Explanations: No. 14620 – Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wed, Nov 9, 2011, 23:59

There have been a lot of comments on the blog about the addition of some “new” types of clues since we transitioned to “Crosaire by Mac an Iarla”. It is indeed true that I tend to use some devices that are accepted widely today in cryptic crossword circles, but that either weren’t used by Derek or if so, only very rarely. In Wednesday’s puzzle there is an example of a “substituted letter” clue:

6A: Ah, exchange in ways for 10-acrosses (4)
The words “Ah, exchange” here are telling us to exchange or swap the letters A and H. We do that exchange in the word “ways” as instructed with, “Ah exchange in ways”. Swapping the A in “ways” for H gives us our answer, WHYS. And WHYS are also defined by “10-acrosses”, CAUSES.

If you have a question about a clue that isn’t answered in the explanations I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you. Blog posts appear at midnight on the day the puzzle appears in the paper, so if you’re up late be sure to drop by!

How did you fare with this crossword?

1 About to get a fast time, Leslie’s showing no mercy (10)

About (RE) to get “a fast time” (LENT) Leslie’s (LES’S) = RELENTLESS: showing no mercy.
6 Ah, exchange in ways for 10-acrosses (4)
Ah exchange (swap A for H) in “w-A-ys” for = WHYS: CAUSES.
10 In case you stated the reason why (5)
In “case” (CA-SE) “you” stated (U) = CAUSE: the reason why.
11 We sat with them nuts in the middle of the country! (9)
We (WE) “sat” with “them”, nuts (STMEATH) = WESTMEATH: in the middle of the country.
12 With father back he’s next, and I’ve stuck with that (8)
With father, ‘Da’, back (AD) “he’s” next (HES) and “I’ve” (IVE) = ADHESIVE: stuck with that.
13 Sound type of car, love! (5)
Type of car (AUDI) love (O) = AUDIO: sound
15 A hundred agree changes for the area (7)
A hundred (A C) “agree” changes (REAGE) for = ACREAGE: the area.
17 Precious, and girl-crazy (7)
“And girl” crazy = DARLING: precious
19 It shades a friend outside the artist’s circle (7)
A friend (PA-L) outside “the artist’s” “circle” (RA’S-O) = PARASOL: it shades.
21 “By the sound of it”, said you, “Sir Casanova” (7)
By the sound of it “said you, Sir” = SEDUCER: Casanova.
22 They help around Christmas Eves, housing fifty (5)
Eves (E-VES) housing “fifty” (L) = ELVES: they help around Christmas.
24 It’s unfortunate, happening to get an identification in that accent (8)
In “that accent” (ACC-ENT) an identification (ID) to get = ACCIDENT: it’s unfortunate.
27 To get rid of Eli, take the quickest road north from Dublin, Nathaniel (9)
Eli (ELI) take “the quickest road north from Dublin (MI) Nathaniel (NATE) = ELIMINATE: to get rid of.
28 Some big cats for Germany, after the middle of April (5)
After “the middle of ‘a-PRI-l’ (PRI) Germany (DE) for = PRIDE: some big cats (as in a pride of lions).
29 At that time, the first of November (4)
The (THE) first of “N-ovember” (N) = THEN: at that time.
30 Type of black dogs for the Globetrotters (3-7)
Type of black (JET) dogs (SETTERS) for = JET-SETTERS: the globetrotters.

1 Kind of music played for one of the Stones (4)

Kind of music played (ROCK) for one of the stones (ROCK).
2 He cleaned up LA, subordinate to ‘er (9)
LA (LA) subordinate to (UNDER) ‘er (ER) = LAUNDERER: he cleaned up.
3 Relative that is a hundred, in the northeast (5)
In “the northeast” (N-E) “that is” “a hundred” (IE-C) = NIECE: relative.
4 A strange fellow, taking in one so degenerate (7)
A strange “fellow” (LOWL-FE) taking in “one” (I) = LOWLIFE: so degenerate.
5 Temporarily stop South America getting a penny before the end (7)
South (S) America (US) getting “a penny” (P) before “the end” (END) = SUSPEND: temporarily stop.
7 There’s nothing hard about getting a stock (5)
There’s “hard” (H-ARD) about “nothing” (O) getting = HOARD: a stock.
8 Perhaps it’s a little female fish, she learns (10)
Perhaps it’s a little female fish (SCHOOL GIRL, girl-fish in a school) = SCHOOLGIRL: she learns.
9 I am with father, angered and weakened (8)
I am (I’M) with “father” (PA) angered (IRED) and = IMPAIRED: weakened.
14 Haven’t the priest, with you all inside for the birth (5,5)
Haven’t (HA-VENT) “the priest” with “you all” inside (PP-YE) for = HAPPY EVENT: the birth.
16 There are a pair of fools in this hit, man (8)
There are a pair of fools (ASS-ASS) in (IN) = ASSASSIN: this hit-man.
18 At home there’s a little money I’ve added for an enticement (9)
At home (IN) there’s “a little money” (CENT) “I’ve” added (IVE) for = INCENTIVE: an enticement.
20 Slow escape by the French, also known as GE (7)
By “the” French (LE) also known as GE (AKA GE) = LEAKAGE: slow escape.
21 Things classified about insects? (7)
In “sects” (SEC-TS) about (RE) = SECRETS: things classified.
23 It might be talking for a vice-ring, inside (5)
A ”vice” (V-ICE) “ring” inside (O) for = VOICE: it might be talking.
25 Remove the grass from the station? (5)
Remove the grass (marijuana!) from? (DE-POT) = DEPOT: the station.
26 Both ends of that golf equipment (4)
Both ends of “T-ha-T” (the letters T) = TEES: golf equipment.