Chat: No. 14611 – Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sat, Oct 29, 2011, 02:19


In response to some comments from readers of the blog, I’ve decided to make two posts each day from here on out.

The first post will appear just after midnight, in the early hours of the morning that the puzzle appears in the paper. It will be labelled “Chat” and will be up all day, won’t include any clue explanations, and will serve as a place where folks can gather to leave comments about that day’s puzzles. All I ask is that, to be fair too everyone, we don’t just share answers. By all means, let’s discuss how a particular clue fits with a particular answer. It’s okay to mention answers, I just can’t let this become  a “go to” place for answers.

The second post will be labelled “Explanations” and it will appear just before midnight after the puzzle has been in the paper all day (and midnight Sunday, at the weekend). This post will contain the comprehensive listing of the clue explanations for that day’s puzzle.

Feel free to leave comments below either post. I think two clearly labelled posts will be less confusing than the 24-hour lag with which we’ve been struggling this week. But, I’m open to any better ideas. What do you guys think?

How did you fare with today’s puzzle?