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Jagger and Watts record amusing promo for Monty Python

One gang of 1960s iconoclasts tip their hats to another with satisfactory results.

Wed, Jul 2, 2014, 15:26


I’m not entirely sure why the Monty Python revival requires any sort of promotion. There is some dispute as to whether, as suggested here and elsewhere, the gigs at the London O2 ┬áreally did sell out in 40 seconds. But sell out they did. The first one took place last night and, though nobody is claiming any new ground was broken, the reviews suggest that the faithful got what they wanted. It sounds more like a revivalist meeting than a comedy gig: the congregation mouth along responses to the Dead Parrot and the Spanish Inquisition while the priesthood intones the liturgy.

Anyway, Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts have, indeed, recorded a little tribute to the Pythons and it a rather nice thing. As you will see, they have great fun with the notion of a bunch of wrinkly old geezers playing all the hits. “The best one died years ago,” Mick says. The clip also reminds us that, given the right material, Jagger can be a pretty good actor. Heck this is his best performance since, well, Performance in 1970. Still, the silent, long-suffering Watts — eyes cast to heaven at Mick’s foolishness — steals the show throughout. If Channel 4 ever plan a Celebrity Gogglebox for charity (and the idea is certain to have been raised) then Mick and Charlie seem like ideal candidates.

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