Explanations: No. 14627 – Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thu, Nov 17, 2011, 23:59

Ideally, a clue should be very precise with every word being there for a reason. And the clue should be very clear in instructing you in what to do in order to solve it. A clue should not “hint at” an answer, it should “tell you” the answer. Well, that’s almost true! Sometimes it can be fun to put together a clue that is less pedantic, one that gives you all the information you need but doesn’t take you by the hand, all the way to the answer. But, if a clue is a little loose like that, then we are given a little warning. Sometimes that warning is a question mark. Here is an example from today’s puzzle:

1A: Bound to skip a spring event? (6,4)
Do we have to skip events taking place in springtime? Well, let’s see! There’s a lot of jumping around in this clue. Bound (JUMP) to skip (JUMP) a spring (JUMP), that’s three jumps. At the end we have a sporting event, and we note that we can combine these three jumps into the event known as the TRIPLE JUMP. We aren’t told in the clue to combine the three jumps, but we are so close, we do it anyway. That quizzical question mark at the end there is suggesting that we be a little imaginative.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. If you have a question about today’s puzzle I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you.

How did you fare with this crossword?

1 Bound to skip a spring event? (6,4)

Bound (JUMP) to skip (JUMP) a spring (JUMP) = TRIPLE JUMP: (sporting) event.
6 That’s some speech, on reflection (4)
That’s some “spe-ECH O-n” = ECHO: that’s some speech on reflection!
10 Called the editor after the US fought there (5)
After “the US fought there” (NAM) the editor (ED) = NAMED: called.
11 Somewhere in Cork there’s a bar with a shot at that reddish horse (6,3)
There’s “a bar” (BAN) with “a shot” (TRY) at “that reddish horse” (BAY) = BANTRY BAY: somewhere in Cork.
12 I had Len’s in action? (8)
I had (I’D) Len-s (LEN-ESS) = IDLENESS: in-action.
13 It’s noted, that street with an old Italian welcome (5)
That “street” (ST) with “an old Italian welcome” i.e. the Latin greeting (AVE) = STAVE: it’s noted (as in a musical stave or staff).
15 There’s a great explosion, as it disperses the crowd (4,3)
There’s a “great” explosion (TEAR-G) as (AS) = TEAR GAS: it disperses the crowd.
17 Following a singular 1-down, head off right after today (7)
Following “a singular TONS” (TON) head off “r-IGHT” (IGHT) = TONIGHT: after today.
19 Rush its changes again, word for word (2-5)
Rush (RE-ED) its (ITS) = RE-EDITS: changes again, word for word.
21 Now Mark is organised, he has a job (7)
“Now Mark” is organised = WORKMAN: he has a job.
22 Arrived with 50 that won’t drink too much (5)
Arrived (CAME) with “50” (L) = CAMEL: that won’t drink too much.
24 Sailors love an instrument that’s complete (8)
Sailors (ABS) love (O) an instrument (LUTE) that’s = ABSOLUTE: complete.
27 Inducement for an inventive CV exchange? (9)
An inventive (in-V-entive) CV exchange (swap one of the Vs for a C) = INCENTIVE: inducement.
28 It’s not a lot for a writer, Clare (5)
A writer (PEN) Clare (CE) for = PENCE: it’s not a lot.
29 Curious to hear No. Z in LA (4)
No Z (NO ZED) in LA (NO ZEE) to hear = NOSY: curious.
30 Public relations incorporated S&S for the royal issue (10)
Public relations (PR) incorporated (INC) S&S (ESSES) for = PRINCESSES: the royal issue.

1 A lot of toffs? Quite the opposite! (4)

T-offs, quite the opposite (T-ONS) = TONS: a lot of?
2 I am to be the middle-man when there’s nothing standing in the way (9)
I am (I’M) to be the middle man (MEDIATE) = IMMEDIATE: when there’s nothing standing in the way.
3 Stray dog taken in by the French gets somewhere to stay (5)
“The” French (L-E) taking in a stray “dog” (ODG) gets = LODGE: somewhere to stay.
4 The little woman to make holy and idle (7)
The little woman (JO) to make holy (BLESS) and = JOBLESS: idle.
5 Looks after an alien giving attitude (4-3)
Looks after (MINDS) an alien (ET) giving = MIND-SET: attitude.
7 Where to find the corn god in Egypt that’s cold-blooded (5)
Where to find the corn (COB) god in Egypt (RA) = COBRA: that’s cold-blooded.
8 OXT, a medical facility (6,4)
O (OXYGEN) X (TEN) T (T) = OXYGEN TENT: a medical facility.
9 He’s inside to see the one prying about your boy (8)
The one prying (PRI-ER) about “your boy” (SON) to see = PRISONER: he’s inside.
14 What entices is the action about the pioneer artist (10)
The action (A-CTION) about “the pioneer” “artist” (TT-RA) is = ATTRACTION: what entices.
16 The girl spoiled the fish that’s cooking (8)
The “girl” spoiled (GRIL) the fish (LING) that’s = GRILLING: cooking.
18 What are inherited contain Tom’s letters and they’re very valuable (9)
What are inherited (GE-NES) contain “Tom’s” letters (MSTO) and = GEMSTONES: they’re very valuable.
20 Not as steady a skier around that middle section (7)
A skier (S-KIER) around “‘t-HA-t’ middle section” (HA) = SHAKIER: not as steady.
21 We get strict and to the point, in a way (7)
We (WE) get “strict” (STERN) and = WESTERN: to the point, in a way (i.e. a compass point).
23 A group of women in M&S getting minerals (5)
In “M&S” (M-S) a group of women (ICA) getting = MICAS: minerals.
25 A fall from grace for fifty, a part of the church (5)
Fifty (L) a part of the church (APSE) for = LAPSE: a fall from grace.
26 Receives only the greatest odds? (4)
Only the “G-r-E-a-T-e-S-t” odds, only the old letters = GETS: receives.