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Claudia Cardinale responds to Cannes retouching controversy

It seems as if the official poster has carved some flesh off the great actor’s waistline

Thu, Mar 30, 2017, 15:05


Well, that was quick. We still have nearly two months to go before the Cannes Film Festival kicks off and there is already a controversy. Yesterday morning the festival unveiled the poster for its 70th edition to some acclaim. Most punters were impressed by the joyous image of Claudia Cardinale dancing on a Roman rooftop in the 1950s. It did not take long for hard-working observers to dig out the original image and deduce that some retouching had gone on. It looks as if the designers have chopped a bits of flesh away from Ms Cardinale’s waist and legs. You can see what has gone on in the images below. More than a few commentators have wondered if it is really necessary to touch up a photo of one of the most beautiful women in film during her prime.

Claudia caught in mid swirl by an unknown photographer on a Roman rooftop.

Claudia as she will appear all about Cannes in May.

Ms Cardinale has, however, been a loyal trooper about it. “This image has been retouched to accentuate this effect of lightness and transpose me into a dream character,” she told the Huffington Post. “This concern for realism has no place here and, as a committed feminist, I see no affront to the female body. There are many more important things to discuss in our world. It’s only cinema.”

I’m not sure “it’s only cinema” is the line that the Cannes Film Festival would have preferred her to take. Oh well. Two years after that controversy concerning women being allegedly turned away from the red carpet for nor wearing high heels, it looks as if we’re deep into a related controversy already. They certainly know how to draw headlines.

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