Explanations: No. 14628 – Friday, 18 November 2011

Fri, Nov 18, 2011, 23:59

Derek Crozier was very fond of using the little rhyme that goes “Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief! He would often point us to the “one in front of the sailor”, or “the one after the tailor”. If we remembered (!) we’d know what he was after. There’s a Biblical version of this “list” device in the puzzle today:

21D: Fifty, and he follows Matthew to see a notable spot (8)
This chap is over fifty, and yet he’s keeping up with Matthew as he heads out to see the sights. I suppose many of use remember the order the Gospels appear in the New Testament from the little prayer that starts, “Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, bless this bed that I lay on …” Whatever way we remember it, when we see “he follows Matthew” we need to be thinking of Mark, as the Gospel of St. Mark comes right after the Gospel of St. Matthew. Knowing this, the clue makes a little more sense. Fifty (L) and (AND) “he follows Matthew” (MARK) spells out LANDMARK, and a landmark is a notable spot.

Take a moment, if you would, to say “hi” to my brother’s two boys, Matthew and Mark. In the family we’ve been wondering when Luke and John are going to make an appearance …

Please feel free to leave a comment below. If you have a question about today’s puzzle I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you.

How did you fare with this crossword?

8 It’s a cavalier for Roy and the VIPs (8)

Roy (ROY) and “the VIPs” (A-LIST) for = ROYALIST: it’s a Cavalier.
9 Albert admits the arts retrospective is stellar (6)
Albert (A-L) admits “the ‘arts’ retrospective” (STRA) is = ASTRAL: stellar.
10 They keep the peace and fish with Dave in Wales (6)
Fish (GAR) with “Dave” in Wales (DAI) and = GARDAI: they keep the peace.
11 Got trapped in the spire, looking back for actions in vain, perhaps? (3,5)
In the “spire” looking back (E-RIPS) “got” trapped (GOT) for = EGO TRIPS: actions in vain, perhaps?
12 There’s something precious in one set of twins (6)
There’s “something precious” (GEM) in one (IN I) = GEMINI: set of twins.
13 He watches animals for Penny, her in the outhouse (8)
In “the outhouse” (SHE-D) “penny” “her” (P-HER) for = SHEPHERD: he watches animals.
15 The doctor finishes the morning rounds (4)
The morning (AM) “the doctor” finishes (MO) = AMMO: rounds.
17 Conjure up a magazine from Apple, perhaps in a note (7)
A magazine from Apple, perhaps (IMAG) in (IN) a note (E) = IMAGINE: conjure up.
19 Drunk at fifty for example, no more (7)
At “fifty” (L) for example (EG) no more (LESS) = LEGLESS: drunk.
22 Methods used to get west at sea, say (4)
West (W) at sea “say” (AYS) used to get = WAYS: methods.
24 Guess inside there’s somewhere to stay and get a drink (8)
Guess (GU-ESS) inside there’s “somewhere to stay” (INN) and get = GUINNESS: a drink.
27 A metal leg broke creating a sensation! (6)
A metal (TIN) “leg” broke (GLE) creating = TINGLE: a sensation.
29 A Windscale grotesque, brute and oaf (8)
Grotesque “brute” and “oaf” = BEAUFORT: a wind-scale.
30 Look up to one, Mark, with anger (6)
One (Deutsche) Mark (A DM) with “anger” (IRE) = ADMIRE: look up to.
31 Pat, in a nice way, is concerned with the South (6)
Is concerned (CARES) with “the South” (S) = CARESS: pat in a nice way.
32 He’s in North Africa in a large resort (8)
“In a large” re-sort = ALGERIAN: he’s in North Africa.

1 A party that’s wise shows how much to take (6)

A party (DO) that’s “wise” (SAGE) shows = DOSAGE: how much to take.
2 A bounder, passing on helping out with the clubs (8)
A bounder (CAD) passing on (DYING) = CADDYING: helping out with the clubs.
3 A can holding one five, one fifty and a one, for the man in the street (8)
A can (C-AN) holding [one five (I-V) one fifty (I-L) and “a one” (I)] for = CIVILIAN: the man in the street.
4 Not believing the heist was bungled in the morning (7)
In “the morning” (A-M) the “heist” was bungled (THEIS) = ATHEISM: not believing.
5 Father might play this way, out of prison (6)
Father (PA) might play this (ROLE) = PAROLE: way out of prison.
6 It might be bread from a celebrity church (6)
A celebrity (STAR) church (CH) from = STARCH: it might be bread.
7 Places to keep vehicles, fish and boats (3,5)
Fish (CAR-P) and “boats” (ARKS) = CAR PARKS: places to keep vehicles.
14 It’s blessed and homely with me gone (4)
Homely (HO-me-LY) with “me” gone (-ME) and = HOLY: it’s blessed.
16 A little street near stables and meadows, without any fuss in the middle (4)
Meadows (ME-ado-WS) without any “fuss” in the middle (-ADO) and = MEWS: a little street near stables.
18 The doctor paused, moving something by the computer (8)
The doctor (MO) “paused” moving (USEPAD) = MOUSEPAD: something by the computer.
20 Make one turn away a quick estimate that ran over, for example (8)
A quick “estimate” (EST) that ran (RAN) for example, ‘e.g.’ over (GE) = ESTRANGE: make one turn away.
21 Fifty, and he follows Matthew to see a notable spot (8)
Fifty (L) and (AND) he follows Matthew (MARK) to see = LANDMARK: a notable spot.
23 It holds what’s left of the silk, cut perhaps for funny hats, Raymond (7)
Funny “hats” (ASHT) Raymond (RAY) for = ASHTRAY: it holds what’s left of the Silk Cut perhaps (the brand of cigarette).
25 Sodium, you heard, at sea leads to sickness (6)
Sodium (NA) “you” heard (U) at “sea” (SEA) leads to = NAUSEA: sickness.
26 Go in semi-smashed to find what’s behind 11-across (6)
In “semi” smashed (E-ISM) go (GO) to find = EGOISM: what’s behind EGO TRIPS.
28 It ropes in the lieutenant catching part of the opera (6)
The lieutenant (L-T) catching “part of the opera” (ARIA) = LARIAT: it ropes in.