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Movie quiz for August 29th

If you’re not going to Electric Picnic then enjoy some Electric Quiznic. (Sorry)

Fri, Aug 29, 2014, 01:00


1. Who is the odd one out: Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Henry Higgins, Rick Deckard?

2. Tarantino’s first; Christopher Walken as a mercenary; Peckinpah in Cornwall; Diane Lane loves John Cusack. What’s the connection?

3. Who is the only African-American actor to have won two Academy Awards?

4. What links Kellan Lutz, Steve Reeves, Dwayne Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger?

5. The soundtrack album to which 1982 hit featured tracks such as “Three Million Light Years from Home”, “Flying” and “Adventure on Earth”?

6. Identify the increasingly unavoidable Northern Irish star.

7. Between which two official James Bond films was there the longest delay?

8. Which film is the only 2014 release to have yet taken $1 billion?

9. Why might we have trouble keeping up with Two Face, Velma Kelly, May Day and Darth Vader?

10. What links parts of The Grand Budapest Hotel, parts of Oz the Great and Powerful and all of The Artist, Elephant and Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights?








1. Henry Higgins (The rest were played by Harrison Ford. Rex Harrison played Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady)

2. Dogs (Reservoir Dogs, The Dogs of War, Straw Dogs, Must Love Dogs)

3. Denzel Washington (Glory and Training Day)

4. Hercules

5. ET: The Extra Terrestrial

6. Jamie Dornan

7. License to Kill and Goldeneye (six years)

8. Transformers: Age of Extinction

9. Because they were all played (or voiced) by Joneses (Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever, Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago, Grace Jones in A View to a Kill, James Earl Jones in Star Wars)

10. All or partly shot in the narrow Academy ratio.