Explanations: No. 14625 – Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tue, Nov 15, 2011, 23:59

Deletion clues weren’t something that Derek was very fond of using, so the few that have showed up in Crosaire over the past week or so have caused a little trouble in some quarters. Usually we use addition to put together a cryptic definition, building up the answer from constituent parts referred to in the clue. In a deletion clue we do exactly the opposite, taking a word in the clue and subtracting a letter or letters to arrive at the answer. There is a relatively easy example in Tuesday’s puzzle.

26D: Took advantage of and ushered her out (4)
We’ve taken advantage of some poor soul here, and sent her on her way. The word “out” is often a signal that we are dealing with a deletion. In this case, we are told to take the word “her” out of the word “ushered”, giving us the smaller word, USED, and our answer. We USED that poor soul, we took advantage of her.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. If you have a question about today’s puzzle I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you.

How did you fare with this crossword?

1 mxmxm (5,5)

m x m x m = CUBIC METRE
6 A spoiled kid brother sent back a thank you (4)
Brother (BR) a thank you, ‘ta’, sent back (AT) = BRAT: a spoiled kid.
10 The clergyman didn’t finish the rabbit (5)
The rabbit (RABBI-T) didn’t finish (-T) = RABBI: the clergyman.
11 At issue is a bed, counter and table (9)
“A bed”, counter (DEBA) and “table” (TABLE) is = DEBATABLE: at issue.
12 An adversary around the priest, with one part of the Bible (8)
A-round (O) the priest (PP) with “one” (ONE) part of the Bible (NT) = OPPONENT: an adversary.
13 A street in New York that’s really grotty (5)
In “New York” (N-Y) a street (A ST) that’s = NASTY: really grotty.
15 Let’s move ahead tidying up roads around the northwest (7)
Tidying up “roads” (O-ARDS) around “the northwest” (NW) = ONWARDS: let’s move ahead!
17 Choice containing carbon that might be labelled HB (4-3)
Choice (CHO-ICE) containing “carbon” (C) = CHOC-ICE: that might be labelled HB (i.e. Hughes Brothers).
19 Lies about nothing; Rolls-Royce produces things bigger than cars (7)
Lies (L-IES) about “nothing” “Rolls-Royce” (O-RR) produces = LORRIES: things bigger than cars.
21 To someone listening, are you really loud, Ian, and a rogue? (7)
To someone listening, “are you” (RU) really loud (FF) Ian (IAN) and = RUFFIAN: a rogue.
22 That traveller is a spy, turning up in both ends of Galway (5)
In “both ends of ‘G-alwa-Y’” (G-Y) a “spy” turning up (YPS) is = GYPSY: that traveller.
24 For the plant he’ll give you a loan, about a five (8)
He’ll give you a loan (L-ENDER) about “a five” (A V) for = LAVENDER: the plant.
27 The colonel can get a negative response to the French/Irish dish (9)
The colonel (COL) can (CAN) get “a negative response” to the French (NON) = COLCANNON: Irish dish.
28 Containers sent by way of Laois? (5)
Sent “by way of”? (VIA) Laois (LS) = VIALS: containers.
29 Only 501 (4)
50 (L) 1 (ONE) = LONE: only.
30 Clare and Ellie, I hear, their personal support gets Ted well-known (10)
Clare (CE) and “Ellie”, I hear (LE) their personal support (BRA) gets “Ted” (TED) = CELEBRATED: well-known.

1 Choose one from the CD, one of the strings! (4)

Choose one from the “CD” (C OR D) = CORD: one of the strings.
2 Inside the bar by the post office, we get a little whiskey! (4,5)
Inside “the bar” (BA-R) “by” “the post office” “we” (BY PO WE) get = BABY POWER: a little whiskey.
3 The commanding officer admits the tune is capital (5)
The commanding officer (C-O) admits “the tune” (AIR) is = CAIRO: capital.
4 Not stopping to finish Leslie’s (7)
To finish (END) Leslie’s (LES’S) = ENDLESS: not stopping.
5 Take the ring, and jerk like a machine (7)
Take (ROB) the ring (O) and “jerk” (TIC) = ROBOTIC: like a machine.
7 They’re worn sober/drunk (5)
“Sober” drunk = ROBES: they’re worn.
8 Starting with T, a US city, a wee US city that is small indeed (5-5)
Starting with “T” (TEE) a US city (NY) a wee (WEE) US city (NY) that is = TEENY-WEENY: small indeed.
9 Deadlock for staff framing a northern party (8)
Staff (STA-FF) framing “a northern party” (N-DO) for = STANDOFF: deadlock.
14 That last letter, with glasses, gets clear and reasonable describing some gardens (10)
That last letter (Z) with “glasses” (O-O) gets “clear and reasonable” (LOGICAL) = ZOOLOGICAL: describing some gardens.
16 It’s a time of need, perhaps, and Ray is outside, in the little yard with a … (5,3)
Ray (RA-Y) is outside “’in’ the little ‘yard’ with ‘a’” (IN YD A) and = RAINY DAY: it’s a time of need, perhaps (as in ‘save it for a rainy day’).
18 Moving around with it, in the age that’s the New Testament (9)
With “it” (It) in (IN) the age (ERA) that’s “the New Testament” (NT) = ITINERANT: moving around.
20 It’s quiet seeing as the French are inside (7)
Seeing as (SI-NCE) “the” French are inside (LE) it’s = SILENCE: quiet.
21 There’s income even in a French street (7)
In “a French street” (R-UE) even (EVEN) there’s = REVENUE: income.
23 Penny only engineered gear for the ESB (5)
Penny (P) “only” engineered (YLON) = PLYON: gear for the ESB.
25 Even looking up your last letter, it’s always the exact opposite (5)
“Even” looking up (NEVE) “you-R” last letter (R) it’s = NEVER: “always”, the exact opposite.
26 Took advantage of and ushered her out (4)
Ushered (US-her-ED) “her” out (-HER) = USED: took advantage of.