Explanations: No. 14622 – Friday, 11 November 2011

Fri, Nov 11, 2011, 23:59

We aren’t really used to Hidden Word clues in Crosaire Land, but they do turn up quite often in Mary O’Brien’s wonderful Simplex Crossword. Personally I think they are fun, so I’ve included a few in the Crosaire puzzle over the past couple of weeks. In a Hidden Word clue, the answer is hidden in plain sight, usually in the middle of a string of words. The trick of course is to keep the answer nicely hidden not too obvious, while still warning the solver that the answer is hidden in plain sight. Clues with hidden words might include indicators like “part of”, “characters in” or just plain “from”. Here’s an example from Friday’s puzzle:

20D: From contradict a temp, to talk to a secretary! (7)
Someone’s having quite a day at the office, first contradicting a temp, and now chatting away to a secretary. That little “from” at the beginning of the clue tells us that we can extract our answer right “from” the words “contradict a temp”. Looking closely, we can pick out “contra-DICT A TE-mp”, giving us the answer DICTATE. And, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, we see that DICTATE is defined as “to talk to a secretary”.

If you have a question about a clue that isn’t answered in the explanations I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you. Blog posts appear at midnight on the day the puzzle appears in the paper, so if you’re up late be sure to drop by!

How did you fare with this crossword?

1 Tanked up at the flipping orgy, said “Double-UN is as big as it gets” (5,5)

Tanked up (FULL) at “the flipping ‘orgy’” (YGRO) said “Double UN” (WN) is = FULLY GROWN: as big as it gets.
6 Tops, like the first characters in “Home and Away” say? (4)
Like the first characters (letters) in “H-ome and A-way” say (CAPS) = CAPS: tops.
10 A shopping centre counter for something from South America (5)
A shopping centre (A MALL) counter (the opposite direction), for = LLAMA: something from South America.
11 So not here, for the end of June (9)
Not here (THERE) for (FOR) the end of “jun-E” (E) = THEREFORE: so.
12 At minimum half way along the street, there’s the Spanish musician (8)
At “minimum” (MIN) half way along the “STR-eet” (STR) there’s “the” Spanish (EL) = MINSTREL: musician.
13 Things that are 15-across record and see backwards (5)
Record (EP) and “see” backwards (EES) = EPEES: things that are POINTED.
15 At the post office there’s little interest, Edward indicated (7)
At “the post office” (PO) there’s little “interest” (INT) Edward (ED) = POINTED: indicated.
17 M. President’s a ruler (7)
M (EM) President’s (PRES’S) = EMPRESS: a ruler.
19 Like a shirt over the vest for fifty? And yes, it’s red (7)
Fifty (L) and “yes” (AYE) it’s “red” (RED) for = LAYERED: like a shirt over the vest.
21 A guy with a knotted lace for a restraint (7)
A guy (MAN) with a knotted “lace” (ACLE) for = MANACLE: a restraint.
22 The Irish love the Italian chalice (5)
The Irish “love” (GRA) “the” Italian (IL) = GRAIL: chalice.
24 Plot against a 15-across structure (8)
Against (CON) a POINTED structure (SPIRE) = CONSPIRE: plot.
27 Ball with taste, dancing and something to add a little flavour (5,4)
“Ball” with “taste” dancing, and = TABLE SALT: something to add a little flavour.
28 It might charge for hydrogen, in molten iron (5)
In molten “iron” (R-INO) hydrogen (H) for = RHINO: it might charge.
29 One in a suit from the C&A next to Ardee, I hear (4)
The C&A (CA) next to “Ardee”, I hear (RD) from = CARD: one in a suit.
30 They nearly made it connecting to earth between the poles (4,6)
Between “the poles” (N-S) connecting to earth (EARTHING) = NEAR THINGS: they nearly made it.

1 Psycho, say, if backed with 50 million (4)

“If” backed (FI) with 50 (L) million (M) = FILM: “Psycho”, say.
2 It’s a disadvantage I hear, the power to deceive (9)
The power to deceive (LIE ABILITY) I hear it’s = LIABILITY: a disadvantage.
3 After a yes vote it’s initially Eliot, the poet and playwright (5)
After “a yes vote” (YEA) it’s initially T.S. Eliot (TS) = YEATS: the poet and playwright.
4 About exhausted, went to bed (7)
About (RE) exhausted (TIRED) = RETIRED: went to bed.
5 Something round that is oft-seen in front of a bin (7)
Something round (WHEEL) that is (IE) = WHEELIE: (a word) oft-seen in front of a bin, as in “wheelie-bin”.
7 Apart from a fifty-one? (5)
A (A) fifty (L) one (ONE) from = ALONE: apart.
8 Someone with Cinderella put back pets that resist badly (10)
Put back “pets” (STEP) that “resist” badly (SISTER) = STEPSISTER: someone with Cinderella.
9 After gym class, an upset parent gets him for Wendy (5,3)
After “gym class” (PE) an upset “parent” (TER-PAN) gets = PETER PAN: him for Wendy.
14 So sorry and disturbed, to ogle a pic (10)
Disturbed “to ogle a pic” and = APOLOGETIC: so sorry.
16 Ted rings Human Resources, not well and very excited (8)
Ted (T-ED) rings “Human Resources”, “not well” (HR-ILL) and = THRILLED: very excited.
18 Outing curs, once it’s charged (9)
Curs, once (EX-CURS) it’s charged (ION) = EXCURSION: outing.
20 From contradict a temp, to talk to a secretary! (7)
From “contra-DICT A TE-mp” = DICTATE: to talk to a secretary.
21 Huge for the rest, in a whirl after Monday (7)
After “Monday” (MON) the “rest” in a whirl (STER) for = MONSTER: huge.
23 Half of America’s catching a bee that’s used in jewellery (5)
Half of “AMER-ica’s” (AM-ER) catching “a bee” (B) = AMBER: that’s used in jewellery.
25 According to the church it’s for the birds! (5)
According to (PER) the church (CH) = PERCH: it’s for the birds.
26 Scams half of 24-across (4)
Half of CONS-pire = CONS: scams.