Explanations: No. 14624 – Monday, 14 November 2011

Mon, Nov 14, 2011, 23:59

We deal with letters and words all the time when solving cryptic crosswords. And we need to take note that each letter is in fact a word i.e. each letter has a name that is spelled out as a word. For example H is “aitch”, S is “ess” and T is “tee”. We’ve a couple of letters playing around in one of the clues in Monday’s puzzle:

22A: Agree to get a round after Jay (4)
Our friend here named Jay is about the buy the first round of drinks. But in fact we are looking at the letter “jay” (don’t let the capital J in the clue fool you). The words “after jay” are pointing us to the letter after J, and that would be K. And the name of the letter K is “kay”, just like the girl’s name. Putting it all together, a round (the letter O) after jay (the letter KAY) gives is the answer OKAY, a word meaning to “agree to”.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. If you have a question about today’s puzzle I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you.

How did you fare with this crossword?

8 Part of the column reveals another way to barter after victory in Europe (8)

After “Victory in Europe” (VE) another way to “barter” (RTEBRA) reveals = VERTEBRA: part of the (spinal) column.
9 It might be mother-father divided (6)
Father (PA) divided (RENT) = PARENT: it might be mother.
10 Sarah and a friend from Paris make something to eat (6)
Sarah (SAL) and a “friend” from Paris (AMI) make = SALAMI: something to eat.
11 Demolish that shed found around Newry (4,4)
That shed, when crying (TEAR) found around Newry (DOWN) = TEAR DOWN: demolish.
12 Go into a fort that’s neglected (6)
Into a “fort” (FORT) go (GO) that’s = FORGOT: neglected.
13 She was first taken in by the chair redesign and the one who makes it (8)
Taken in by the “chair” redesign (ACHI-R) she was the first (EVE) and = ACHIEVER: the one who makes it.
15 Henry has a circle, a religious circle (4)
Henry (HAL) has a “circle” = HALO: a religious circle.
17 Loads of you heard the military policeman got that young fella (7)
“You” heard (U) the military policeman (MP) got “that young fella” (TEEN) = UMPTEEN: loads of.
19 Threatens the king and jack, for example, with aces (7)
The king and Jack, for example (MEN) with “aces” (ACES) = MENACES: threatens.
22 Agree to get a round after Jay (4)
A round (O) after jay (KAY) get = OKAY: agree to.
24 Savage that’s inane about a tight-lipped sound (8)
Inane (IN-ANE) about “a tight-lipped sound” (HUM) that’s = INHUMANE: savage.
27 Way out for example, about the ship (6)
For example (EG) about (RE) the ship (SS) = EGRESS: way out.
29 It’s for taking off and high-flying burlesque, perhaps (8)
High-flying burlesque, perhaps (AIR STRIP) and = AIRSTRIP: it’s for taking off.
30 It starts here, or I drink (6)
Or I (OR I) drink (GIN) = ORIGIN: it starts here.
31 Give a name to fifty in the city (6)
Give a name to (DUB) fifty (L) in (IN) = DUBLIN: the city.
32 So crazy he will get protection for the colonel, I hear (8)
So crazy (NUTS) he will (HE’LL) get = NUTSHELL: protection for the kernel (“colonel”, I hear).

1 The alto arrangement captures, for example, the smooth playing (6)

The “alto” arrangement (L-ATO) captures “for example” (EG) = LEGATO: the smooth playing.
2 Frank, a saint? A right drunk! (8)
A saint (ST) “a right” drunk (RAIGHT) = STRAIGHT: frank.
3 A bee’s in the booze! (8)
A bee’s (A B’S) in the (IN THE) = ABSINTHE: booze.
4 A friend admits Arthur with one not all there (7)
A friend (P-AL) admits “Arthur” with “one” (ART-I) = PARTIAL: not all there.
5 Unruly pals quieten down for a little tonic maybe (6)
Unruly “pals” (SPLA) quieten down (SH) for = SPLASH: a little tonic maybe.
6 It restrains a brother that’s not working (6)
A brother (BR) that’s not working (IDLE) = BRIDLE: it restrains.
7 All over an awkward yawn at this point (8)
An awkward “yawn” (ANYW) at this point (HERE) = ANYWHERE: all over.
14 Wake up! In this state you can’t make her a same-sex parent (4)
Her, a same-sex parent (CO-MA) = COMA: wake up, in this state you can’t.
16 Soon to get a refusal from Nancy? (4)
A refusal from Nancy, the city in France (A NON) to get = ANON: soon.
18 A French address for a doctor, to insure havoc (8)
A doctor (MO) to “insure” havoc (NSIEUR) for = MONSIEUR: a French address.
20 1 of 32, eh? Yet too backward inside (3,5)
Eh (E-H) “yet” “too” backward, inside (YET-OOT) = EYETOOTH: 1 of 32.
21 It’s gas not being able to escape drunk, on a plane? (8)
Drunk on a plane? (AIR-TIGHT) = AIRTIGHT: it’s gas not being able to escape.
23 Maintaining ‘e gets the pin in the keg (7)
In “the keg” (KE-G) “‘e” gets the “pin” (E-PIN) = KEEPING: maintaining.
25 United nations, so Longford is available to a buyer! (6)
United Nations (UN) so (SO) Longford (LD) is = UNSOLD: available to a buyer.
26 Top-notch jewellery item showing on the box (6)
Top notch (AI) jewellery item (RING) = AIRING: showing on the box.
28 Nevertheless, it’s a shilling for moving picture-frames (6)
Nevertheless (STILL) it’s “a shilling” (S) for = STILLS: moving-picture frames