Crosaire No: 14608 – Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wed, Oct 26, 2011, 23:59


Welcome to the first week of the new Crosaire blog.

Each day I’ll be posting explanations to the clues in the crossword that appeared in the prior day’s paper. Solvers are welcome to post comments on the puzzle, or on anything related to the great Crosaire tradition. If you have a question about a clue that isn’t answered in the explanations I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you. Blog posts appear at midnight, so if you’re up late be sure to drop by!

For the first few weeks of “Crosaire by Mac an Iarla” we’ll be using only grids with which Crosaire solvers will be familiar. I’ve chosen three of my favourite grids, namely those that usually appeared on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Soon I’ll be introducing some new grids with a more contemporary feel, to supplement these classics from Derek Crozier.

The grid used in Wednesday’s puzzle is very special, I think. It is the “Thursday” Crosaire grid with which we are all familiar and, more importantly, it is the grid that Derek used to create the Irish Times crossword No. 1, which appeared March 13th, 1943. It’s an honour to set a puzzle using a grid design with such a respected, 68-year history

How did you fare with this crossword?

1 It’s ground beef no café cooked (6,4)

“Beef no café” cooked = COFFEE BEAN: it’s ground.
6 Cruising along as George Russell makes a comeback? (4)
As (AS) George Russell, ‘AE’, makes a comeback (EA) = ASEA: cruising along.
10 Stayed at home displaying fabric (5)
Stayed at home (SAT IN) displaying = SATIN: fabric.
11 What one’s allowed with it, returned on a citation (9)
What one’s allowed (QUOTA) with “it” returned (TI) on (ON) = QUOTATION: a citation.
12 Be with the Irish king, twice, and get the disease (8)
“Be” (BE) with the Irish “king” (RI) twice (BERI) and get = BERIBERI: the disease.
13 Time the cop is back inside, eh? (5)
Inside “eh” (E-H) the “cop” is back (POC) = EPOCH: time.
15 Pull out something more at court (7)
Something more (EXTRA) at “court” (CT) = EXTRACT: pull out.
17 Might it describe the DNA of countrywomen in hell? (7)
In “hell” (HEL-L) countrywomen (ICA) = HELICAL: might it describe the DNA (of)?
19 Extreme type of tyre, used around Cork (7)
Type of tyre (RADI-AL) used around “Cork” (C) = RADICAL: extreme.
21 5000 or 1000 at this, cleaned their shoes! (7)
500-0 (D-O) or 1000 at (OR M AT) = DOORMAT: this cleaned their shoes.
22 Shapes one in hundreds (5)
In “hundreds” (CS) one (ONE) = CONES: shapes.
24 Test how long it will take to decide the case? (5,3)
Test (TRIAL RUN) how long it will take to decide the case? (TRIAL RUN).
27 Call attention to and advise the inclusion of ‘er at tea, so to speak (9)
Advise (ADV-ISE) the inclusion of “‘er” at “tea”, so to speak (ER-T) and = ADVERTISE: call attention to.
28 It shows I wasn’t there with a liberal one (5)
With “a” (A) Liberal (LIB) one (I) = ALIBI: it shows I wasn’t there.
29 There’s a number back in the northeast (4)
Back “in” (NI) the northeast (NE) there’s = NINE: a number.
30 Medley of songs with anise, garlic and saffron, for example (10)
Medley of “songs” with “anise” = SEASONINGS: garlic and saffron, for example.

1 Just in following accountants to the east (4)

Accountants (CAS) to “the east” (E) = CASE: “just in” following (as in “just in case”).
2 He, hearing “go on, go on”, is fated to take her tea, I hear (6,3)
Fated (FAT-ED) to take “her” “tea”, I hear (HER-T) = FATHER TED: he hearing “go on, go on” (from Mrs. Doyle).
3 An Aer Lingus flight catches a nun in confusion and boredom (5)
An Aer Lingus flight (E-I) catches a “nun” in confusion (NNU) and = ENNUI: boredom.
4 Will benefit making it be a search (7)
Be (BE) a search (QUEST) making it = BEQUEST: will benefit.
5 A lob-return I quietly get rid of (7)
A (A) “lob” return (BOL) I (I) quietly (SH) = ABOLISH: get rid of.
7 A half slip I go to get somewhere out West (5)
A half “SL-ip” (SL) I go (I GO) to get = SLIGO: somewhere out West.
8 Destroy a line, a thin deployment (10)
“A line, a thin” deployment = ANNIHILATE: destroy.
9 A loss for the French, a win for some Swedes (8)
A loss for the French (WATERLOO) a (Eurovision) win for some Swedes, ABBA (“WATERLOO”).
14 Clean up her mess, little one (10)
“Clean up her” mess = LEPRECHAUN: little one.
16 An improper crest, in any pedigree (8)
In “any” (AN-Y) an improper “crest” (CESTR) = ANCESTRY: pedigree.
18 Mass consumption that’s common around university (9)
Common (COMM-ON) around “university” (UNI) = COMMUNION: Mass consumption.
20 The French catch the wrong train and arrive at the end of 9-down (7)
“The” French (L-E) catch the wrong “train” (ATRIN) and arrive at = LATRINE: loo (the end of WATER-LOO).
21 Motorists’ clubs (7)
Motorists (DRIVERS) (golf) clubs (DRIVERS).
23 You’ll find it in Meath heading north, and south! (5)
You’ll find it in Meath (NAVAN) heading north and south! (NAVAN is a palindrome).
25 Discover a meadow next to Roscommon (5)
A meadow (LEA) next to “Roscommon” (RN) = LEARN: discover.
26 The girl is in the manuscript (4)
In the “manuscript” (M-S) is (IS) = MISS: the girl.