Explanations: No. 14610 – Friday, 28 October 2011

Fri, Oct 28, 2011, 23:59


Welcome to the first week of the new Crosaire blog.

Each day I’m posting explanations to the clues in the crossword that appeared in the prior day’s paper. Solvers are welcome to post comments on the puzzle, or on anything related to the great Crosaire tradition. If you have a question about a clue that isn’t answered in the explanations I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you. Blog posts appear at midnight, so if you’re up late be sure to drop by!

Let’s talk a little about “surface meanings”.  By “surface”, I mean what the clue appears to mean, just taking it at face value. We need to look below the surface to get at the answer, as surface meanings can be very misleading. Here’s an example from today’s puzzle:

14D: A wet hamper possibly, from a rain shower perhaps (7,3)
Reading the surface of the clue just tells us our picnic hamper got wet in a rain shower. Once we realise that we are looking for an anagram of “a wet hamper”, we hopefully come up with the possibility of WEATHER MAP as an answer. But how does that fit the rest of the clue? The surface meaning points us to showers of rain falling from the sky, but in fact we are talking about a weather map, something that might show us it’s going to rain; a weather map is a “rain shower, perhaps”. Aha!

How did you fare with this crossword?

1 You pull it backward, halfway along a street in Galway (10)

Back “ward” (DRAW) halfway along a “STR-eet” (STR) in (IN) Galway (G) = DRAWSTRING: you pull it.
6 Exhibit the pig around the end of March (4)
The pig (S-OW) around the end of “marc-H” (H) = SHOW: exhibit.
10 Sort of 7-down in America for Mr. McKenna, I hear (5)
Mr. McKenna (TP) I hear = TEPEE: sort of HOUSE in America.
11 It’s often repeated in a calorie, on the inverse unit (9)
In “a calorie” (C-AL) “on” the inverse “unit” (IN TINU) it’s = CONTINUAL: often repeated.
12 Both ends of the castle, rebuilt for 6-across on the box (8)
Both ends of “T-h-E” (TE) “castle” rebuilt (LECAST) for = TELECAST: SHOW on the box.
13 Not all the ice used in gym class (5)
In “gym class” (P-E) the “ice” used (IEC) = PIECE: not all.
15 Read about the odd hearing aid (7)
“Read” about (EARD) the “odd” (RUM) = EARDRUM: hearing aid.
17 He literally takes a nip around the singer (7)
A “nip” around (PIN) the singer (CHER) = PINCHER: he literally takes a nip.
19 These go over your digits to backspace (7)
To (TO) back “space” (ECAPS) = TOECAPS: these go over your digits.
21 That girl with a definite article to get under wraps! (7)
That girl (SHE) with “a” (A) definite article (THE) = SHEATHE: to get under wraps!
22 Seven, and one GI caught up in the retreat (5)
“GI” caught up in “the” (TH-GI-E) retreat = EIGHT: seven and one.
24 It’s scary Capone, getting a gun (8)
Capone (AL) getting a gun (ARMING) it’s = ALARMING: scary.
27 Take the M1 to Ulster to ski, right after she puts this on (9)
Take “the M1” (MI) to “Ulster” (NI) to “ski” (SKI) “right” after (RT) = MINISKIRT: she puts this one.
28 Anger seen in a politician close to retirement! (5)
Seen in “a politician” (T-D) anger (IRE) = TIRED: close to retirement!
29 Apply pressure to punish, without Northern Ireland (4)
Punish (PU-ni-SH) without “Northern Ireland” (-NI) = PUSH: apply pressure to.
30 Heard the Cockney say it’s the deep end, hence there’s a certain reliance (10)
The Cockney say it’s the “deep end, hence” (DEEP END ‘ENCE) heard, there’s = DEPENDENCE: a certain reliance.

1 Dad, thanks for the information (4)

Dad (DA) thanks (TA) for = DATA: the information.
2 It inspired Newton, seeing an ape holding a stormy petrel (5,4)
An ape (AP-E) holding ‘a stormy “petrel”’ (PLETRE) = APPLE TREE: it inspired Newton.
3 Six in Ireland capture one, for example for the blockade (5)
“Six” in Ireland (S-E) capture “one” “for example” (I EG) for = SIEGE: the blockade.
4 Again, assert it’s organised crime around Los Angeles (7)
It’s organised “crime” (REC-IM) around “Los Angeles” (LA) = RECLAIM: again assert.
5 Round-the-clock refusal for the French street work (7)
“Refusal” for the French (NON) street (ST) work (OP) = NONSTOP: around-the-clock.
7 He rings around America to find a home (5)
He (H-E) rings “a-round America” (O US) to find = HOUSE: a home.
8 Deserved to get paid when not sick? (4-6)
When not sick (WELL) to get paid (EARNED) = WELL-EARNED: deserved.
9 Give out and a different side takes in the writers (8)
A different “side” (DIS-E) takes in “the writers” (PENS) and = DISPENSE: give out.
14 A wet hamper possibly, from a rain shower perhaps (7,3)
“A wet hamper” possibly, from = WEATHER MAP: a rain shower, perhaps (it “shows” rain, perhaps).
16 Check the car that started badly around the circle (4,4)
That “started” badly (R-AD TEST) around “the circle” (O) = ROAD TEST: check the car.
18 Cricketer’s crime? (3-3-3)
20 I hear after the B-side it might be Sandy (7)
After the B-side (C-SIDE) I hear = SEASIDE: it might be sandy.
21 Place the street art over the French alarm (7)
Place the “street art” (ST ART) over “the” French (LE) = STARTLE: alarm.
23 Groups making jokes about the North (5)
Jokes (GA-GS) about “the North” (N) making = GANGS: groups.
25 Joined the doctor; had a bite inside (5)
The doctor (M-D) “had a bite” inside (ATE) = MATED: joined.
26 Trimmed hedges and verge (4)
Trimmed “h-EDGE-s”, and = EDGE: verge.