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Jupiter Ascending gets kicked back to February

The Wachowski siblings encounter more unhappiness as their latest is set in a seven-month holding pattern

Tue, Jun 10, 2014, 23:52


There’s really no easy way of spinning this. If your big science-fiction blockbuster, just a month before its impending release, gets kicked back a full seven months then this does not count as good news. That is what has just happened to Andy and Lana Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending. Until last week, we were expecting to see the thing in July. Now we hear it will not emerge until next February. The official reason was that the team needed more time to perfect the special effects. But, let’s get real here. Seven months? Even if we accept this story about the effects then Warners is still doing a significant degree of strategic rescheduling. There surely can be no way the CGI team was a full half a year behind. I mean this isn’t the Edinburgh tram project.

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One story doing the rounds is that Warners have been panicked by the failure of Edge of Tomorrow. Despite receiving strong reviews everywhere, the Tom Cruise vehicle has hiccupped at both the US and European box offices. The studio, most likely, didn’t want to deal with two such crises in the space of four weeks. As the always reliable Anne Thompson points out, next February offers the Wachowskis more wriggle rooom. It’s a quiet month.

Still, this does signify another set back for the brother and sister team. Golly, The Matrix seems like a long, long time ago. Speedracer was a catastrophe. Cloud Atlas had its fans, but lost a bunch of money. How much longer will investors indulge Lana and Andy?