Crosaire No: 14609 – Thursday, 27 October 2011

Thu, Oct 27, 2011, 23:59


Welcome to the first week of the new Crosaire blog.

Each day I’m posting explanations to the clues in the crossword that appeared in the prior day’s paper. Solvers are welcome to post comments on the puzzle, or on anything related to the great Crosaire tradition. If you have a question about a clue that isn’t answered in the explanations I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you. Blog posts appear at midnight, so if you’re up late be sure to drop by!

“Crosaire by Mac an Iarla” is a more contemporary puzzle than the classic Crosaire set by Derek Crozier. From time to time I will point out some of those differences, hopefully enhancing the solving experience.

One big difference is signalling of anagrams. If a clue is an anagram, or if the clue uses an anagram in part of the answer, then there will always be a “signal” word included. Here are a couple of examples from Thursday’s puzzle:

2D: Sang “Babe” really badly for the cheap seats (8)
The words “really badly” tell us that the letters in “sang babe” are misbehaving and moving around, to give us BEANBAGS. Beanbags are a pretty cheap seating option, I’d say.

31A: Terse letters to a mother who learned English in Rathfarnham (6)
Here just part of the answer is an anagram. Use of the word “letters” in the clue warns us to look at the word “terse” just as a bunch of letters, so we can move them around. If we arrange the letters “terse” as “TERES”, and then add this ‘to “a”’, we get TERES-A. Famously, the much-respected Mother Teresa of Calcutta came from her native land of Albania to Loreto Abbey in Rathfarnham to learn English, before heading off to India in 1929.

How did you fare with this crossword?

8 It’s “pureed”, admits my brother, it’s not “mixed” (8)

It’s “pureed” (PURE-ED) admits “my brother” (BR) it’s = PUREBRED: not mixed.
9 Setting one’s sights on the best type of china? (6)
The best type of china (AI MING) = AIMING: setting one’s sights on?
10 A kind of view, perhaps since turning 100? (6)
“Since” turning (SCENI) 100 (C) = SCENIC: a kind of view, perhaps
11 An afternoon repast with the better half … how beastly! (8)
An (AN) afternoon repast (TEA) with the “bet-TER” half (TER) = ANTEATER: how beastly!
12 It’s beside California Ave., and in ruins (6)
“Ave., and” in ruins = NEVADA: it’s beside California.
13 One might stand on this and disrupt my encore (8)
Disrupt “my encore”, and = CEREMONY: one might stand on this (as in “stand on ceremony”).
15 Thought they were even letters from a middleman (4)
Even letters from a “m-I-d-D-l-E-m-A-n”, they were = IDEA: thought.
17 A must, as going back would be a little fruity! (7)
“A must, as” going back, would be = SATSUMA: a little fruity!
19 Counsel a pioneer and ‘er to head off in different directions (7)
Counsel (SC) a pioneer (A TT) and “‘er” (ER) = SCATTER: to head off in different directions.
22 That’s twice you start to go up and down (2-2)
“YO-u” start (YO) that’s twice (YO) = YO-YO: to go up and down.
24 The new atrium is sweet to Italians (8)
The new “atrium is” = TIRAMISU: sweet to the Italians.
27 The nuisance is gone and there’s not much difference? (6)
The “NU-is-ANCE”, “is” gone, and = NUANCE: there’s not much difference?
29 50 + 50, or 500 a letter (8)
50 + 50 (L AND L) or 500 (OR D) = LANDLORD: a letter.
30 Awkward for a French doctor, say (6)
“A” French (UNE) doctor “say” (ASY) for = UNEASY: awkward.
31 Terse letters to a mother who learned English in Rathfarnham (6)
“Terse” letters (TERES) to “a” (A) = TERESA: Mother (Teresa) who learned English in Rathfarnham (at Loreto Abbey).
32 Love poetry, as produced outside of Ireland (8)
Love (O) poetry (VERSE) as (AS) produced = OVERSEAS: outside of Ireland.

1 It allows one to move me around America at 150 (6)

Me (M-E) around “America” at “150” (US-CL) = MUSCLE: it allows one to move.
2 Sang “Babe” really badly for the cheap seats (8)
“Sang ‘Babe’” really badly, for = BEANBAGS: the cheap seats.
3 Declare in favour of chlorine for half of 9-across (8)
In favour of (PRO) chlorine (CL) for half of “AIM-ing” (AIM) = PROCLAIM: declare.
4 God willing, an ace on the outside gets to move up (7)
Ace (A-CE) on the outside of “God willing”, “an” (DV AN) gets = ADVANCE: to move up.
5 Whoa! Maybe this is a top? (6)
“Whoa!” maybe? (HALTER) this is a top (HALTER).
6 A business graduate in a tree preserve (6)
In “a tree” (E-LM) a business graduate (MBA) = EMBALM: preserve.
7 Feelers for an insect … n/a, I hear (8)
An insect (ANT) “n/a”, I hear (ENNAE) for = ANTENNAE: feelers.
14 Not demanding the United Nations pulls out of 30-across (4)
30-across (UN-EASY) the “United Nations” pulls out of (-UN) = EASY: not demanding.
16 Davy’s disheartened to see these on the calendar (4)
Davy’s (DA-v-YS) disheartened (-V) to see = DAYS: those on the calendar.
18 Excited a US soldier, thanks to Edward (8)
A US soldier (A GI) thanks (TA) to “Edward” (ED) = AGITATED: excited.
20 Bewildered company the National Front employed (8)
Company (CO) the National Front (NF) employed (USED) = CONFUSED: bewildered.
21 Go over a semi-tragic poem (8)
A semi “TRA-gic” (TRA) poem (VERSE) = TRAVERSE: go over.
23 Exit that’s not inside? (7)
Exit (OUT DOOR) that’s = OUTDOOR: not inside.
25 Upset Dad went in front for 20-down (6)
Upset “Dad” (ADD) went in front (LED) for = ADDLED: CONFUSED.
26 One so over that pub that’s used by the Met Office (6)
One so (I SO) over “that pub” (BAR) = ISOBAR: that’s used by the Met Office.
28 Actor’s arrangement? (2-4)
“Actor’s” arrangement = CO-STAR: actor’s arrangement (to be a co-star).