEALTHY: furtive.
26 Thanks to a fast time, get a gift (6)
Thanks (TA) to “a fast time” (LENT) get = TALENT: a gift.
27 Friday, finish at Leslie’s alone (10)
Friday (FRI) finish (END) at “Leslie’s” (LES’S) = FRIENDLESS: alone.
28 Well, therefore it’s mediocre (2-2)
Well (SO) therefore (SO) it’s = SO-SO: mediocre.

2 Deduce that one component of Scrabble is not productive (9)

Deduce (INFER) that one component of Scrabble (TILE) is = INFERTILE: not productive.
3 Spring in part of Europe (5)
Spring (SPA) in (IN) = SPAIN: part of Europe.
4 The number in December (0-50) after a particular vehicle (5)
After “a particular vehicle” (CAR) 0-50 (O-L) = CAROL: the number in December.
5 Wrap up and get somewhere to sit, while riding around the west (7)
Somewhere to sit while riding (S-ADDLE) around “the west” (W) and get = SWADDLE: wrap up.
6 Finding the typical meaning, perhaps? (9)
Finding the typical (AVERAGING) “mean”-ing, perhaps? (AVERAGING).
7 After one point, there’s a rant and moving about (9)
After “one” (I) point (TINE) there’s a rant (RANT) and = ITINERANT: moving about.
8 Abraham admits part of the psyche is to tolerate (5)
Abraham (AB-E) admits “part of the psyche” (ID) is = ABIDE: to tolerate.
14 Maybe break up AZ to indicate everything for – ‘ate’? (9)
- (HYPHEN) ate (ATE) for = HYPHENATE: maybe break up AZ to indicate everything (as in “A-Z”).
15 Selection from services Kate dropped and moved in winter, like a good sport? (3-6)
Selection from “serv-ICES KATE D-ropped”, and = ICE-SKATED: moved in winter, like a good sport?
16 Hail an object’s dislikes? (9)
Hail (LO) an object’s (A THING’S) = LOATHINGS: dislikes.
18 With Northern Ireland backing, the dump Ellie reported became fashionable (2,5)
With Northern Ireland, ‘NI’, backing (IN) the dump (STY) “Ellie” reported (LE) became = IN STYLE: fashionable.
21 Go in to see the specialist at the Emergency Room (5)
The specialist (ENT … i.e. ear, nose and throat) at “the Emergency Room” (ER) to see = ENTER: go in.
23 Spirits for the cocktail, in M&S (5)
In “M&S” (M-S) “the” cocktail (ETH) for = METHS: spirits.
24 At fifty, like an underworld character? (5)
At (AT) fifty (L) like (AS) = ATLAS: an under-world character (i.e. Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders)?