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No sign of Star Wars Island on Star Wars poster

There’s also some sort of trailer coming our way. Didn’t we already have a few of those?

Sun, Oct 18, 2015, 18:53


If you are in the business of reading Star Wars Episode VII runes then you will, no doubt, be thrilled to hear that there is a poster ready for your close study. A proper trailer emerges tomorrow during the American “football”. We’ll have a look at that if we can be arsed. Whether you learn anything from this image rather depends on what you know already. I had some notion that the people waving light sabres here were in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. So that’s no surprise. It’s also features people — H Ford and C Fisher — who were in the movie that I was only mildly impressed with in 1977. I said it then. I’ve said since. I’ll say it again. It was good, but it was no A Bridge Too Far. J J Abrams is probably right to keep the traditions honoured, but it is stunning quite how familiar this looks. They should get Jimmy Carter to introduce the premiere. He is still around, after all.

YouTube Preview Image

One observation should be made. For the last few months we have been wrapping ourselves in the flag and making sure that the story is ALL ABOUT US. More specifically, we have taken every opportunity to note that some shooting took place on Star Wars Island (I think that’s what it’s called), just off the coast of Kerry. In December, when The Force Awakens emerges, I hope that columnists will make sure to become outraged that Star Wars Island is barely featured. It’s already not in the poster. What can this mean? The sinister clandestine machinations of Lucasfilm (apparently, they didn’t fill in some form or other) has failed to keep news of (terrifying John Williams minor chord) incidents¬†from reaching the media. Now, we note an absence. Did the film-makers manage what the Vikings and Lord Kenneth Clark failed to do and reduce Star Wars Island to a pile of damp rubble. We demand to know!

Anyway, if you want you boycott Star Wars Episode VII, you can choose to not go and see it from December 17th. Here’s the poster: