Explanations: No. 14612 – Monday, 31 October 2011

Mon, Oct 31, 2011, 23:59

One of the great things about the Crosaire puzzle is that it is an Irish puzzle. We get to use little tricks and devices that are unique to the Irish crossword tradition. Let’s look at an example from today’s crossword:

17A: Meath admits Ann is suggesting a male (7)
The government did something wonderful (!) for crossword setters in 1987 when it introduced a new system for registering cars. Number plates now include a clearly identifiable county identifier, a one- or two-letter abbreviation. In this clue, the Royal County of “Meath” admits “Ann is”. We can take the words “Ann is” and place them inside the county identifier for “Meath” (M-H) giving us M(ANN-IS)H. Something that is “mannish” is suggesting a male. Watch out for those county identifiers, especially Clare (she shows up in 31-across today). And a little man in Donegal gets a mention in 14-down.

Please feel free to leave a comment below, and tell us how you fared with today’s crossword. If you have a question about today’s puzzle I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you.

Happy puzzling!

8 Show concern about hems altered for wool (8)

Show concern (CA-RE) about “hems” altered (SHME) for = CASHMERE: wool.
9 Bouquets, as seen all around Rome, for Carla (6)
As (A-S) seen all around “Rome”, for Carla (ROMA) = AROMAS: bouquets.
10 Informed between stanzas C & E (6)
Between stanzas, ‘verses’, C & E (VERSE D) = VERSED: informed.
11 Sounds like a useful hat, one for the races (8)
A useful hat (HANDY CAP) sounds like = HANDICAP: one for the races.
12 Specify a second notice (6)
A (A) second (S) notice (SIGN) = ASSIGN: specify.
13 Sticking to changes had made the noise return (8)
Changes “had” (ADH) made the “noise” return (ESION) = ADHESION: sticking to.
15 Hairstyle event that’s dead now (4)
Hairstyle (DO) event (DO) = DODO: that’s dead now.
17 Meath admits Ann is suggesting a male (7)
Meath (M-H) admits “Ann is” (ANN IS) = MANNISH: suggesting a male.
19 Case for clothing worn by Jude in Hollywood? (7)
Clothing worn by Jude in Hollywood, Jude Law, (LAW SUIT) = LAWSUIT: case.
22 This is the French for Capri, perhaps (4)
This “is” (IS) “the” French (LE) for = ISLE: Capri, perhaps.
24 A fondness for a squishy dog? (4,4)
A fondness (SOFT SPOT) for a squishy dog? (SOFT SPOT).
27 About father’s tea … I hear it’s a full meal! (6)
About (RE) father’s (PA’S) “tea”, I hear (T) it’s = REPAST: a full meal.
29 Retro lighting for the loo, in the style of a British politician (4,4)
The loo (LAV) in the style of (A LA) a British politician (MP) = LAVA LAMP: retro lighting.
30 Drink dispenser for many other than humans (6)
Other than (BAR) humans (MAN) = BARMAN: drink dispenser for many.
31 Feel badly before Clare makes something like 8-across (6)
“Feel” badly (FLEE) before “Clare” (CE) makes = FLEECE: something like cashmere.
32 Sounds OK! Shun the event (8)
Sounds “OK! Shun” = OCCASION: the event.

1 Stares rudely at real stunners? (6)

“Stares” rudely at? = TASERS: real stunners.
2 He acts for the constituents of Spain (8)
The (THE) constituents of “Spain” (SPIAN) for = THESPIAN: he acts.
3 Dees! They go nowhere! (4,4)
“Dees” are the ENDS of the word “D(EA)D” = DEAD ENDS: they go nowhere.
4 A stereotypical Irishman for Lenin, perhaps (7)
Lenin, perhaps (RED HEAD) for = REDHEAD: a stereotypical Irishman.
5 A spare tyre for Father by a French church (6)
Father (PA) by “a” French (UN) church (CH) for = PAUNCH: a spare tyre.
6 Major party stories need no introduction (6)
“s-TORIES” need no introduction = TORIES: (John) Major party.
7 Mother, it’s C&A or back to Ulster for something Italian! (8)
Mother (MA) it’s “C&A” (CA) “or” back (RO) to “Ulster” (NI) for = MACARONI: something Italian.
14 A little man, perhaps around fifty, in Donegal (4)
In “Donegal” (D-L) “a-round” “fifty” (O-L) = DOLL: a little man, perhaps.
16 One in fifty rings around to say hello (4)
Rings (O-O) around “to say hello” (HI) = OHIO: one in fifty (US states).
18 Is Charming a bad role to play? (8)
“A bad role” to play, is = ADORABLE: charming.
20 Exercises pens at altitude? (8)
At altitude? (AERO) pens (BICS) = AEROBICS: exercises.
21 Stop Press: Eat Dinner First! (8)
“Eat dinner” first (SUP) press (PRESS) = SUPPRESS: stop.
23 Tramples over a mate’s prior issue (7)
Tramples over (STEPS ON) = STEPSON: a mate’s prior issue.
25 Both ends of their avenue left to take a trip (6)
Both ends of T-hei-R (TR) avenue (AVE) left (L) = TRAVEL: to take a trip.
26 One who pays about a pound to be part of the team (6)
One who pays (P-AYER) about “a pound” (L) to be = PLAYER: part of the team.
28 Trailer for a show about a year of Our Lord (6)
A show (SH-OW) about “a year of Our Lord” (AD) for = SHADOW: trailer