Explanations: No. 14613 – Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tue, Nov 1, 2011, 23:59

I think that precision is important in a crossword clue. Every word that is used in the clue needs to play a role in the answer. If a word in the clue isn’t needed to explain the answer, then it shouldn’t be there in the first place! Let me illustrate what I mean with a clue from today’s puzzle:

13A: Illuminated, he becomes quite flexible (5)
The answer to this clue is LITHE. We get to the answer in two ways. First, LITHE can defined as “quite flexible”. That’s our non-cryptic definition of the answer. Second, LIT-HE can be arrived at using its component parts ‘LIT” and “HE”, which show up as “illuminated” and “he” in the clue. That’s our cryptic definition of the answer. So, we’ve explained the role of all the words in the clue except “becomes”. Well, here “becomes” links our cryptic and non-cryptic definitions. We might say:

Illuminated he, written as LIT-HE, becomes our answer, LITHE, meaning quite flexible.

Please feel free to leave a comment below, and tell us how you fared with today’s crossword. If you have a question about today’s puzzle I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you.

1 Stands for, “Here!” in the resolution (10)

In “the resolution” (RE-S) here (PRESENT) = REPRESENTS: stands for.
6 Part about UN money, a while back (4)
Part (P-T) about “the UN” (UN) = PUNT: money, a while back.
10 A lack of approvals for corners (5)
A lack of approvals (NO OKS) for corners.
11 Feather 5, feather 4, feather 3 …? (9)
Feather 5, feather 4, feather 3… ? (COUNT DOWN) = COUNTDOWN: 5,4,3 …
12 It’s not mature enough by the middle of June, cook agreed (8)
By “the middle of j-UN-e” (UN) cook “agreed” (DERAGE) it’s = UNDERAGE: it’s not mature enough.
13 Illuminated, he becomes quite flexible (5)
Illuminated (LIT) he (HE) becomes = LITHE: quite flexible.
15 Spend loads getting Al back with a round of drinks (4,3)
Getting “Al” back (LA) with “a round of drinks” (SHOUT) = LASH OUT: spend loads.
17 Just a smidgen, a second little bite, pet (7)
A second (S) little bite (NIP) pet (PET) = SNIPPET: just a smidgen.
19 Shaw messed up, but got something for the dirty clothes (7)
“Shaw” messed (WASH) up “but” (TUB) got = WASHTUB: something for the dirty clothes.
21 It’s not important to see one crazy guy missing in action outside (7)
“Missing in action” (M-IA) outside “one crazy guy” (I NUT) to see = MINUTIA: it’s not important.
22 It shoots over the Spanish gentlemen in Ireland (5)
“‘The’ Spanish” “‘gentlemen’ in Ireland” (EL FIR) over = RIFLE: it shoots.
24 It’s manual, and said to scare in Hong Kong (8)
In “Hong Kong” (H-K) “and” “said to scare” (AND BOO) = HANDBOOK: it’s manual.
27 Upset and disturbed, dining with that insect! (9)
Disturbed “dining” (INDIGN) with “that insect” (ANT) and = INDIGNANT: upset.
28 The knock-on effect of counsel getting the booze? (5)
Counsel (SC) getting “the booze” (RUM) = SCRUM: the knock-on effect (in rugby).
29 The French, after thought, reveal some computer settings (4)
“The” French (LA) after-thought (PS) reveal = LAPS: some computer settings, a place to set laptops.
30 In part it’s a violation (10)
In part (IN FRACTION) it’s = INFRACTION: a violation.

1 Repulsive god in Egypt and North Korea (4)

God in Egypt (RA) and “North Korea” (NK) = RANK: repulsive.
2 For the song to return, is the forecast (9)
For (PRO) the “song” to return (GNOS) is (IS) = PROGNOSIS: the forecast.
3 Ensure nor follow (5)
“ensu-R-e” no-R (drop the R) = ENSUE: follow.
4 Delight from French antiques (7)
From “fr-ENCH ANT-iques” = ENCHANT: delight.
5 Wigs out, unsettled by the PP (7)
“Out” unsettled (TOU) by the “PP” (PEES) = TOUPEES: wigs.
7 Craft, about weaving (1-4)
“About” weaving = U-BOAT: craft.
8 Not really related to the sandy gentleman, the one with Albert (10)
The sandy gentleman (TAN GENT) the “one” with “Albert” (I-AL) = TANGENTIAL: not related to.
9 Last worked with a lion and a horse (8)
“Last” worked (STAL) with a “lion” (LION) and = STALLION: a horse.
14 Strangely, we grill for a wedding party (6,4)
Strangely “we grill for” = FLOWER GIRL: a wedding party (a party at a wedding).
16 Have more influence, not in that way by the sound of it (8)
Not in (OUT) that “way” by the sound of it (WEIGH) = OUTWEIGH: have more influence.
18 Something mixed up, prior to exploding (9)
“Up, prior to” exploding = POTPOURRI: something mixed.
20 Bah! Something wet for somewhere dry! (7)
Bah (BAH) something wet (RAIN) for = BAHRAIN: somewhere dry.
21 One making money around the South for the church (7)
One making money (MIN-TER) around “the South” (S) for = MINSTER: the church.
23 Bored and drunk, feud with Penny (3,2)
Drunk “feud” (FED-U) with “penny” (P) and = FED UP: bored.
25 Low-ranking sailor, upset just like that (5)
Sailor, ‘AB’, up-set (BA) just like that (SIC) = BASIC: low-ranking.
26 Andy and Amos, not Bart and Bob, get the last word (4)
Andy and Amos (A-MEN) not “Bart and Bob”, ‘B-men’, get = AMEN: the last word.