Explanations: No. 14629 – Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sun, Nov 20, 2011, 23:59

There are oh so many types of clues e.g. container clues, subtraction clues, hidden-word clues and anagram clues. But some clues can’t really be categorised. They’re just little word games designed to slow us down for a few moments as we fill in the crossword. In today’s crossword there’s an example of a clue that I think is hard to pigeonhole:

31A: DPEF off by one, for example! (4)
Clearly there’s a little word/letter game for us to play here, as DPEF doesn’t mean anything, not that I know of anyway. The instruction “off by one” tells us to move the letters DPEF up or down in the alphabet by one, just like in a cipher or code. Moving up a letter to DPEF gives EQFG, which doesn’t seem to help. However, moving a letter down gives us the word CODE. That’s a pretty decent “example” of a code, I’d say, and we’ve unveiled our answer.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. If you have a question about today’s puzzle I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you.

How did you fare with this crossword?

1 Leader of cads, and thoroughly so? (4,4,5)

Leader of cads (HEAD OVER HEELS) and thoroughly so (HEAD OVER HEELS)?
10 Now, doctor … ah, flipping difficult to get (4-3)
Now, doctor … ah (NOW-DR-AH) flipping = HARD-WON: difficult to get.
11 Grab the first two letters the little orphan showed the old lady (7)
“GR-ab” the first two letters (GR) the Little Orphan (ANNIE) showed = GRANNIE: the old lady.
12 It’s about embracing it for Mass, say (4)
It’s “about” (R-E) embracing “it” (IT) for = RITE: Mass, say.
13 Is allowed something small in the sea (5)
Is (IS) allowed (LET) = ISLET: something small in the sea.
15 Praise the Lord, say (4)
The “Lord” say (and it sounds like) = LAUD: praise.
17 Cheri, without limits she’s possessive (3)
Cheri (c-HER-i) without limits (remove the outside letters) = HER: she’s possessive, the possessive form of “she”.
19 A French company gets the Italian to straighten out (6)
“A” French (UN) company (CO) gets “the” Italian (IL) = UNCOIL: to straighten out.
21 There’s the rub! It’s back to water from France for the office! (6)
There’s the ‘’rub”, it’s back (BUR) to “water” from France (EAU) for = BUREAU: the office.
22 Refined and slithery male, perhaps? (7)
Slithery male, perhaps? (GENT EEL) and = GENTEEL: refined.
23 Moved quickly – Ed (6)
- (DASH) Ed (ED) = DASHED: moved quickly.
25 Deborah Hill is the one behind (6)
Deborah (DEB) hill (TOR) is = DEBTOR: the one behind.
27 Place for a collection (3)
Place (SET) for a collection (SET).
29 Ante-reformation smoker in Europe (4)
“Ante” reformation = ETNA: smoker in Europe.
30 A bit of a binge for public relations in the diocese (5)
In “the diocese” (S-EE) public relations (PR) for = SPREE: a bit of a binge.
31 DPEF off by one, for example! (4)
DPEF off by one (drop back one letter in the alphabet, D=C, P=O, E=D, F=E) = CODE: off by one, for example!
34 Not completely a diplomat, that’s a cert (7)
Not completely a DIPLOMA-t, that’s = DIPLOMA: a cert.
35 Get angry and prove it’s all right internally? (7)
Prove (PROV-E) it’s “all right” internally (OK) and = PROVOKE: get angry.
36 A jittery hostage glared in the middle of a dispute (2,11)
A jittery “hostage glared” = AT LOGGERHEADS: in the middle of a dispute.

2 Unstable enough to make a mistake at one hundred (7)

To make a mistake (ERR) at (AT) one hundred (I-C) = ERRATIC: unstable enough.
3 Perhaps it’s not a cross that’s found in the North (4)
Perhaps a-cross (ACROSS) it’s not = DOWN: that’s found in the North.
4 Die out like 4-wheeled transportation, perhaps? (6)
Like 4-wheeled transportation, perhaps (VAN-ISH) = VANISH: die out.
5 The carpet Reginald lifted for the game (6)
The carpet (RUG) Reginald, ‘Reg’, lifted (GER) for = RUGGER: the game.
6 And the rest come back late (2,2)
Late (LATE) come back = ET AL: and the rest.
7 Lie about the North Korean Silver Association (7)
Lie (LI-E) about “the North Korean” “silver” (NK-AG) = LINKAGE: association.
8 Oliver’s men are so rude, he hadn’t deployed (3,10)
“So rude, he hadn’t” deployed are= THE ROUNDHEADS: Oliver’s (Cromwell) men.
9 Based here, this could be A, D, H or E (13)
A, D, H or E, this could be the word “head” (HEAD) cut into quarters (QUARTERED) = HEADQUARTERED: based here.
14 For Pierre, the broken heart created a thick skin (7)
For Pierre “the” (LE) broken “heart” (ATHER) created = LEATHER: a thick skin.
16 Animal often seen in front of woods (5)
Animal (TIGER) often seen in front of (TIGER) Woods.
18 Draws the line at a couple of letters for 5-down, Lesley (5)
At “a couple of letters for RUGGER” (RU) Lesley (LES) = RULES: draws the line.
20 Initially, the common diode was first (3)
The common (Light-Emitting) Diode, initially (L.E.D.) = LED: was first.
21 Disobedient at heart, slept there (3)
“diso-BED-ient” at heart = BED: slept there.
24 The star’s weed, it creates a storm that’s out of this world (7)
The star’s (SUN’S) weed (POT) = SUNSPOT: it creates a storm that’s out of this world.
26 Double T, and say double U, of old (7)
T (T) and say “double U” (W) of old (OF OLD) = TWOFOLD: double.
27 Moved quickly for a season, but in the past? (6)
A season (SPRING) but in the past, for = SPRANG: moved quickly.
28 It’s to make stronger system personnel, in part (6)
“sys-TEM PER-sonnel” in part = TEMPER: it’s to make stronger.
32 A piece of wood with a round symbol (4)
A piece of word (LOG) with “a round” (O) = LOGO: symbol.
33 A librarian might issue one in my direction (4)
In my direction (TO ME) = TOME: a librarian might issue one.