Explanations: No. 14630 – Monday, 21 November 2011

Mon, Nov 21, 2011, 23:59

Cars are a great source of material for a crossword, I think. AUDI is a group of letters that turns up in so many words, especially those associated with hearing (audio-). The Volkswagen name is shortened to the very useful “VW”, and Rolls Royce becomes “RR”. We’ve even taken a December drive by Lough Ree in a Fiat in one of our clues today. Another clue reminds me of my first car, a Ford Cortina that I bought in Dundalk for about 250 punts back in the early eighties. My very capable neighbour spent two days on that car getting it working for me, and it never let me down. A good car and a good friend …

25A: Around ten there’s a car for the university (6)
We’ve some very common “cryptic” words in this clue that have multiple meanings. “Around” can signal “a container”, but here it is the classic Derek Crozier “a-round” (O). Ten can often refer to “IO”, but here we are going with the Roman numeral “X”. “University” often is shortened to “uni” in an answer, but not today. Here “university” refers to the whole answer. A-round (O) ten (X) a car (FORD) all adds up to OXFORD: a university, or sometimes the town in which the hallowed university is located.

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How did you fare with this crossword?

8 Sport feathers get tired over time (4,4)

Sport (WEAR) feathers (DOWN) = WEAR DOWN: get tired over time.
9 Let loose after a family member (6)
After “a” (A) let loose (UNTIE) = AUNTIE: a family member.
10 Me? I had five-fifty inside the centre (6)
Me (M-E) “I had” “five-fifty, ‘550’” inside (I’D-DL) = MIDDLE: the centre.
11 Vaguely recall about one hundred like a priest (8)
Vaguely “recall” (CLER-AL) about “one hundred” (I-C) = CLERICAL: like a priest.
12 It’s the beginning of time, year one for part of the country (6)
It’s the beginning of “T-ime” (T) year (YR) one (ONE) for = TYRONE: part of the country.
13 A Greek character with bad ideas produced Crosaire there for years (8)
A Greek character (RHO) with bad “ideas” (DESIA) = RHODESIA: produced Crosaire there for years (Derek Crozier set his puzzles in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, for decades).
15 Sound from an S and an E? (4)
An S (S) and “an E” (AN E) from = SANE: sound.
17 The gangster’s gal you heard, Counsel, is a spineless creature (7)
The gangster’s gal (MOLL) “you” heard (U) Counsel (SC) is = MOLLUSC: a spineless creature.
19 L, M, N & T make up one part of the whole (7)
L (EL) M (EM) N (EN) & T (T) make up = ELEMENT: one part of the whole.
22 Healthy infusion of aluminium into helium (4)
Into “Helium” (H-E) infusion of “aluminium” (AL) = HALE: healthy.
24 Encourage me to turn unnaturally blonde (8)
“Me” to turn (EM) unnaturally “blonde” (BOLDEN) = EMBOLDEN: encourage.
27 Works up a quick answer about flipping Reginald (6)
A quick “answer” (AN-S) about “Reginald, ‘Reg’, flipping” (GER) = ANGERS: works up.
29 It’s about FK, not what’s used when reducing sail area (4,4)
It’s “about” (RE) F (EF) K (K) not (NOT) = REEF KNOT: what’s used when reducing sail area, when reefing a sail.
30 XXIX or inversely, IXXX (6)
X x IX (10 x 9) or inversely IX x X (9 x 10) = NINETY.
31 A Fiat for the last month by the lough (6)
The last month (DEC) by the lough (REE) for = DECREE: a fiat.
32 A guy with a dose of radiation back then, in an orange (8)
A guy (MAN) with “a dose of radiation, ‘rad’, back then” (DAR) in (IN) = MANDARIN: an orange.

1 Putting it in a sort of tax is nothing serious (6)

A sort of tax (LEV-Y) putting “it” in (IT) is = LEVITY: nothing serious.
2 Wind up accepting rude and unrefined material (5,3)
Wind up (C-OIL) accepting “rude” (RUDE) and = CRUDE OIL: unrefined material.
3 Such hopefulness, but when the fun is gone it’s desperate (8)
Such hopefulness (HOPE-fu-L-n-ESS) but when the “fun” is gone (-FU & N) it’s = HOPELESS: desperate.
4 The university next to County Roscommon produces something unbelievable (7)
The university (UNI) next to County (CO) Roscommon (RN) produces = UNICORN: something unbelievable.
5 Stare intently at the boy, missing the last place to sit in the garden (6)
Stare intently (GAZE) at the “BO-y” missing the last (BO) = GAZEBO: place to sit in the garden.
6 Hooked up and one accepts nothing in return, perhaps? (6)
One (ON-E) accepts “nothing, ‘nil’, in return perhaps?” (LIN) = ONLINE: hooked up.
7 A stiff drink seeing a Liberal at No. 10 before the 1st of November (8)
A Liberal (LIB) at (AT) No. 10 (IO) before “the 1st of ‘N-ovember’” (N) seeing = LIBATION: a stiff drink.
14 This cad, he will quickly sound it out (4)
“He will” quickly (HE’LL) sound it out = HEEL: this cad.
16 A compatriot of Fidel and a bit of a pain (4)
A (A) compatriot of Fidel (Castro) is CHE Guevara (CHE) and = ACHE: a bit of a pain.
18 It measures how much resistance Mother developed around me (8)
“Mother” developed (OHM-TER) around “me” (ME) = OHMMETER: it measures how much resistance.
20 Scholarship and getting compensated after fifty (8)
After “fifty” (L) getting compensated (EARNING) and = LEARNING: scholarship.
21 A gentleman, taken in by Mother’s colours (8)
Taken in by “Mother’s” (MA’S) a gentleman (A GENT) = MAGENTAS: colours.
23 For example, a midnight in New York, regardless of the hour (7)
For example, a midnight in New York (A NY TIME) = ANYTIME: regardless of the hour.
25 Around ten there’s a car for the university (6)
A-round (O) ten (X) there’s “a car” (FORD) for = OXFORD: the university.
26 Risk combining five hundred and one 27-across (6)
Combining “five hundred” and one “ANGERS” (D+ANGER) = DANGER: risk.
28 Don’t forget that detached retina (6)
That detached “retina” = RETAIN: don’t forget.