Explanations: No. 14614 – Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wed, Nov 2, 2011, 23:59

A few years ago I read a fascinating book call “E=MC2: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation”, by David Bodanis. This little gem explained, in layman’s terms, Albert Einstein’s 1905 equation that mathematically linked mass and energy. The equation is so famous that crossword setters frequently turn to the letters E, M and C as abbreviations for energy, mass and the speed of light. We have a somewhat whimsical example of the use of “C” in today’s puzzle:

30A: It’s not far at all if you take the M1 at the speed of light, Ron! (6)
We’re told here that if we take the M1 motorway (MI) at “the speed of light” (C), with some guy called “Ron” at the wheel (RON), then we have constructed the word MICRON (MI-C-RON). And a micron is such a small unit of length, “it’s not far at all!”

Please feel free to leave a comment below, and tell us how you fared with today’s crossword. If you have a question about today’s puzzle I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you.

8 To cause damage, I go 50-500F lower (8)

To cause damage (MAR) I go (I GO) 50-500 (L-D) = MARIGOLD: f-lower.
9 Number of countries perhaps involved then, in the morning (6)
In “the morning” (A-M) involved “then” (NTHE) = ANTHEM: number (song) of country, perhaps.
10 It’s about a DM to get out of hock (6)
It’s “about” (RE) a “DM” (DEE-M) = REDEEM: to get out of hock.
11 The guts to show an awful serial about the New Testament (8)
An awful “serial” (E-RAILS) about “the New Testament” (NT) to show = ENTRAILS: the guts.
12 Work loosely into the alternative (6)
Work (OP) loosely “into” (TION) = OPTION: the alternative.
13 A minor attraction for the teams! How? (8)
The teams (SIDES) how (HOW) for = SIDESHOW: a minor attraction.
15 Dr. does, perhaps (4)
Dr (DEE-R) = DEER: does, perhaps.
17 Why a candle won’t burn long around Hollywood? (7)
Why a candle won’t burn long (WICK LOW) = WICKLOW: around Hollywood?
19 Forced to blink seeing this on the page, for a test (7)
Forced “to blink”, seeing = INKBLOT: this on a page, for a test.
22 Start off a lease, free from anxiety (4)
A lease (L-EASE) start off (L off) = EASE: free from anxiety.
24 Never giving up Bob’s turn at sea (8)
“Bob’s turn” at sea = STUBBORN: never giving up.
27 An A-Z, with minerals found in the North Atlantic? (6)
An “A-Z” (A-Z) with “minerals” (ORES) = AZORES: found in the North Atlantic.
29 Manufacturer in favour of the use of crude (8)
In favour of (PRO) the use of “crude” (DUCER) = PRODUCER: manufacturer.
30 It’s not far at all if you take the M1 at the speed of light, Ron! (6)
If you take “the M1” (MI) at “the speed of light” (C) Ron (RON) = MICRON: it’s not far at all!
31 Don’t lose the latter half of the season (6)
Don’t lose (WIN) the “lat-TER” half of (TER) = WINTER: the season.
32 Why you can’t drop off one at the rebuilt mansion (8)
One (I) at the rebuilt “mansion” (NSOMNIA) = INSOMNIA: why you can’t drop off.

1 How her face looked resolved the quarrel (4,2)

How her face looked (MADE UP) resolved the quarrel (MADE UP).
2 Pass the ball left, or right for a friend (8)
Pass the ball left or right (SIDE KICK) for = SIDEKICK: a friend.
3 Order nothing for a soldier (8)
Order (COMMAND) nothing (O) for = COMMANDO: a soldier.
4 Unfavourable jingle? (7)
Jingle (AD VERSE) = ADVERSE: unfavourable.
5 At least assembled 500 to be preserved (6)
At “least” assembled (SALTE) 500 (D) to be = SALTED: preserved.
6 Street songs for Eminem and bands (6)
Street (ST) songs for Eminem (RAPS) and = STRAPS: bands.
7 We’ll fuss for Rich (4-2-2)
We’ll (WELL) fuss (TO-DO) for = WELL-TO-DO: rich.
14 Mostly Irish girl (4)
Mostly “IRIS-h” = IRIS: girl.
16 Were bananas poured out of this? (4)
“Were” bananas = EWER: poured out of this.
18 Get them together in term nine (8)
In term (IN-TERM) nine (IX) = INTERMIX: get them together.
20 Crack airmen with the ship make a narrow escape (4,4)
Crack “airmen” (NEAR-MI) with “the ship” (SS) make = NEAR MISS: a narrow escape.
21 To start computing, Cameron and Penny get private lessons? (4,4)
To start computing (BOOT) Cameron (CAM) and “penny” (P) get = BOOT CAMP: private lessons (lessons for a private)?
23 A mannish machine … and the king of France and Dublin! (7)
And (AND) the king of France (ROI) and “Dublin” (D) = ANDROID: a mannish machine!
25 I would place wagers outside the washing facilities (6)
Place “wagers” outside (B-ETS) I would (I’D) = BIDETS: the washing facilities.
26 Happens to find a copy inside ours (6)
Inside “ours” (O-URS) a copy (CC) to find = OCCURS: happens.
28 Out of nothing, that jerk makes something unusual from abroad (6)
Out of (EX) nothing (O) that jerk (TIC) makes = EXOTIC: something unusual from abroad.