Explanations: No. 14633 – Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thu, Nov 24, 2011, 23:59

Derek Crozier taught English, among other subjects, for many years at a school in Harare, Zimbabwe. It certainly showed in many of his clues, which had many references to famous authors and playwrights and their works. The use of literary references is a tradition that I’m sure we’d like to see continue in Crosaire. There is one literary reference in today’s puzzle, a relatively contemporary one:

21A: Blast or explosion where Behan went to school (7)
This isn’t too tricky a clue to solve, a simple anagram (“explosion”) of “blast or” to give us BORSTAL. Brendan Behan spent a few years in a juvenile borstal in England in his youth, the story of which he told in his 1958 autobiography “The Borstal Boy”.

I tried really, really hard to weave in a second Behan reference in another clue today, but had to give up. I wonder can you guess where it would have gone? In SQUARE ROOT there’s an opportunity to break the answer into S(QUARE) ROOT with an allusion to Behan’s play “The Quare Fellow”, but I just couldn’t get it to work. As a consolation prize, I managed to include Scotland’s Robert Burns, but two Behan references in the same puzzle would have been cool!

Please feel free to leave a comment below. If you have a question about today’s puzzle I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you.

How did you fare with this crossword?

1 For example, Nan or Ronan; a friend that’s independent with capital in Europe (10)

A friend (PAL) that’s Independent (IND) with “capital in Europe” (ROME) = PALINDROME: “Nan or Ronan”, for example.
6 Burns, perhaps, the mascot without Mother being there (4)
The mascot (MA-SCOT) without Mother being there (-MA) = SCOT: Burns, perhaps (i.e. Robert Burns).
10 It’s slang for fish and duck (5)
Fish (LING) and “duck” (O) for = LINGO: it’s slang.
11 Come up again about the expert riding the waves (9)
About (RE) the expert riding the waves (SURF ACE) = RESURFACE: come up again.
12 Gather it’s a donkey emblem, for the most part (8)
It’s a donkey (ASS) “EMBLE-m”, for the most part (EMBLE) = ASSEMBLE: gather.
13 Six from each snake (5)
Six (VI) from each (PER) = VIPER: snake.
15 A set of four for the volume, and in Latin (7)
The volume (QUART) “and” in Latin (ET) = QUARTET: a set of four.
17 Edits communist statutes (7)
Communist (RED) statutes (ACTS) = REDACTS: edits.
19 Without the good man at the start, it’s statelier where the 18-down works (7)
It’s statelier (ST-ATELIER) without “the good man” at the start, ‘the saint’ (-ST) = ATELIER: where the CRAFTSMAN works.
21 A great deal, except for the profit (7)
Except for (BAR) the profit (GAIN) = BARGAIN: a great deal.
22 Stand free from anxiety, at fifty (5)
Free from anxiety (EASE) at “fifty” (L) = EASEL: stand.
24 Barriers used for parts housing a primate (8)
Parts (PAR-TS) housing “a primate” (APE) used for = PARAPETS: barriers.
27 Downright unconscious, also not at home (3-3-3)
Unconscious (OUT) also (AND) not at home (OUT) = OUT-AND-OUT: downright.
28 He wandered north, around 1000AD (5)
North (N) a-round (O) 1000 (M) AD (AD) = NOMAD: he wandered.
29 Colour I found in the explosive? (4)
In “the explosive” (T-NT) “I” found (I) = TINT: colour.
30 Fifty to one hundred, caught in a violation dealing with alcohol there (3-7)
Caught in “a violation” (OFF-ENCE) “fifty” to “one” “hundred” (L-I-C) = OFF-LICENCE: dealing with alcohol there.

1 It’s placed over the coffin, piano, everything … (4)

Piano (P) everything (ALL) = PALL: it’s placed over the coffin.
2 Touches down by the headland and countryside (9)
Touches down (LANDS) by “the headland” (CAPE) and = LANDSCAPE: countryside.
3 Loop around, inside an organ (5)
Inside “an organ” (NO-SE) a-round (O) = NOOSE: loop.
4 Bloody small portion that’s eaten in Wales? (7)
Bloody (RARE) small portion (BIT) = RAREBIT: that’s eaten in Wales? (i.e. Welsh Rarebit).
5 He relieved the tension created by mother’s regrets back then (7)
Mother’s (MA’S) regrets, ‘rues’, back then (SEUR) = MASSEUR: he relieved the tension.
7 Stuff in front of the piano … what a pain! (5)
Stuff (CRAM) in front of “the piano” (P) = CRAMP: what a pain.
8 Suggesting a possibility for the ring mounting (10)
The ring (THE O) mounting (RISING) for = THEORISING: suggesting a possibility.
9 Someone giving proof harbours the identity for the breadwinner (8)
Someone giving proof (PROV-ER) harbours “the identity” (ID) for = PROVIDER: the breadwinner.
14 10 for 100, perhaps more conventional too back then (6,4)
More conventional (SQUARE-R) “too” back then (OOT) = SQUARE ROOT: 10 for 100 perhaps.
16 More than doubling the journey to fish (8)
The journey (TRIP) to “fish” (LING) = TRIPLING: more than doubling.
18 An artisan sees some things floating by Mother in Cavan (9)
In “Cavan” (C-N) “some things floating” by “Mother” (RAFTS-MA) sees = CRAFTSMAN: an artisan.
20 About to be in favour of a censure (7)
About (RE) to be in favour (PRO) of (OF) = REPROOF: a censure.
21 Blast or explosion where Behan went to school (7)
“Blast or” explosion (BORSTAL) = BORSTAL: where Behan went to school (as in Brendan Behan’s autobiography, “The Borstal Boy”)
23 Posed for an artist with an evil spirit (5)
Posed for an artist (SAT) with “an” (AN) = SATAN: evil spirit.
25 The quick picture captured an alarm (5)
The quick “picture” (P-IC) captured “an” (AN) = PANIC: alarm.
26 Trimmed hedges and border (4)
Hedges (h-EDGE-s) trimmed (remover the first and last letters) and = EDGE: border.