Explanations: No. 14626 – Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wed, Nov 16, 2011, 23:59

In almost every cryptic crossword there’s a need for a word in a clue to be “reversed” and then used as part of the answer. There’s always a reversal signal in the clue telling as that we need to write the word in question backwards. However, not all reversal indicators work for all clues. Some really only apply to across-clues, and some only to down-clues. There’s an example in today’s puzzle that only works for a down-clue:

16D: Work for nothing, and eat supper upset (4)
It seems that we’re feeling sorry for ourselves as we sit down to eat after toiling away for the day unpaid. To unravel this clue we need to realise that we are looking for a word for “work” that is pointed to by “nothing, and eat supper upset”. Well, “nothing” is “O”, which is a start. Next comes the word “sup”, meaning “eat supper”. The signal word “upset” could just mean jumble the letters in “sup” until we get what we need, but in this case “upset” is being more helpful. As this is a down-clue, we can take the letters “sup” and “up-set” them, set them upwards. So we have “nothing” (O) and “sup” up-set (PUS) revealing OPUS, a lovely term meaning “work”.

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How did you fare with this crossword?

8 The back-number came with an artist being shot (2,6)

The back-number, ‘no. back’ (ON) came (CAME) with “an artist” (RA) = ON CAMERA: being shot.
9 A group directing things on a ship (6)
A group directing things (A BOARD) = ABOARD: on a ship.
10 A follower takes one with family, one that isn’t a 21-down (6)
“A” follower (B) takes “one” (I) with “family” (KIN) one (I) = BIKINI: that isn’t a ONE-PIECE
11 Something awful at, or round, the town (8)
At (AT) “or” round (RO) the town (CITY) = ATROCITY: something awful.
12 Was that sailor with one that’s really hot? (6)
Was (WAS) that sailor (AB) with “one” (I) = WASABI: that’s really hot.
13 They get the child from the commercial to choose ‘ers (8)
The commercial (AD) to choose (OPT) ‘ers (ERS) from = ADOPTERS: they get the child.
15 Not any number, any sound (4)
Number (NO) “any” sound (NE) = NONE: not any.
17 The wrong move for the girl at the pet counter (7)
The girl (MISS) at the “pet” counter (TEP) for = MISSTEP: the wrong move.
19 Choose for the office a priest that has no interest (7)
A priest (A PP) that has “no” “interest” (O INT) = APPOINT: choose for the office.
22 A girl circles fifty for it, right beside the radius (4)
A girl (U-NA) circles “fifty” (L) for = ULNA: it, right beside the radius.
24 It sounds like she needs me, as Sue’s back inside (8)
Me (M-E) “as” “Sue’s” back, inside (AS SEUS) = MASSEUSE: she kneads (it sounds like “she needs”).
27 The rest is back east surprisingly (6)
“Is” back (SI) “east” surprisingly (ESTA) = SIESTA: the rest.
29 Parts of the bridle next to each other and not in 21-down (3,2,3)
Parts of the bridle, ‘bits’, next to each other (BIT BY BIT) and = BIT-BY-BIT: not in ONE PIECE.
30 R = N and up (6)
R (AR) = (IS) N (EN) and = ARISEN: up.
31 The North has radio and TV to the left and at the centre (6)
Radio and TV (MEDIA) to the left of “the North” (N) and = MEDIAN: at the centre.
32 Choose to ring one hundred, one hundred from various sources (8)
Choose, ‘elect’, to ring “one hundred” [E(C)LECT] “one” “hundred” (I C) = ECLECTIC: from various sources.

1 Heart-break perhaps, to see northern booze in the car club (6)

In “the car club” (A-A) “northern” “booze” (N-GIN) to see = ANGINA: heart-break, perhaps.
2 The places they live, what Mother wore sat badly (8)
What Mother (superior) wore (HABIT) “sat” badly (ATS) = HABITATS: the places they live.
3 The Italian house to the northeast, it is used for the sick (8)
The Italian house (MEDICI) to “the northeast” (NE) = MEDICINE: it is used for the sick.
4 It’s towed one vehicle, then a second (7)
One vehicle (CAR) then “a second” (A VAN) = CARAVAN: it’s towed.
5 It could be a beehive I had, or some variation thereof (6)
“I had, or” some variation thereof = HAIRDO: it could be a beehive.
6 It’s quite revealing, a lout hanging around the toilet (3-3)
A lout (LO-UT) hanging around “the toilet” (WC) it’s = LOW-CUT: quite revealing.
7 The brothers arrange the rent with Herb (8)
Arrange the “rent” with “Herb” = BRETHREN: the brothers.
14 Jean gets the DJ to swap for him, in the church (4)
Jean (J-EAN) gets the DJ to swap (swap a D for the J in “Jean”) for = DEAN: him in the church.
16 Work for nothing, and eat supper upset (4)
Nothing (O) and eat supper, ‘sup’, up-set (PUS) for = OPUS: work.
18 Supposes that is circling those who followed the star northeast (8)
That “is” (I-S) circling “those who followed the star” “northeast” (MAGI-NE) = IMAGINES: supposes.
20 Dad’s fur is adequate (8)
Dad’s (PA’S) fur (SABLE) is = PASSABLE: adequate.
21 Once housing the European Parliament, that is altogether and complete (3-5)
Once (ON-CE) housing “the European Parliament” “that is” (EP-IE) = ONE-PIECE: altogether and complete.
23 Hide from the mad king outside (7)
Mad king (LEA-R) outside “the” (THE) from = LEATHER: hide.
25 Yield is under 1,000 with it (6)
Under 1,000 (SUB-M) with “it” (IT) is = SUBMIT: yield.
26 NB: independent after you heard it’s set free (6)
After “you” heard (U) NB (NB) independent (IND) it’s = UNBIND: set free.
28 Proposition the sister, quickly (6)
The (THE) “sister” quickly (SIS) = THESIS: proposition.