Crosaire No: 14607 – Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tue, Oct 25, 2011, 23:59


Welcome to the first week of the new Crosaire blog.

Each day I’ll be posting explanations to the clues in the crossword that appeared in the prior day’s paper. Solvers are welcome to post comments on the puzzle, or on anything related to the great Crosaire tradition. If you have a question about a clue that isn’t answered in the explanations I am sure that I, or a fellow solver, can answer it for you. Blog posts appear at midnight, so if you’re up late be sure to drop by!

As you have probably noticed by now, these new Crosaire puzzles are a little different to the crosswords created by the great Derek Crozier. Derek’s puzzles belonged to a tradition that went back to the 1940s, and his classic style reflected that long and venerable tradition. “Crosaire by Mac an Iarla” is a more contemporary crossword, but one that includes references that I hope are reminiscent of the offerings from the man who gave us that very first Irish Times crossword, back on March 13, 1943.

In Tuesday’s puzzle we see some old familiar faces from Derek’s puzzles. “The first lady” (EVE) shows up with ALOE VERA, and how many times have we seen “the North” (OW-N-ING) in our Crosaire? Our INTERNEE was “placed in the grave” many times by Derek, and he was also fond of the River Ouse (ALEHOUSE).

How did you fare with this crossword?

8 It’s soothing to get an aluminium ring with the first lady god of Egypt (4,4)

An “aluminium” (AL) ring (O) with “the first lady” (EVE) god of Egypt (RA) to get = ALOE VERA: it’s soothing.
9 Having the right to that owing all around the North (6)
That “owing” (OW-ING) all around “the North” (N) = OWNING: having the right to.
10 Plundered the street around Leonard (6)
The street (ST) a-round (O) Leonard (LEN) = STOLEN: plundered.
11 They blow the whistle and direct attention to the diocese back there (8)
Direct attention (REFER) to “the diocese”, ‘see’, back there (EES) and = REFEREES: they blow the whistle.
12 Already fixed Dev’s post, and in French (6)
Dev’s post (PRES) “and” in French (ET) = PRESET: already fixed.
13 It’s used like 8-across about the French mine (8)
About (CA) “the” French (LA) mine (MINE) = CALAMINE: it’s used like ALOE VERA.
15 It’s always the evening before the 6th of January (4)
The evening (EVE) before “the 6th of janua-R-y” (R) it’s = EVER: always.
17 Sadly, master nothing for the Italian master! (7)
Sadly “master” (MAESTR) nothing (O) for = MAESTRO: the Italian master.
19 What the last man did shows the swan was bleeding? (7)
The swan (COB) was bleeding (BLED) shows = COBBLED: what the “last” man did.
22 The buzzer was quiet (4)
Was (WAS) quiet (P) = WASP: the buzzer.
24 She defends women’s right to iron, the little saint! (8)
To “iron” (FE) the little saint (MINI-ST) = FEMINIST: She defends the women’s right.
27 Jack’s left Alan a way in (6)
Jack’s “left” (PORT) Alan (AL) = PORTAL: a way in.
29 It kills pain more without the Greek letter N (8)
“More” without (MOR-E) “the Greek letter” “N” (PHI-N) = MORPHINE: it kills pain.
30 Listen carefully inside the ship at sea … they’re dangerous (6)
The ship (S-S) “listen carefully” inside (HARK) = SHARKS: at sea, they’re dangerous.
31 Stellar, like an Irish beach at the end of April! (6)
Like (AS) an Irish beach (TRA) at “the end of apri-L” (L) = ASTRAL: stellar.
32 Paying by placing a pound within? (8)
Placing (SETT-ING) “a pound” within (L) = SETTLING: paying.

1 The North let’s bats into the ancient city (6)

Into “the ancient city” (U-R) “let’s” bats (LSTE) = ULSTER: the North.
2 Stringfellows first? In the cells? (8)
In “the cells” (CELL-S) first (IST) = CELLISTS: “string” fellows?
3 1-down’s neighbour gives fifty-one to the German, just the latter half (8)
Fifty (L) “one” to the German (EINS) just the “lat-TER” half (TER) = LEINSTER: ULSTER’s neighbour.
4 Speed, admitted the RAC, that makes for a boring life (3,4)
Speed (RAT-E) admitted “the RAC” (RAC) that makes for = RAT RACE: a boring life.
5 Terrible foul … we exploded! (6)
“Foul … we” exploded = WOEFUL: terrible.
6 An old town in Meath County (6)
An (AN) old town in Meath (TRIM) = ANTRIM: county.
7 Place in the grave, once called a “captive” (8)
Place in the grave (INTER) once called (NEE) = INTERNEE: a captive.
14 Cars going round the bends (4)
“Cars” going round = ARCS: the bends.
16 It hurts inside, being against the promises (4)
Being against (VS) “it hurts” inside (OW) = VOWS: the promises.
18 Alan, he swapped that river in England for a pub (8)
Alan (AL) “he” swapped (EH) that river in England (OUSE) for = ALEHOUSE: a pub.
20 It’s completely different work at the river site (8)
Work (OP) at “the river” (PO) site (SITE) = OPPOSITE: it’s completely different.
21 Being attached to a boat, a salt gets bare surroundings (8)
“Bare” surroundings (BAR-E) for “a salt” (NACL) = BARNACLE: being attached to a boat.
23 At the robbery? I don’t believe it! (7)
At the robbery (AT HEIST) = ATHEIST: I don’t believe it!
25 Reveal a bit of Kerrygold perhaps? (6)
A bit of Kerrygold perhaps? (IM PART) = IMPART: reveal.
26 A drop of hard water for one hundred … one hundred to the French (6)
One hundred (IC) one hundred (IC) to “the” French (LE) = ICICLE: a drop of hard water.
28 Hide the silver outside? That’s demanding! (6)
The silver (A-G) outside “hide” (SKIN) that’s = ASKING: demanding.